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ARC Review: Stranded (Auctioned, #2) by Cara Dee

Stranded (Auctioned, #2)From the blurb:
Stranded is the second book in The Auctioned Series. Before you read further, you should read Auctioned. ​

“You have my word, Gray. I will get you off this island, and I will bring you home.”

It was supposed to be an easy in-and-out job. Nothing Darius Quinn hadn’t done before. But this job had something none of the others did: Gray Nolan.

​Like Murphy’s Law advised, anything that could go wrong, would. A mission to save one hometown favorite son was turning into a quest to rescue thirteen traumatized young men against odds so steep, he’d need an oxygen mask to scale them. ​

Facing new dangers and an uncertain future, Darius keeps Gray close and is soon forced to accept that this has become much more than an assignment. For a man whose reputation was built on being ice-cold under pressure, Darius is beginning to discover how good it feels to burn.

Ky's rating:

Darius and Gray's story is becoming more and more interesting!

In "Stranded", Darius and the survivors from "Auctioned" are trying to build a story that would ensure their safety once they get back to the real world along with as much normalcy as possible. The plan included them spending some time on a deserted island and then making their way back to civilization. Of course there were unexpected elements thrown in their way and not everyone was lucky enough to get off that island...

There were emotional scenes throughout the book and mainly near the end. Gray struggled a lot emotionally, as was normal after everything he went through, and he had serious self esteem issues. Darius was near him as much as possible and he did his best to help him.

I don't think there's romance between them yet but there is definitely affection and a weird situation of "I can't lose sight of you for too long". Everything points to a future for those two, but with three more books it's going to take some time. The connection is there though and their interactions were the best parts of the book.

If you've read any of Cara Dee's books before you know she has a thing for visiting her old characters. There was a parade of them here and I loved every second of it!

There are so many loose ends at the end of the book that are promises for interesting events in the next books. I didn't have an issue with anything being left unfinished because I know we'll get answers at some point in the future.

The book can't be read as a standalone and it ends in a cliffhanger of sorts. I saw it coming a mile away though and the page right after the end of the last chapter - which is a sentence from the next book "Deserted" - went a long way to reassure me that everything will be okay.

* An ARC of this book was kindly provided to me in exchange for an honest review. *

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