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ARC Review: Homebird by Amy Lane

Crispin Henry isn’t an adventurer. He learned early on that the world is a frightening place and that home is rare and precious. If his friends didn’t drag him to sports games and ill-advised trips to Vegas, he wouldn’t get out at all—and his trip to Munich for Oktoberfest is no exception. But it’s there that he meets Luka Gabriel, and he learns to take a chance.

Luka is a free-spirited world traveler, working at Oktoberfest to feed his enchantment with new places and new people. His only possessions fit in his backpack, and he depends on the kindness of strangers for a place to sleep. Crispin should know better—but he takes Luka’s hand anyway, and together they turn three nights in Munich into the relationship neither of them has been brave enough to risk—and neither can let go of.

When Luka turns up on Crispin’s doorstep before the holiday season, Crispin takes him in on hope alone. Yes, he knows the odds are good Luka will flutter out of his life again and leave him bereft, but isn’t it worth it to see if Luka is a homebird after all?

Dani's rating:

homebird (ˈhəʊmˌbɜːd)
1. a person who is reluctant to leave their hometown or their childhood home, or who returns after a period of living away
2. Another name for homebody

Crispin doesn't like to leave because he's been left—by two sets of parents and a college boyfriend. He feels safe in his little home, with his cat and shared-custody dog, and his sister and her husband nearby. He likes his friends, initially just colleagues until he fed them chicken soup and vitamin C, who drag him on vacation every once in a while, but he wants to return to what he knows.

If Crispin is a homebird, Luka is a common swift, always flying, always in motion, his feet never touching the ground.

Luka sees something in Crispin, something warm and comforting. They are drawn together at Oktoberfest where Luka is a waiter and Crispin a tourist sipping the sole glass of wine at his table.

Crispin is careful. He doesn't take risks. Luka is adaptable. He goes where the wind takes him.

In bed, they're great together. Luka shows Crispin how good it can be with a lover you trust. But how do you build a relationship with someone who won't stay?

Crispin was going to pretend there was no deadline. Pretend Luka would stay indefinitely. Pretend that the tender charms of his rampant domesticity could tie down a wandering star.

ARC Review: Criminal Intentions: It's Witchcraft by Cole McCade

From The Blurb:
An eerie ritualistic murder sends Malcolm and Seong-Jae down a bizarre path of the occult to find a killer--but when it comes to witchcraft, the suspect's not the only one casting a spell. With Seong-Jae haunting his dreams, Malcolm is practically bewitched, his trust in Seong-Jae growing deeper and deeper as both men learn to rely on each other. 
But when the murder triggers memories from both Seong-Jae's and Malcolm's shadowed pasts, will the secrets they share bring them closer...or drive them further apart? 
Baltimore homicide detective Malcolm Khalaji has his own way of doing things: quiet, methodical, logical, effective, not always particularly legal. He’s used to working alone—and the last thing he needs is a new partner ten years his junior. 
Especially one like Seong-Jae Yoon. 
Icy. Willful. Detached. Stubborn. Seong-Jae is all that and more, impossible to work with and headstrong enough to get them both killed…if they don’t kill each other first. Foxlike and sullen, Seong-Jae’s disdainful beauty conceals a smoldering and ferocious temper, and as he and Malcolm clash the sparks between them build until neither can tell the difference between loathing and desire. 
But as bodies pile up at their feet a string of strange, seemingly unrelated murders takes a bizarre turn, leading them deeper and deeper into Baltimore’s criminal underworld. Every death carries a dangerous message, another in a trail of breadcrumbs that can only end in blood. 
Malcolm and Seong-Jae must combine their wits against an unseen killer and trace the unsettling murders to their source. Together, they’ll descend the darkest pathways of a twisted mind—and discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes. And if they can’t learn to trust each other? 
Neither will make it out alive.

Karen's rating:

Unique, riveting, intense, dark and at times disturbing...these are just some of the words that I would use to explain this series.

Somewhere along the line I decided that not only did I want to read this series but I want to see how long I can do this and write reviews for it that...hopefully will at the very least make people to check these stories out and maybe even read them. But I'm going to be honest ans say read the trigger warnings for these book because they are they and for some they're going to be very important. While there may be some moments of humor this is not a humorous or even slightly light, fluffy story

These stories are dark and some of the crimes are violent, but they are also incredibly well told. This author has a way of drawing the reader into the story and making you want to stay there from start to finish.

