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Book Review: Exorcising the Exes (Calling Dibs #1) by Jill Wexler

Exorcising the Exes (Calling Dibs, #1)
Thanks to their exes, Tanner Kennedy and Dan Markwell each believes himself to be a social mess, an embarrassment to be with, and not worth any man’s interest. When the two men begin talking about their exes, it’s as if they’d dated the same man.

Over a taco orgy, Tanner convinces Dan that they need to combat the scars left by their dating past with exorcisms, only via Instagram instead of holy water. They spend spring break together, purposely acknowledging the little things that their exes pushed upon them or told them to change. Posting to an anonymous Instagram account they created, Exorcising the Exes, they soon banish the demons of their exes with hashtags like #margaritasleadtolooselips and #hellyeahgummybears.

Instagramming their way to self-acceptance, Tanner and Dan also discover what it’s like to fall for someone who likes them for exactly who they are, #notperfectnotaproblem.

Warning for the reader: Uppity and rude Canadian geese flock throughout this novella. You’ve been warned.

Todd's rating:

What a bizarre, funny, twisted romance this turned out to be.

I loved 24 y.o., IT guy Tanner right from the get go. He was pure sunshine and happiness, with absolutely zero verbal filter. Oh, and the campus' geese hated him, which was hilarious to watch them face off again and again.

I also really liked 26 y.o., video game designer Dan, who was the much more subdued MC, but the perfect counter-balance to Tanner's sometimes "too much" personality.

When the MC's first met, one of the things they commiserated over was bad treatment by their ex's, so of course Tanner decided they should start an Instagram account and document the process of them "exorcising" the low self-worth demons left by their previous love interests.

Their ex's had tried to change them to make Tanner more socially-acceptable and Dan more visually appealing, so watching the guys rid themselves of those hang-ups was pretty satisfying to watch as they took back their self-confidence and become more genuine versions of themselves.

I found the story to be packed full of humor and banter, two of my favorite things. But thankfully, even though Tanner could be a handful, the humor never turned over-the-top or felt as if it was trying too hard.

The easily-agitated geese parts were pretty funny, but I think they could've actually been a teeny bit more OTT, without crossing over that trying-too-hard, "too much" line.

Much like the slow burn relationship development between the MC's, the entire book felt fun and organic, keeping angst to an absolute bare minimum.

The book was pretty low-steam, but I didn't feel that more sexy times were needed. Instead, the story concentrated more on the MC's getting to know one another and their growing connection.

If you're looking for something light and fluffy, and you have a sincere appreciation for nerdy guys, this just might be the book for you.

I adored the story and I'd rate it at around 4.5 stars, in large part due to how the story continually made me laugh and smile, all while avoiding any urges to roll my eyes, which is a rare thing, indeed.

So please don't let the somewhat lack-luster cover of the book cause you to miss a truly worthwhile, entertaining read.

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