Sunday, July 8, 2018

ARC Review: Lord of Secrets by Erica Ridley

Lord of Secrets (Rogues to Riches, #5)From the blurb:

Heath Grenville is the problem-solver for London's elite. Unmask the devious cretin skewering the ton with audacious caricatures With pleasure. His success should keep the powerful happy. But when his work leads him to a young lady outside his class, surely he won’t do anything so scandalous as to fall in love... 
By day, Miss Eleanora Winfield is a proper, unremarkable paid companion. By night, Nora’s skillful hands sketch the infamous penny caricatures rocking high society. Nora desperately needs the money…and her anonymity. But how can she keep them both, when she’s fallen for the one man whose livelihood and reputation requires him to expose her?

Heather's rating:

Lord of Secrets was a very nice story in the dependable Rogues to Riches series by Erica Ridley. Though it didn't blow me away, I enjoyed the story a good deal.

In historical romance, I'm a total sucker for the "royalty vs average person" pairings. There is just something dreamy about a titled man or woman finding love in an unexpected place and making things work between them, don't you think? Though, I had trouble buying that the somewhat morally and societally rigid Heath Grenville would end up with someone below his station (so to speak, though that term always makes me cringe).

I liked the talented and interesting Miss Eleanora Winfield, who always seems to see beyond a person's exterior. She was non-judgmental, and I liked how she viewed upper-crust society fairly objectively. She was a lovely female MC, and I liked being inside her head a great deal.

I found Heath Grenville to be much more one-note. I struggled with him a bit, and I was really, really anxious about how he would take the big reveal that Eleanora was hiding (it made me so nervous that I was flying through the last 20% to see what would happen). I found the tension to be resolved too anti-climacticly for my tastes, and the love to be a bit on the dull side, but I still enjoyed the writing and romance overall.

While not my favorite in the Rogues to Riches series, I always like visiting with the Grenville clan and having another strong female MC to cheer for. Erica Ridley is always a solid choice.

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