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Book Review : Suspicion (Diversion #7) by Eden Winters

Suspicion (Diversion #7)Blurb :

Lucky “Simon Harrison” Lucklighter left behind his criminal past to become one of the best agents in the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau. He’s found a committed partner in fellow agent Bo Schollenberger and built a life.

Now, enemies within the SNB and a friend’s betrayal leave him nowhere to turn—not even to his mentor.

His boss’s life, the future of the SNB, and Lucky’s career depend on him. With the help of his lover, an old enemy turned ally, and a man Lucky thought he’d seen the last of, he must stand and fight for what he believes in.

Even if he has to step outside the law.

Christelle's rating :

YEAH !!!!!!!! Finally, more of Lucky and Bo. The 7th book of the series and the *awesomeness* of this series is not faltering…not even a second πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜

A year ago, I gave a go at this series about Lucky, a former drug trafficker working off his sentence with the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau, and Bo, a newbie at SNB and to be trained by Lucky to go on the field. Since Diversion, I got fully invested and ADDICTED in following their various adventures, whether it be their missions at the SNB, the dealing with their past and ghosts, or their falling for each other. It is so entertaining !!!

Being in Lucky’s head, the best grumpy ass** in my reading world, is a thrill I can’t get enough. It’s hilarious to see him playing (well…trying, but us, readers can see through his BS) the badass while mellowing to Bo and building some fierce and loyal strings with his sister, his boss, a cat, and, gasp, even some friends.

Every book is another layer unravelled, another experience, another hilarious step towards contentment. And this one doesn’t disappoint : Lucky having to play uncle (OMG, Lucky dealing with 2 teenagers πŸ˜…), Lucky going into a fit because somebody has the audacity to hurt his boss and to jeopardize his hard-won place within the SNB, Lucky having to face his past once again…and even Lucky learning to be polite and saying “thank you” πŸ˜…

Yep, life is never boring with Lucky and Bo. And cherry on the cake : Eden Winters made it even more steamy – Handcuffs, Ladies and Gentlemen,...Handcuffs, …- and even more delightfully funny.

Could it get better ?? Let me think…oh yeah : if Eden Winters could write way, way, way faster so that I can get again tons of fun watching Lucky and Bo adjusting to the “new boss in town” : it’s going to be soooooo good to watch them dealing with that new twist πŸ˜…πŸ˜


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