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Blogtour: Forgiveness (Forbes Mates 4) by Grace R. Duncan

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Forbes Mates #4 

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Nine years ago Eric Joyce went wolf when his chosen mate broke the bond, and he hasn’t walked on two legs since. Convinced he lost his friends when he ran out on them, he cut himself off from the pack. But a surprising visitor prods him back down the mountain, and he finds himself welcomed warmly.
Ben Arellano grew up in Texas with a human Catholic mother who didn’t understand a thing about wolves—and didn’t try to learn. He spent his whole life being told his wolf was a demon that needed to be exorcised, surrounded by a wolf pack made up of good ole boys who had no tolerance for his Mexican ancestry or his bisexuality. When he’s given the opportunity to relocate to an accepting pack in Pittsburgh, he jumps at the chance.

When Eric and Ben meet for the first time, neither is ready for it. Where Ben expects rejection, Eric is convinced yet another mate will leave, break the bond, and put him through the same hell all over again. Can they get past their reservations and have a happily mated life?

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I, like many authors, love to pick out our dream cast or, at least, the actors that are our character inspirations for the main characters. I probably go a little overboard in picking out pictures and building the background for them. But it’s a lot of fun to help me get to know the characters and to get into their heads better.

When it comes to the Forbes Mates, one of the more fun parts of picking out character inspirations is that I also get to find their wolves too.

So, let’s meet Eric and Ben.  

1. Karl UrbanEric Joyce (he never gave me a middle name, bad boy!)

Character inspiration: young Karl Urban

27 years old, Virgo

Born, grew up, and has never left Western Pennsylvania—at least, not yet. 😉

When he’s actually in human form (not the most common thing lately), he’s a leatherworker in the pack’s shop.

His favorite movie is Star Wars, he listens to classic rock (give him a break, he was in wolf form for nine years!), and he’s terrible in the kitchen. He’s so terrible, he can burn water. Ben does not allow him anywhere near a stove.
No photo credit given

Eric is very devout and even before his meeting with Diana that brings him down from the mountain, he had a firm belief in the gods. He agrees with Chad that it’s hard for him to not believe when the evidence is right in front of him.

Just like the rest of my wolves, Eric’s fur mostly matches his hair. He has very dark brown hair, almost black, with a few light streaks here and there. When I stumbled across the wolf in the picture, I actually squealed a little because he was so accurate to the wolf in my head.

Photo credit: Don Gossett

2 - Diego BonetaJesus Benjamin “Ben” Arellano

Character inspiration: Diego Boneta

24 years old, Cancer

Ben doesn’t have a favorite movie, per se, but loves pretty much anything sci-fi. He likes Spanish music, especially Carlos Santana and Ricky Martin (who helped him feel better about himself when Ricky came out as gay).

Ben is a first generation American, the first of his family to be born north of the border. Both his parents—Alicia and Alejandro—were born and raised in Durango, Mexico, later coming to Dallas, Texas to have and raise their children. (Funny aside: I ended up naming both mothers a form of Alice, completely by accident!)

Ben is an accountant, though his mamá wanted him to be a doctor. Ben, however, is not the best of friends with the sight of blood, so he convinced her managing money was just as good.

Unlike Eric, Ben can and does cook quite a bit. His mamá refused to let her children depend on others for food and spent time teaching both Ben and his sister Christina. As such, he was able to share some of his favorite dishes—including chile rellanos—with Tanner, Finley, and the others.

Photo credit: dream-wallpaper.comDespite the fact that wolves with light-brown fur are much more common than black wolves, I actually struggled to find a picture (except for the one above with the two of them) that really reflected the picture I had in my head of Ben’s wolf. Eventually, I settled on this one which was closer but still not entirely accurate. Still, he’s got pretty eyes, and I still get the feel of Ben from him.

I really appreciate the blog space today! Hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the boys.

Author bio:

Grace Duncan grew up with a wild imagination. She told stories from an early age - many of which got her into trouble. Eventually, she learned to channel that imagination into less troublesome areas, including fanfiction, which is what has led her to writing male/male erotica.

A gypsy in her own right, Grace has lived all over the United States. She has currently set up camp in East Texas with her husband and children - both the human and furry kind.

As one of those rare creatures who loves research, Grace can get lost for hours on the internet, reading up on any number of strange and different topics. She can also be found writing fanfiction, reading fantasy, crime, suspense, romance and other erotica or even dabbling in art.


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