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Audio Book Review: Beneath The Stain by Amy Lane

From The Blurb:

Listening Time:  16 hrs., 37 min. 

In one breath of shotgunned pot smoke, Grant Adams breaks every taboo Mackey knows—and Mackey refuses to look back. In the shadows of their small town, Mackey and Grant carry on a precocious affair under the noses and behind the backs of girlfriends, parents, and overprotective older brothers. When Mackey's band finally has a chance to make it big, Mackey and Grant are put to the test. 
And fail miserably.

Karen's rating:

Read the book, listened to the audio and cried ugly tears throughout them both...

I read this back in 2015 and the story was put out in 7 separate installments and I'm not sure how things went amiss but my review is on Booklikes, and not here, so I'm just going to copy and paste each post to one review here and then I'll add my update re: the audio book...

Part 1 - rating: 4 stars 
I got through part 1 and yes, I'm hooked and loving it so far. These guys are just a bundle of sad events and so far no tears but I'm seeing them in my future. On to part 2 and a full review at the end. Wish me luck.
Part 2 - ratting: 4 stars 
So far this is turning out to be everything my friends have promised and more. So it's on to part 3.
Part 3 - rating: 5 stars 
I have no words so I'm just going to read book 4.
Part 4 - rating: 5 stars 
Just one thing to say here before I go sliding into book 5...way to make a girl cry Amy Lane. I think you broke some more of me with Tony.
Part 5 - rating: 5 stars 
And that's all I'm going to say for now because I'm done so I'm going to be doing my reviews of the full story soon.
Part 6 - rating: 5 stars 
This story does not let go once you start it snags your heart and holds on tight from start to finish and I am actually finished. So on to #7 and my actual review.
Part 7 - rating: 5 stars 
Words...I have none...yep, I've been sitting here for the past 30 minutes staring at a blank screen hoping for some magical words but I have none. I think Ms. Lane used all the magical words when she wrote this story because there just don't seem to be any floating around in the air right now so I'm pretty much at a loss for what to do here. How to explain what an amazing journey I just took with the most incredible collection of people. I know it's probably going to be a long time before my heart stops aching and I feel like I've got some equilibrium back in my brain.

Right now the only thing that I can even think of to say is if you haven't read Beneath the Stain you need to seriously think about it. I'm not going to go into the details of the story because that's what the blurbs are for and quite frankly that's what the book is for to tell you a story and this is one hell of an incredible story...seriously, think about, look at it. Yeah, it'll probably leave you feeling battered and broken and shedding more than a few tears but in the end Ms. Lane fixes that which she breaks so like the rest of us who have read 'Beneath the Stain' you'll be ok.

I'm going to add a brief blurb here about the audio which I just finished listening to this morning and now that I'm done with my wookie tears and have my glasses cleared I can do this. Nick J. Russo was the narrator for this audio book and in keep this short and sweet and in the words of Mackey...he was f*cking awesome!!! As much as this book made me cry and damn did it make me cry. I loved listening to every minute of it...from start to finish and I it's definitely going on to my 'I need to listen to this again and again' shelf...I should probably go make one of those...maybe, in the new year. Anyways, 'Beneath the Stain' was every bit as emotional, heartbreaking and wonderful as I remember it being.

Interestingly for me this time around even more than what Mackey went through and believe me Mackey broke my heart more than once this time around it was Grant who left me a totally weeping, sobbing mess and I think he did the first time as well but I maybe didn't realize how strongly I felt about him. But at the end of it all this time around I think I saw more clearly not the things that Grant did wrong but all that he did right and how much Mackey and his brothers meant to him...Grant was in his own way both a villain and a hero in this one and at the end of it all Grant's story was the most tragic of all.

If you've never listened to or read this book maybe, it's time to think about changing that and if you're like me and you have a lovely friend who's been kind enough to send you an early Christmas present make sure you thank them...Simone, thank you for sending me this treasure on audio and allowing me the opportunity to revisit one of my favorite Amy Lane stories...heartbreaking... yes, but so very much worth it.


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