Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Book Review : Bound Forever (Bound #3) by Ava March

Bound Forever (Bound, #3)
Blurb :
Lord Oliver Marsden’s life is perfect...well, almost perfect. His bookshop is doing well, his bank account isn’t empty, and his nights are filled with a deliciously dominant man...who tends to be a bit too domineering outside of the bedchamber. But Vincent loves him and that’s all that should matter.

Then Vincent receives a letter that changes everything. Oliver seizes the moment and pushes Vincent toward a night they will never forget. Yet their night together has repercussions neither of them anticipated…

Christelle's rating :

**4.5 flowers** for this book and the whole series (it's one on-going romance sliced in 3 installments)

Yes, it’s definitely a HOT historical romance between Oliver and Vincent, friends since they were at school despite their differences in status and wealth.

See, Oliver is in love with Vincent but afraid to admit he discovered that Vincent "buggers" some men in a brothel. In a desperate attempt to have at least a nugget of intimacy with Vincent, he decides to impersonate a brothel’s employee for one night with Vincent.

Stating like that, it doesn’t seem really thrilling but hold on : this steamy deception is the start of altering changes for Oliver and Vincent.

Not going to lie: the beginning with this really hot deception scene picked my… interest (LOL), but it’s what follows that got me addicted : the way the relationship between Oliver and Vincent shifted, the unfaltering desire of Oliver for Vincent, ready to fight but without losing himself, and the crumbling of Vincent, realizing that he needs to review his priorities if he doesn’t want to lose Oliver.

It’s hot, it’s full of feels, it’s a delicious struggle between love and societal rules. The pace is perfect and the writing is enticing.

This series is now among my favorite historical romances (on the podium with the enlightenment series from J.Chambers and the Turner series from C.Sebastian) . Recommended.


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