I've been extremely lucky with each episode I've had a buddy to e-mail and share the details with and talk about all the things that I won't be writing about here because I'm trying for spoiler free and to be honest if you haven't started reading these stories yet but plan on it. I can honestly say based on my experience while it's not necessary having a reading buddy to share this experience with really is an awesome way to go.

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Audio Book Review: A Wish Upon the Stars by T.J. Klune

From The Blurb:

Nearly a year ago, blinded by grief and betrayal, Sam of Wilds made a desperate decision to follow the Great White into the Dark Woods. Now, he emerges to a world changed. 

The City of Lockes is a prison. The King has been locked away in the dungeons. The Kingdom of Verania has fallen, and the Dark wizard Myrin sits on the throne. 

But soon after his return, Sam learns of a resistance fighting in his name led by a courageous knight, a defiant prince, a pissed-off unicorn, and a half-giant who wants to smash everything in sight. If he has any hope of defeating the villains who have taken their home, Sam must face the consequences of his choices—and the friends he left behind.

Karen's rating:

If you like could you possibly not love this book...

Dragons!!! So many dragons!!!

I've actually been letting this one simmer in my mind for a couple of days now because... words...I was really hoping to find the words to explain how freakin' much I loved this book...this whole damned series.

I can honestly say this is one of the most unique and enjoyable series that I've ever read. Up until this final book I've both read and listened to the audio for all of the books in this series but time being what it is sometimes I had to make  choice and I decided that as much as I enjoy reading the books Michael Lesley's narration of these books has been such a treat and simply so delightful that I decided I was going to wait until he could read this last story to me and just let it all be a surprise and I'm so glad I did  this.

I think I've likened these stories to fairy tales before with their kings, princes, magicians, dragons, unicorns and other mystical creatures...but, I will also say this is not a fairy tale for the children or at least not until they're of age, ok?

ARC Review: Too Hot for Santa by Helena Stone

Too Hot for Santa
A Story from the Warmest Wishes: Dreamspinner Press 2018 Advent Calendar

Jonah Walsh’s fledgling acting career in Dublin comes to an abrupt end when a video of him in a compromising position goes viral on social media. The offer of a part in a Christmas play in Sydney, Australia arrives at exactly the right time, although he isn’t sure about celebrating Christmas in the scorching heat. Nick Claseman isn’t happy that the actor he and his sister have hired will be occupying his granny flat. As for Jonah’s enthusiasm for Christmas, Nick doesn’t get it. He hasn’t decorated or celebrated in years.
When Jonah turns out to be anything but a stuck-up starlet with delusions of grandeur, and Nick proves he’s not usually grumpy and borderline hostile, the two men gravitate toward each other. Their attraction morphs into something more when Jonah reacquaints Nick with the pleasures of Christmas and Nick shows Jonah the beauty of Australia. But Jonah is only Down Under for a few months. It would take a Christmas miracle for them to have a future together.

Jewel's rating:

I thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas short. Set in Australia, Too Hot for Santa isn't the usual Christmas fare. No snow, no caroling, and only as festive as it really needed to be. For a person, like me, that doesn't get too much into the Christmas spirit, it was the perfect balance of festive and real.

Jonah Walsh is heading to Australia, from Ireland, after being caught in flagrante delicto ... and his acting gigs dried up. He just needs to lay low for a while and people will forget, right? But who knows, a Christmas play in Australia might be just the thing to take his mind off things.

Release Blitz: Operation Toy Rescue by Sarah Hadley Brook

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | JMS Books

Length: 29,000 words approx.

Publisher: JMS Books

When Jules Evergreen lands in trouble at the North Pole and gets shipped off to Snow Hope Island for ninety days, he never expects to take up the cause of the forgotten toys waiting for new homes. Falling for his new boss is not on the agenda either, but his heart has other ideas.

Felix Winterson has grown up on Snow Hope Island and now runs the place. He isn’t thrilled when party boy Jules arrives, and Felix tries hard to ignore the man’s charms. He has other problems, anyway. For years he’s tried to get Santa to look at the growing inventory of damaged toys in the warehouse, to no avail.

