Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cover Reveal: Sweet Nothings by T. Neilson

We're delighted to reveal the cover art for 

Sweet Nothings 

by T. Neilson 

a Dreamspun Desires title 

Cover Artist: Bree Archer


Will a bitter bite from the past spoil a sweet romance?

Tristan Love, the youngest of seven brothers, is back in his hometown. He’s left the New York food scene and an abusive relationship behind him, but he holds his love of French pastries close to his heart and is determined to put his skills to use in a bakery of his own.

Returning to his childhood home means his meddlesome brother Simon will butt into his business, but before the bakery even opens its doors, Tristan’s delectable creations have the town’s mouths watering, and Jake, a cute mechanic, asks Tristan out. It all seems worthwhile….

That is, until the bakery burns down, Jake’s criminal past comes to light, and Tristan’s nasty ex rears his head where he is decidedly not wanted.

Coming in April 2018 from Dreamspinner Press


Oh boy, this cover. First, may I just say, Yum, yum. Bree Archer’s work always makes me smile (she did the cover for Submission Guidelines and The Trouble with Mr Midwest, too). She’s a genius for personality, and she captured Tristan to a tee.

Second, I’d guess this photo is an outtake from some fancy promotional stuff one of Tristan's brothers insisted he get done. Tristan’s family is huge, and everybody is in food service, which means everybody is in everybody’s business all the time. So when Tristan comes home like a dog with his tail between his legs, and then opens up a bakery, the whole family gets involved. Worse, when Tristan falls for the cute mechanic across the road, the whole family keeps being involved, because Jake has a past, and, agh, nobody asked them anyway.

And then Tristan’s ex comes to town.

I’ve worked in cafes and coffee roasteries and kitchens most of my life, first as a waitress, later as a barista, and much later as a professional coffee taster. I’ve seen the food industry from the inside out. So I didn’t set out to write a story about how tough it is to make it in the food industry because, well, that’s just the food industry. Instead, I set out to write a story about how the food industry is a crazy place, full of passion and highjinx and sometimes mad, reckless, oh-so-wrong but oh-so-right romance. And family. Lots and lots of family. Agh.

Hope you enjoy the book!

~T. Neilson

About the author:

T. Neilson writes flirty, silly, contemporary m/m romance featuring recovering addicts, mental health problems, and abuse survivors. Honestly, honestly, the books are silly.

Okay, maybe sometimes her books get a little heavy. But her books are also full of good things like the boy-next-door getting mush-mouth in front of a cutie, and his brain betraying him with a Freudian slip, and that gorgeous guy he never thought he had a chance with suddenly, whoa, in his arms. Because, heck, who doesn’t want a happy ending?

Because, I mean, come on. Just because we have heavy stuff to deal with doesn’t mean we can’t get a happy ending too.

Connect with the author:

Promotional post. Materials provided by the publisher. 

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