Sunday, April 29, 2018

ARC Review: Alaska by Cate Ashwood

Nobody says no to a Prescott.

Not even one of their own.

Holden:Living up to expectations had never been easy, but when I went after something, I got it. Success. Money. Victory. I was standing on the doorstep to having it all. There was only one thing standing in my way.

Power and prosperity are overrated. Especially when they come at a price. When enough became enough, I walked away. Nothing had ever tempted me to look back, until one day the past showed up in my backyard.

I’m not so sure I can walk away a second time.

Jewel's rating:

"I had no idea what I’d done in a previous life to deserve my current situation, but apparently, Karma wasn’t just a bitch, she was a sadistic whore."

And with that first sentence, I was hooked.

Holden Prescott was sent on an impossible mission, by his asshole of a father, to Alaska to sweet talk a former business partner into returning to said business. Alaska. Land of perpetual winter. Snow, cold, six months of darkishness. Alaska. Never mind that Holden is not an errand-boy, he's a surgeon, like his father, and has been in charge of medical trials since going to work for his father, at Westbridge. But, Phillip Prescott is a controlling jerk and he loves to hold Holden's career over his head, so off to Sawyer's Ferry, Alaska Holden goes.

Gage Emerson is the surgeon that Holden has been sent to find...and drag back to New York. There is one thing that Gage Emerson is not interested in doing and that is being in the same state as Phillip Prescott. To say that they parted on epically bad terms would be an understatement. When Gage first sees Holden in the only bar in town, attraction is triggered. Until he found out who Holden was, that is.

Attraction can't always be ignored, though, and Holden and Gage soon find out that they have more in common than their professions and an association with Westbridge and Phillip Holden.

After reading Alaska, I'm surprised there is any snow left in Sawyer's Ferry. These guys were hot together, from the start.

There wasn't a bunch of angst or unnecessary melodrama to drive the story and Holden and Gage even manage to communicate. I appreciated all of these things. The story focuses on their relationship and Holden taking a direction in his life he never once thought about. Gage, too, is in unexpected waters because the last place he figured he would even get the chance to fall in love was a small town, off the beaten path, in Alaska.

I liked this story, quite a lot, in spite of the lack of angst, and that is saying something for me. I loved both MC's and the supporting characters, as well. I suspect the next book will be Logan's (Gage's best friend) and I'm sure looking forward to that!

In short (oops a little late), if you like enemies-to-lovers stories that are super sexy, you'll love Alaska.



ARC of Alaska was generously provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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