When Jules comes up with a plan to save the toys, the men find themselves working closely together. As Christmas Eve looms, there’s a lot at stake. Can they save Snow Hope, convince Santa to rescue the toys, and fall in love all at the same time?


He was surprised that no one else was in the building yet. Unless they were upstairs in the loft, or locked away in an office. He thought he’d seen Eve’s coat hanging from a peg up front.

Jules opened the laptop and logged in, ready to get started. He really wanted to take that trip to the warehouse with Felix and the quicker he finished logging things in, the quicker that could happen. As he carefully opened a rather large box, he heard a door open and turned to see Felix, Eve, and Zuzu hurry out of Felix’s office. All wore a look of panic and his heart jumped.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as Eve grew closer.

“The Big Guy is coming for a visit three days before Christmas! We just found out. He never does this. Never, Jules.” Her voice rose as she spilled the news.

Jules glanced at Felix and caught his eye, holding it for a moment. “Isn’t Santa coming a good thing?” he asked, confused.

“We don’t know. He never does this. Never,” Eve reiterated.

“She’s right. He doesn’t. What if he wants to make major changes? Or move us to the North Pole?” Felix asked.

Jules crinkled his brow. In his mind, moving to the North Pole would be great. Felix would be closer to Jules. “You don’t want to live at the North Pole?”

All three of them looked at him in shock, their mouths gaping open.

“What?” he asked.

“The North Pole is headquarters. It’s chaos,” Zuzu explained.

Okay, I’ll give them that. But there were good things, too.

“But you’d be closer to ...” he flicked his gaze to Felix and felt his cheeks heat up. “The main operation,” he finished lamely.

“But we like it here. Our island is beautiful and we’re like a family. What if we’re torn apart?”

“I don’t think Santa --”

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ARC Review: The Night Sky Festival by S.A. Stovall

From The Blurb:

Photographer Zach is happy to pack up his gear and head to the Mojave Desert over the holidays. Ever since his ex-husband filed for divorce a day before Christmas, it’s safe to say this isn’t Zach’s favorite time of year. 

Fortunately, he stumbles upon a town where the residents seem to agree. The good people of Baker would much rather celebrate the possibility of extraterrestrials as they dance under the stars in their unique “Night Sky Festival.” The locals are interesting, to say the least, and they want Zach to join them. 

But is Zach ready to let go of his holiday bitterness? And if so, whose invitation should he accept: the cute cashier, the burly single dad, or the sexy fun-loving cop?

Karen's rating:

A book from the Warmest Wishes Dreamspinner Advent Calendar

At only 24 pages ‘The Night Sky Festival’ is probably one of the shortest stories in this anthology, but for me it was definitely one of the most adorably delightful. Zach has packed up his gear and headed to the Mojave Desert for the holidays. Ever since his husband file for a divorce the day before Christmas it’s become his least favorite time of year. So going on a photo assignment seems as good a way to spend the holiday as any.

What Zach begins to discover is that Baker isn’t just any small town it’s one that celebrates ‘The Night Sky Festival’ instead Christmas and it also seems to be a place where the locals are more than happy to take Zach in and make him a part of their celebration.

Seeing Zach’s encounter with each of the three men who touch his life during his visit to Baker and bring a fresh perspective to his life…from the cute, vivacious cashier to the burly, sexy single father and finally the sexy, fun-loving cop who loves his board games…is charming, amusing and just generally delightful.

The story moved at a really good pace and given the author made good use of every word used. With only 24 pages there wasn’t enough time for long drawn out descriptions or unnecessary window dressing and there wasn’t any.

Review Tour: Home For Christmas by RJ Scott

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK 

Length: 45,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Texas Series

Book #1 - The Heart of Texas - Amazon US | Amazon UK

Book #2 - Texas Winter - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #3 - Texas Heat - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #4 - Texas Family - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #5 - Texas Christmas - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #6 - Texas Fall - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #7 - Texas Wedding - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #8 - Texas Gift - Amazon US | Amazon UK

Can Connor show River a real family Christmas?

When Connor finds River on the roof of the campus admin building, he doesn’t know what to do. His friend is drunk, and shouting into a snowstorm, a bottle of vodka in his hand. The easy part is getting River down; the hard part is insisting River comes home with Connor for Christmas.

