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ARC Review: Crocus (Bonfires, #2) by Amy Lane

Crocus (Bonfires, #2)Blurb:Saying “I love you” doesn’t guarantee peace or a happy ending.

High School Principal “Larx” Larkin was pretty sure he'd hit the jackpot when Deputy Sherriff Aaron George moved in with him, merging their two families as seamlessly as the chaos around them could possibly allow.

But when Larx’s pregnant daughter comes home unexpectedly and two of Larx’s students are put in danger, their tentative beginning comes crashing down around their ears.

Larx thought he was okay with the dangers of Aaron’s job, and Aaron thought he was okay with Larx's daughter—who is not okay—but when their worst fears are almost realized, it puts their hearts and their lives to the test. Larx and Aaron have never wanted anything as badly as they want a life together. Will they be able to make it work when the world is working hard to keep them apart?

Jewel's rating:

Crocus is the second book in Amy Lane's Bonfires series and finally provides Larx and Aaron a proper HEA. ​

​Like ​Bonfires, there are 2 sub-plots running through the story, and they intersect with both Larx's and Aaron's job​s​ and personal life. For such a small town, things sure do happen!​ ​On the job front, the subplot involves a student who is the possible victim of abuse at home, and​ another student who is a witness. And on​ the personal front - Larx's daughter who is pregnant and suffering from clinical depression​. While there is a little bit of family drama surrounding her, the pregnancy, and the baby-daddy, Elton (though that isn't what he was called for most of the story), that drama was kept to a minimum and I ​liked how it played out.

​The cast of secondary characters is sizable as Larx and Aaron tend to "collect" people - in Crocus, they've added Jaime, his brother Berto, and Elton to their ever growing chosen family.

​For those that have concerns that their HFN from book 1 is messed with -- do not worry, that doesn't happen. Both MC's are solid throughout the story​.​​ I'm not going to say that it was all unicorns and rainbows for Larx and Aaron, because this is an Amy Lane book, after all, but she doesn't call out the Four Horsemen, or anything, and I never once felt like they might not make it through. Larx and Aaron love each other and it shows on every page they are together.

Crocus is about love and about family and about doing what's right, even when it puts you in danger. It's about discovering your inner superhero. It's about love. So much love.

Overall, I think I liked the first book just a touch better, but Crocus is a worthy addition to the series. I'm really looking forward to Kellan and Isaiah's book, now.


ARC of Crocus was generously provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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