Saturday, December 22, 2018

ARC Review: Vampire with Benefits by E.J. Russell

Vampire with Benefits (Supernatural Selection, #2)From the blurb:

A match between a vampire and shifter could be deadly—but this broken beaver doesn’t give a dam.

Silent film actor Casimir Moreau had imagined that life as a vampire would be freewheeling and glamorous. Instead, he’s plunged into a restrictive society whose rules he runs afoul of at every turn. To “rehabilitate” him, the vampire council orders him mated to an incubus with impeccable breeding who’ll mold Cas into the upstanding vampire he ought to be. Or else.
As an inactive beaver shifter, construction engineer Rusty Johnson has fought—and overcome—bias and disrespect his entire life. But when his longtime boyfriend leaves him for political reasons, Rusty is ready to call it a day. Next stop? Supernatural Selection and his guaranteed perfect mate, a bear shifter living far away from Rusty’s disapproving clan. 
But then a spell snafu at Supernatural Selection robs both men of their intended husbands. Rusty can’t face returning to his clan, and Cas needs somebody on his arm to keep the council happy, so they agree to pretend to be married. Nobody needs to know their relationship is fake—especially since it’s starting to feel suspiciously like the real thing.

Heather's rating:

Vampire with Benefits by E.J. Russell is my absolute favorite book by her to date!

I have a mixed history with E.J. Russell, but she really pulled this story off. While you certainly could read this as a stand-alone, I enjoyed having some of the backstory from Single White Incubus first.

Cas and Rusty were adorable together. I loved their lighthearted banter and the way that they really stood up for each other. They were such a good couple.

I also dug the plot of the story. E.J. Russell can tend to be long-winded and get caught up in tangents, but this story really worked. The plot had some twists and turns, but I think it all ended up flowing well and feeling well-paced.

And that ending!! I love when a book leaves me swooning at the end. I actually left the story wanting more (maybe a short story that takes place in their future?!) or a glimpse of them in an upcoming book. I'm attached to these MCs!

A very good, light supernatural book that will make you smile. The best work yet from this author.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

Enjoy, my friends!

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