River doesn’t have a family, or any place outside of college that he calls home. Not that it matters to him; he’s happy being alone for Christmas in his budget motel, watching reruns of Elf. Only, Connor keeps telling wildly improbable stories of the perfect family celebrations at his parents’ ranch in Texas, and it’s wearing River down. He didn’t ask to be kidnapped. He didn’t want to fall in love with the entire Campbell-Hayes family. But he does.

From one Christmas to the next. This is Connor’s year to rescue River, and himself, for them both to mess things up, make things right, fall in lust and finally, for Connor to show the man he loves what being part of a family can mean.


Chapter 1

Connor skidded to a stop.

The cold December wind whipped around his face, ice and snow knifing into his skin, and at first, he couldn’t make sense of what he was seeing.

Maybe he should have stopped, called 911, shouted for help, but it could’ve been too late, so he’d acted on instinct alone. He’d taken the four flights of stairs at a run, reaching the roof and throwing the door open. His lungs burned from the freezing air and his voice had gone. What now?

Why was River on the roof in nothing but jeans and a T-shirt, clearly drunk? Why was he standing on the ledge, his feet spread, his arms wide, and a bottle of vodka in his hand?

When the girl from his floor told him she’d seen River go up to the roof, he thought she’d meant something else. He often went up there to read or watch life go by. But not in a snow storm.

He didn’t expect to see River standing on the ledge in the snow.

Don’t scare him. He’ll stumble and fall. He might jump.

A gust of air slapped Connor. River swayed to the left but righted himself with the casual grace of a gymnast. River wouldn’t fall by accident. Hell, Connor had seen him balance on one hand on a diving board, perfectly still, before falling gracefully and accurately with spins and pikes into the water below. He’d never seen River falter.

“River?” Connor asked, only an inch from grabbing River’s shirt and holding him tight. He saw River tense, but he didn’t wobble in surprise or slip and fall to the ground.

“I canbalance. Look at me.” River sounded so damn proud of himself.

Connor took a small step forward, finally being able to hold River’s shirt, hoping to hell that would be enough to stop River from falling.

“Come down, buddy.”

River lifted the bottle over his head, sloshing alcohol over his hair, his tongue flicking out to catch any that ran over his face.

“Fuck,” he shouted.

Connor tugged at him, not knowing what else to do. “Come back,” he said, loud enough that River actually looked at him.

“Leave me alone,” he said.

“I’m not leaving you on the roof,” Connor snapped and got a better hold of River, hooking a finger into his belt. River wasn’t a big guy, a diver’s body, no more than five ten and a buck sixty soaking wet, but if he fell, would Connor be able to hold him long enough to save him?

River pulled against Connor’s grip, and for a second the world stopped turning as Connor had to use his entire body weight to keep him upright. Something about the action must have scared River. He cursed and rocked backward, but he still wouldn’t come down.

“Come down,” Connor pleaded. “You’re scaring me.”

“You think you gotta save me? Huh?” River threw his arms wide again, more alcohol sloshing over the top of the bottle. “I don’t need saving.”

“I want you to come down.” Connor tried for calm. What was he doing? He should have called the cops immediately when he spotted River. Or firefighters, negotiators? Or whoever the hell should’ve been here. He’d seen things like this on the television, the mediator knowing all the right things to say and do, standing by River and connecting him to his family or childhood or his faith. All Connor knew was that he needed to pull River down, use the only thing he had going for him; the fact that he was bigger and stronger.

“I like it up here!” River explained with another wide gesture. He wobbled a little but righted himself immediately.

“Come down, Riv.”

“Saint Connor tries to save everyone,” River shouted, ending with a hysterical laugh. He was clearly losing control of himself, and even if Connor did have the words to talk him down, he thought maybe he’d just yank River back onto the concrete roof of the building and worry about injuries later.

But River wasn’t finished. “Even if they don’t need saving!”


“Who the hell cares if I can balance, huh?”

“I care,” Connor shouted back. This was so out of character.

“Yeah, right, telling me what Christmas and family is like for you, making me see it in my head, and then leaving me here alone.”

“River, please.” Connor tugged him, but River wouldn’t move back.

“Leaving me here, alone, because that’s all anyone ever does. They fuck off, leave me, and what happens when college is over, huh? What happens when I lose that?” He lifted one clenched fist to the sky. “Fuck you!”

