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ARC Review : The Athlete And The Aristocrat by Louisa Masters

The Athlete and the Aristocrat
Blurb :

Sometimes love takes balls.

Newly retired championship footballer Simon Wood is taking on his next challenge. His plan for a charity to provide funding for underprivileged children to pursue football as a career has passed its first hurdle: he has backers and an executive consultant. Now it’s time to get the ball rolling.

Lucien Morel, heir to the multibillion-euro Morel Corporation, is shocked—and thrilled—to learn his father has volunteered him as consultant to a fledgling football charity. Better yet, the brains behind it all is heartthrob Simon Wood, his teenage idol and crush.

Although Simon and Lucien get off on the wrong foot, it’s not long before they’re getting along like a house on fire—sparks included. But with the charity under public scrutiny, can their romance thrive?

Christelle's rating :

A little comment on the side : I’m always apprehensive when French characters and settings are used. Either authors feel the need to include paragraphs in French - most of the time full of errors, which drives me up the wall – or insert so many bad clich├ęs that it’s not even laughable. But not here, and just for that, a thumbs up from me !!!

This is a MM Romance between two well fleshed out characters. Simon is a newly-retired UK professional football player, is now willing to dedicate his time to train underprivileged kids through a charity program. As for Lucien, he is not only the heir of a French millionaire, but also a talented businessman and very agreeable to get involved into his father’s plans to found Simon's project.

Through implementing this charity’s program, Simon and Lucien got to work together, to know each other and willing to succumb to their attraction. However, neither of them want to threaten the launch of the charity and both have a pretty busy schedule. Could their relationship go any further ? And what is exactly their relationship ?

I really enjoyed the premises, the characterization, the well-paced development of the romance, the addition of great friends (and a delightful assistant) and the level of steam in this book written by a "new-author to me". No dramalala, no epic heroism, but on the contrary, a solid contemporary romance : it perfectly fitted my reading mood.


ARC of “The Athlete and the Aristocrat” was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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