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ARC Review: Wolfsong (Green Creek,#1) by T.J. Klune

Ravensong (Green Creek, #2)
Gordo Livingstone never forgot the lessons carved into his skin. Hardened by the betrayal of a pack who left him behind, he sought solace in the garage in his tiny mountain town, vowing never again to involve himself in the affairs of wolves.

It should have been enough.

And it was, until the wolves came back, and with them, Mark Bennett. In the end, they faced the beast together as a pack… and won.

Now, a year later, Gordo has found himself once again the witch of the Bennett pack. Green Creek has settled after the death of Richard Collins, and Gordo constantly struggles to ignore Mark and the song that howls between them.

But time is running out. Something is coming. And this time, it’s crawling from within.

Some bonds, no matter how strong, were made to be broken.

Todd's rating:

Okay folks, I'll just say it up front. I could not put this book down. Not that I wanted to. :- P

This was a tale of a love that should have been, mates that should have been, before fate and cruel circumstances stepped in, causing deep feelings of abandonment and betrayal.

Gordo Livingstone hadn't been the witch of the Bennett pack for a very long time when the Bennett's finally returned home to Green Creek. Then, when they finally did, he wanted nothing to do with any of them.

Especially not Mark Bennett, the boy who grew up being his shadow. The boy who tried to protect him. The boy who broke his heart, when he chose pack and duty over his would-be mate, Gordo.

The rebuilding of Gordo and Mark's former relationship was very slow-going in this story, and was not all sunshine and roses.

My face nearly fell off at one point when Gordo slept with someone else. Then a different someone else. But Mark was also dating "Dale", so just be warned that the MC's *did* have sex with other people here, if that's a trigger for you.

Much like Joe and Ox's back stories in Wolfsong, this second book gave a good number of details regarding Gordo's childhood and past. But unlike Joe and Ox, I've got to say it, Gordo was not one of my "he must get his own book" characters. I'm not sure why.

However, I did thoroughly enjoy Gordo and Mark's story as much as I'd hoped that I would. Much of that enjoyment, though, came from the amazing and hilarious side characters. Between Rico and Carter, I was repeatedly laughing, and secretly wanted *them* to get their own book.

Go, Team CartCo!

That book would no doubt have All The Banter, and I would swoon, and probably wet myself. Just a little. But alas, Rico was dating a bad-ass chick and Carter couldn't turn around without tripping over his (probable) love interest in this story. *sigh*

This book had about the same type of feeling for me that TJ's "A Destiny of Dragons" did, in that it felt like more of a battle than the actual war. By the end of this book, though, all out war was much closer on the Bennett pack's horizon.

And bitches are going to motherfucking pay.

My only real niggle about this story would be that, for a book of this length, the romantic aspects of the book waited until nearly the 11th hour to truly start coming together. So while there were feels and longing, my romantic heart-strings weren't pulled quite as strongly here as in Wolfsong.

We were given a significantly condensed, fast-forwarded version of the three-plus year separation in book 1. THANK. FUCK. That shit nearly killed me the first time around.

As this book ended, enemies were regrouping and plotting, and I'm pretty sure I will in no way like where their evil plans will take the Bennett pack, which doesn't mean that I wouldn't take the next book in a hot minute today, if offered. heh

Overall, I'd rate this action-packed and extremely engaging read at 4.5 stars, and also give Gordo a hand for not taking any shit from their enemies and making them regret their actions, sooner rather than later.


My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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