Connor had never heard River curse like this, and he was done with holding on to him. So evaluating where they would end up if they fell backward and not caring how much it hurt, he yanked, hard. River tumbled with him, arms flailing and the vodka bottle slipping from his grasp and falling into the tub of snow-covered plants on the roof patio. The two of them fell onto the roof, Connor using his body to cushion River’s descent, getting his arms full of an icy cold man, the breath forced from his lungs when they hit the ground.

Connor enveloped him in his arms and locked his hands in place, fighting a frozen, wet, drunk River. He wouldn’t get free. Connor had his pappa’s height, a rancher’s build, and he was a solid anchor in the wind and snow. There was no point in River fighting, and somehow he must have realized he couldn’t get free and went still in Connor’s arms.

All Connor could think was that he’d wanted River back in his arms for a long time now, but he’d expected soft lighting and mood music, not driving winds and snow.

“What the hell are you doing?” Connor demanded.

“Let me the fuck go.”

“Jesus, are you trying to kill yourself?”

Blogtour: Showers, Flowers And Fangs by Aidan Wayne

Please say hello to Aidan Wayne and 

Showers, Flowers And Fangs 


Darren is your average half-human, half-fae trans teenager, busy figuring out his powers and puberty while trying to survive finals. When Vlad, a newly turned vampire, moves in with the witch down the street, he and Darren get off on the wrong foot. Darren is always one to give somebody a second chance, though, and as they become friends, he realizes Vlad is just lonely and struggling with his new powers.

That’s something Darren can definitely relate to, and he’s happy to lend his support. But while he coaxes Vlad out of his shell, Darren ends up learning about Vlad’s past… and the danger Vlad is in. Darren only wants to help—help Vlad feel comfortable in his own skin and help him feel safe.

He hadn’t planned on falling in love.


“You asked some personal questions, just now,” Vlad said slowly.
“Uh. Yeah?”
“May I do the same?”
And there it was. “Okay, shoot, but I’m not promising to answer anything. Depending on the question. I still, like, barely know you.”
“Fair,” Vlad said. “You were… very mad at me, when we first met.”
“Uh. Yes? I was in major pain? That wasn’t a question.”
Vlad rolled his eyes. “Why were you so mad?” he said, carefully enunciating the words.
“Pain. Of epic proportions. I just said this.” Darren waved his hands in the air. “Think, like, someone reached into the pit of your stomach and started twisting things around, and maybe stepping on them, but also you kind of want to throw up, and on top of that your—”
“You don’t have to describe it,” Vlad said, looking alarmed.
“You asked!”
“No, I—” Vlad stopped and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Let me try again. When you told me you were menstruating, you yelled at me like I should have already known.”
“Oh. Oooooh. I thought you thought I was a girl.”
“Why would I have thought that?” Vlad asked, confused.
“Because you’re a vampire,” Darren said. “No, hang on, there’s an explanation. I’m half-fae, yeah?”
“Yes,” Vlad said drily. “You’ve mentioned it several times.”
“Shut up, your face is dumb. Anyway, half-fae, weird potluck of powers. I kinda said this before.”
“So.” Darren waved at himself. “I can glamour. That’s uh, that’s why I look the way I do.” He gestured at his face then down at his chest. “But only to certain people.” He tipped his seat back, balancing on the back legs. “I’m not good at glamour. I don’t have the power for it. Luckily I don’t have a lot of changes to make. I take after my dad looks-wise. I’ve got my mom’s hair and complexion.” He pointed at his light brown hair. “But I’m fae-build pretty much through and through, and even if it’s the wrong build, they’re not exactly a diverse species. Tall, thinnish, yeah? I don’t care about being like, big and muscle-y ’cause I know it’s not in my genes anyway. Mostly I glamour a flatter chest, deeper voice, my face with some different angles, little stuff like that. But other supernaturals who can glamour tend to see through it, unless they’re not strong, or they’ve got their own weird power-problems or something. So if a fae, or, say, a vampire, hint hint, looks at me, they see, well, me, I guess. A slightly differently shaped me.”
“I see,” Vlad said after a minute.
“Well, actually, you don’t,” Darren said. “That’s the point. I figured that you’d seen right through my glamour, thought I was a girl, and was sniffing out my period anyway. Which, I will remind you, was super rude. Seriously, never do that again. And I was grumpy and hurting. Hence the getting mad at you.” He made a little ta-da wave. “That answer your question?”
“Yes. Thank you for telling me.”
Darren shrugged and dropped his chair back onto all four legs. “It’s cool, I guess. ’S’not like I didn’t just pry into your personal life. Get a little, give a little.”
“I’m glad,” Vlad said out of the blue.
“Glad about what now?”
“That I can’t see through your glamour,” he said. “I haven’t learned how to glamour, so I think that may be why. But I’d rather see the real you anyway.”
“Oh, uh, cool.” That was… that was really nice. Darren was sort of learning that Vlad could be really nice. “Thanks.”
Vlad tilted his head. “What do you do with other people who can glamour? Fellow students, adults?”
“Ah well.” Darren shrugged. “The explanations get old, believe me, but it’s been a few years since, you know. I realized I wasn’t a girl when I was twelve. Four years is enough time for most people to get used to the idea, especially when you grow up with them and they grow up with you. Most of the people around here who can glamour adjust their senses.”

