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ARC Review: Moonshine Sundae by Camilla Quinn

Moonshine Sundae
Grayson is a lighthearted goofball lucky enough to be dating his best friend and human life-preserver, Kate. Sure, he's inching toward thirty, his vegan neighbor, Felix, is an intrusive jerk, and he's stuck taking care of a moody cat he neither likes nor wants. Still, so long as he can pull the occasional prank of sending a meat lover's pizza to Felix and enjoy a moonshine sundae while his neighbor shrieks, he's perfectly content.

Then Kate suddenly breaks off their relationship to rediscover herself, and Grayson's mostly content life gets thrown into chaos. And though he wants to get his life back on track, he may have laughed one time too many for anyone to take him seriously.

Todd's rating:

I was so thoroughly confused by this novella.

Not that Grayson and Felix seemed to get off on antagonizing one another. That part was very believable and fairly enjoyable, but the snark and banter weren't all that dazzling, when compared to books like Lili Morton's "Deal Maker".

No, my confusion is from the fact that neither of the MC's really ever seemed to have that dreamy longing for the other that's typical of such Gay For You stories. Their verbal jabs never really came across as loosely-veiled flirting, which I found disappointing. This is M/M, after all.

I made it through nearly 70% of the story thinking that Felix was gay. Straight-up gay.
Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go suck a dick… G-A-Y.

Then Felix, for some strange reason, ended up drinking alone in a bar and those events tilted my well-established world view of what I thought I knew was going on.

I'm never really a fan of someone, especially the MC that I *thought* was gay, having to be told by Random Stanger X that they're smitten with someone. Clueless wasn't a good look that late into the story.

However, I did enjoy how neither MC completely flipped out (for very long) after "it" finally happened, but was totally shocked that "it" might have been totally new to both MC's. Or maybe I just read it wrong. Dunno.

But I did not enjoy that whatever "it" was, it all happened off-page and we're never even told what "it" entailed, aside from nudity being the end result when the sun came up.

I also wasn't a fan of the time skips forward. I *need* to see relationships develop and grow, not jump to the "loving couple" stage with no details or growing pains regarding how they got to that point.

And for the love of God, why end the story with Felix musing over having his ex-GIRLFRIEND be in the relationship with himself and Felix???

So yes, color me confused on that little, last minute addition to the story.

I did enjoy the story on a purely superficial level, but I suspect that I would've enjoyed this more as a full-length novel, with more of what I mentioned fully fleshed out on-page.

I'd have to rate this story at around 3.25 stars.

PS - Moonshine sundaes sound utterly disgusting.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.


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