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ARC Review: Challenging Chance by Anyta Sunday

Challenging Chance (Love Letters #3)
C is for Chance Roosevelt-Sutton.
Chiseled jaw. Smug attitude. Wild ways.
Chained to his ego—or so everyone thinks. Except his personal assistant, Brook. He knows better.
Chance is challenged to make his father happy for once, but he needs Brook’s help.
Choosing honesty is too risky, so instead they choose secrecy.
Choked by their pasts, they dream of a better life . . . and
Charm each other into submission.

Will their pasts ruin what they have, or will they grow together?

C is for Challenging Chance.

Tropes: Alpha male, millionaire bad boy, athlete, help/comfort
Themes: Basketball, coming out
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

~ - ~ - ~

Feisty. Nerdy. Sexy. Secretive.
Greenville has them all.
A small town with big hearts, Greenville awakens at the mercy of Millionaire Row, the wealthy neighborhood across the tracks from Poplar Low.
Bad-tempered boys meet cheeky lovers.
Colliding worlds spark a fire of emotion. Heat rages. Hearts mend. Love is lost. And found.

Love Letters are playful, sexy, contemporary M/M stories that can be read as standalones.
Welcome to Greenville. Come for the sexy boys. Stay for the HEA.

Todd's rating:

GAH! I absolutely LOVED everything about this story.

Book 1 was good, book 2 was even better, but the story that made me the most nervous, what Chance was going to do to redeem his asshole ways... Simply the best.

My biggest fear was that Chance would somehow fuck up the HEA between Landon and Ben (from book 2), but that fear was entirely unfounded. Did Landon and Ben still have hard feelings toward Chance? Oh, you betcha. But did it turn into a huge 'thing'? Nope. : )

Instead, Chance's "one and only" person turned out to be Brook, a snarky personal assistant who took no shit and made no apologies for holding Chance's feet to the fire to be a decent human being. A better one, worthy of being loved.

The slow burn and attraction in this story felt entirely organic and oh so real. Nothing felt forced or intentionally over-the-top, which is something that I find happening way too often in books to add interest.

The addition of Brook's amazing grandmother was one of my favorite parts of the story. She added a much-needed motherly element, and a good deal of humor, without feeling like she was just another gimicky plot device.

Also, the flip-floppy sexy bits were ON FREAKING FIRE. Very steamy, without feeling like the author was trying too hard.

Lastly, I was thrilled to see that the book didn't fall back on the (overly) tried and true "big misunderstanding" at the 11th hour. Instead, the MC's acted like adults and met their challenges (fairly) head-on.

So yeah, all of my previous cursing of Chance's name in the first two books? I take it all back, because Anyta redeemed him so hard for me.

This story was for sure my favorite of the three, so I'm rating "Challenging Chance" at 4.75 stars and can't wait for this series to continue.

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