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ARC Review: 'Sunshine in the Dragon's Heart' by Jaime Samms

From The Blurb:

When Sunny retires to the northern Ontario wilderness to mourn his parents’ deaths, he’s hoping the change of scenery will afford him some peace and quiet. 
His hopes are soon spectacularly dashed. 
In self-imposed exile, dragon Emile runs across the Fold between his dimension and Sunny’s—and right into Sunny’s arms. Centuries out of touch with human culture, bright, beautiful Emile incinerates any hope Sunny had for an ordinary existence. With dryads and water sprites coming to life all around them, Sunny can’t deny the magic Emile brings to his life—or his heart. 
But that same magic leads the unrelenting dragon who would keep Emile captive right to them. To save his love, Sunny will have to reach deep and find some magic of his own.

Karen's rating:

Dragons and more dragons, but...

I have to say these dragons are not like the rest...

I love dragons...we all know Karen loves dragons so when I saw this one...well, my little dragon brain said...Ooooohhhh!!!! What's wants! Plus Jaime Samms... an author that writes a damn fine story. So, yep, I was all in before I even read the story and oh yeah, before I forget it's set in northern Ontario!!! And ironically that's where I was when I read this one.

So let's start with Sunny. He's not a dragon, just a mere mortal like the rest of us and although it's been a year since his parent's died...he's having a hard time dealing with things. It's with his sister's help that he moves to northern Ontario hoping that being with nature and away from all the pitying looks of the people he knows back in the concrete jungle will allow him to begin to heal from the loss of those he loves most.

I liked Sunny. He was grieving but his character wasn't whiny or annoying and I guess having lost my own parents I understood his feelings. While most of this story is between Sunny and Emile (he's our dragon...or at least the main one).

Emile was probably the most unique dragon, I've encountered in a while...actually let me clarify...not just Emile but the dragons in this story in general are unusual and not presented in quite the same way as dragons are generally presented to us...not so much so that I was left thinking...'What the hell? These are not dragons...nope if was more of a 'well this is an interesting take on dragons and magic in likey!

While magic is probably the part of fantasy that has the widest range of interpretation I really liked how it was dealt with in this one and most of all the fact that for me it was shown with two different aspects there was the magic that belonged to one side of the fold (other stories call this the veil or the's basically the barrier between the world of the mundane...humans and the world that contains the creatures of magic) and then there's the magic as it manifest on the other side of the fold.

'Sunshine in the Dragon's Heart' is about what happens when the barrier between the two worlds is crossed and the magic from the world of fantasy meets the magic from the world of man.

ARC Review : Death to Christmas Sweaters by LE Franks

Death to Christmas Sweaters
Blurb :

Chess and Benjamin are casual lovers, each hiding his devotion to the other and his wish for more. But Chess is a wealthy playboy who—Benjamin believes—will never settle down. And Chess is sure, with the way Benjamin keeps him at arm’s length, that he can’t be interested in getting serious.

They’re destined for a head-on collision as Chess plans for a holiday escape designed to send Benjamin’s ardor spiking like the temperatures in Los Angeles, while Benjamin desperately drags his feet, wanting to cool things down to protect his vulnerable heart. But when the ghosts of Chess’s Christmas past and Benjamin’s unwelcome present converge at LAX, it’s obvious there are other forces at play and about to take over.

