Friday, January 25, 2019

ARC Review : Nomad's Dream by August Li

Nomad's DreamBlurb :

Two men, each with a hidden destiny. Can they defeat a web of deceit and dark magic to ensure their fates intertwine?

Bedouin Isra al-Grayjaab’s dreams lead him to Janan, an amnesiac beggar on the street of Qena—one who steals his heart and starts him on a seemingly hopeless quest. With only their wits, Isra’s knowledge of the desert’s secrets, and the aid of a mercurial djinn, they must recover Janan’s past. But neither can predict his true identity or the lengths others will go to see that his mind remains broken and his true power out of his reach.

In a sweeping romantic adventure that takes them across the Eastern Desert to the modern streets of Cairo and on to the luxurious Red Sea Coast, Janan and Isra seek a truth that will either bring them into each other’s arms or tear them apart forever.

Christelle's rating :

How I enjoy discovering a “new-author-to me” who can pull me into his/her writing world. It’s even better when it’s not for a trope I would usually go for.

I first stumbled on a book written by August Li when being asked to read some Christmas stories and I was surprisingly amazed by the world building created in Colina de Lavanda, a paranormal Holiday MM romance.

I was very curious to see if the magic would work again and dug into “Nomad’s Dream”, a “romantic” adventure (don’t expect a lot of steam, but a lot of tender feels) with a touch of paranormal (OK, a good portion of it !). And whoah !!

In today’s Egypt, Isra, a Bedouin, feels the need, fuelled by the Bedouin’s traditions, his vivid dreams and his secret long-time friend Flicker, a Djinn, to offer shelter and companionship to a beggar, Janan, who lost his memory a few months ago. From there, they will form a strong and loving bond, search for Janan’s past, and fight against evil, their adventures finishing with a lovely ending, or, as Janan pointed out, a start.

I took a great delight in August Li’s world building and story telling, the pace of this story, quiet when bonding in the desert and fast and full of action when the truth is unravelling. Add a fairy-tale-isc touch and some compelling secondary characters – how not to be fascinated by Flicker, the devilish and protecting “Arafrit”, full of fire – and I was sold. A successful escapism outside of my usual reading preferences.


ARC of “Nomad’s dream” was generously provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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