Drawn into their respective family dramas at a joint gathering, will Chess and Benjamin finally take a stand for each other and the relationship they both want, or will the holiday finally take its toll?

Christelle's rating :

Death to Christmas sweaters (yes, the tittle makes sense – just imagine getting a reindeer or snowflake sweater every year for Christmas, LOL !) is a Friends-with-benefits to lover romance happening during Christmas time and Christmas celebrations between Chess, a rich play-boy and Benjamin, a more taciturn guy.

It was difficult for me to fully understand not the characters but what united them and their reluctance to share their feelings and fear of unreciprocating love. It’s the issue I have with short stories : it usually goes too fast for me to relate.

Spotlight: Stealing His Heart by Bru Baker

Please say hello to Bru Baker with 

Stealing His Heart 

Connoll Pack #1 

a Dreamspun Beyond title 

I’m here on My Fiction Nook today to give you a sneak peek at my next release—the start of a new series in the Camp H.O.W.L. universe. Readers will see some familiar faces from the Camp H.O.W.L. series in Stealing His Heart, which is the first book in the Connoll Pack series.
We got a glimpse into the world outside Camp H.O.W.L.’s cozy confines in Hiding in Plain Sight, and the Connoll Pack series picks up where that book left off. All three books in that series will be set in New York, starting with Danny, a werewolf who runs a charity that helps supernatural kids in the foster system get the resources they need. Danny is part of the Connoll Pack (the same Pack Tate, Adrian, Harris, and Jackson joined after they left Camp H.O.W.L.), but he’s a bit estranged from Pack dynamics because his family never embraced their werewolf heritage.
That might be part of the reason why Danny is so open to a relationship with a shifter who isn’t a wolf. Sparks fly and there is instant attraction when he meets the hot detective who lives across the street, but he can’t figure out what type of shifter Max is. Below an excerpt from Max and Danny’s first meeting.

About the book:

Love sneaks in like a thief in the night.

Danny’s parents raised him to believe his wolf was a curse. He’s part of the wealthy and powerful Connoll Pack, but only nominally. He abandoned that world to volunteer with supernatural kids, and he isn’t looking for a mate….

Max is a shifter who is also a detective. He’s working a case that could make or break his career. Danny’s caught up in the case he’s on, and he’s also irresistible. They’re a bad match—Max, an Alpha having trouble with his new powers and Danny, who trusts Alphas as far as he could throw one. But they can’t get enough of each other, and they might bond before they even see it coming.

They could be amazing together, but they have to get past a few obstacles—especially since someone close to Danny might be involved in the thefts Max is investigating.

Available March 5, 2019



It had been forty minutes by the time an unmarked police car with lights on the dash pulled up. He wouldn’t have noticed it if he wasn’t watching for it. It slid into a space across the street, and Danny shot up, waving his hand frantically so the officers could see him. Only one guy got out, and he wasn’t wearing a uniform. When he turned and started walking down the street, Danny streaked after him, using more speed than was cautious. He dodged a Prius. Its driver slammed on the brakes and honked, and the cop turned around. He stopped and watched Danny run, and Danny didn’t slow down until he noticed the calculated way the guy was looking at him.
This was why he rarely used his Were strength or senses. He was so bad at hiding it.
“You got a problem, buddy?” the cop asked when Danny skidded to a stop in front of him. “Pretty dangerous move you just pulled there.”
When the cop squinted at him, Danny remembered a human would be out of breath after a stunt like that. He heaved his chest as best he could, but the cop just rolled his eyes and took him by the arm, pulling him into an alley between buildings.
“Look, you can cut it out. I can smell you’re a wolf. What the hell are you trying to pull?”

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

ARC Review : Life in Union (Summit City #3) By Ethan Day

Life In Union (Summit City, #3)
Blurb :

Over the past eight months, aspiring author Boone Daniels has seen his entire life turned upside down and inside out. Having survived a recent auto-accident and an impromptu proposal of marriage from his one-night-stand-turned-boyfriend, Wade Walker, Boone has finally moved to Summit City to begin a whole new chapter.

Having adapted to several big life-changes within a relatively short window of time, Boone has embraced the idea of spending the rest of his ‘forever’ with the man he loves. However, he quickly recognizes that it takes more than finding true love and relocating to make a house feel like a home.

As Boone and Wade merge their separate lives into a life in union, they’ll struggle to strike a balance between ‘the me’ and ‘the we’. With patience and perseverance, they’ll eventually say their I Do’s and get that happily-ever-after…after all.

Christelle's rating :

Last part of the Summit City series written by Ethan Day. (I was dumbfounded when I learned about his departure while reading. He left the readers with great works but surely with a great void for his family and friends).

It picks right where we were left in Life in Fusion. In Sno Ho/Life in Fusion, we got the encounter, then, in Life in Fusion, we got the development of Boone and Wade’s relationship and now, it’s the last step towards an awaited HEA for these 2 guys that could look like opposites but who compliments each other so nicely and funnily.

Review Tour: Christmas Prince by RJ Scott

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Length: 40,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

The Christmas Angel Series

Christmas Angel - Eli Easton - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Summerfield's Angel - Kim Fielding - Amazon US | Amazon UK
The Magician's Angel - Jordan L. Hawk - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Christmas Homecoming - L.A. Witt - Amazon US | Amazon UK
A Soldier's Wish - N.R. Walker - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Shrewd Angel - Anyta Sunday - Amazon US | Amazon UK

Prince Raphael, the youngest son of the Montaunoit royal family, is the custodian of his country's history. At a Sotheby's auction, he outbids Marc on an item he doesn't even want. Just because he can.

Meeting the museum curator turns Raphael's world upside down, and when lust turns to love he knows he has to change.

Can Marc be the one to show Raphael that he doesn't have to stay the lonely prince forever, and that love is always an option?

This story is one of seven stories which can all be read and enjoyed in any order.

The Christmas Angel Series

In 1750, a master woodcarver poured all his unrequited love, passion, and longing into his masterpiece—a gorgeous Christmas angel for his beloved’s tree. When the man he loved tossed the angel away without a second thought, a miracle happened. The angel was found by another who brought the woodcarver True Love.

Since then, the angel has been passed down, sold, lost and found, but its magic remains. Read the romances inspired by (and perhaps nudged along by) the Christmas angel through the years. Whether it’s 1700s England (Eli Easton's Christmas Angel), the 1880’s New York (Kim Fielding’s Summerfield’s Angel), the turn-of-the-century (Jordan L. Hawk’s Magician’s Angel), World War II (L.A. Witt’s Christmas Homecoming), Vietnam-era (N.R. Walker’s Soldier’s Wish), the 1990’s (Anyta Sunday’s Shrewd Angel), or 2018 (RJ Scott’s Christmas Prince), the Christmas angel has a way of landing on the trees of lonely men who need its blessing for a very Merry Christmas and forever HEA.

Christelle's review:

Last year, to put us into Holiday spirit, RJ Scott delighted us with a sweet Christmas romance and selected an appropriate cover for it, one of the cutest cover I’ve seen.

Blogtour: Stetsons And Stakeouts by BA Tortuga

Please say hello to BA Tortuga and 

Stetsons And Stakeouts 


Gianni Cesare is a DEA agent and rancher—who also happens to be a millionaire heir to an Italian count. Running a multiagency sting out of his East Texas ranch means he needs a new foreman… preferably someone a little wet behind the ears who won’t ask too many questions.

Gianni’s Aunt Jerilyn hires Bonner Fannin, a roughstock rider with zero ranch experience and a sister who’s pregnant with a violent biker’s twins. If that’s not bad enough, Bonner is pretending he and his sister are married to protect her and to help get him the job.

Gianni didn’t think Bonner was the marrying type during their torrid beach affair years ago, but he’s not sure if he has time to explore that thought now, as overrun as his ranch is with drug cartels, macho government agents, and local cops. Looks like Bonner and Gianni are both in over their heads, and they may have to band together during this adventure to swim rather than sink.

Get the book:

Hey y’all! I’m BA Tortuga, resident redneck and lover of all things Christmas!

Okay, so I’m supposed to be all promotion-girl, but y’all.


I’m sort of stupid about the whole thing – from music to cookies.

There are things about Texas Christmas that I miss, mainly the Merry Christmas, y’all.

New Mexico isn’t big on the y’all, to be honest. There have been a ton of things to learn, for instance…wait, y’all know what?

Let’s do this:
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