Sunday, January 7, 2018

Book Review: Rent a Boyfriend by Celia Fay

Rent a Boyfriend
Enter the world of Jackson Huang-Worcester.

Fresh out of college, he went straight into the corporate world. When his family hints at an arranged marriage, he goes with the only logical plan: hire a guy and pretend to be gay.

Jackson soon understands, though, that he doesn’t have to pretend. 

It might not be that logical. But then again, love isn’t logical…

Todd's rating:

I've gotta be honest, the first half of the book was pretty difficult to get through. I came very close to DNF'ing it.

And then it seemed to change. A lot.

There were still several nonsensical phrases in the book that I suspect a good editor would've / should've caught, but I did actually begin to care about both MC's.

So the story ended up being pretty cute and worth laboring my way through the first half.

There was only one sex scene, at the gay strip club where Kai worked, leaving me questioning if they were at all safe, but the scene was pretty steamy. I have a huuuuuge thing for gay strip clubs, so sue me. ;- )

The family drama was there, but kept to manageable levels of angst, and ended with what I felt was Jackson *eventually* being able to work things out with his overbearing father.

The story also ended with a fairly strong HFN, leading toward something more, which made me happy.

Overall, I'd rate it at 3 stars, which would've been higher if the first half had been as entertaining as the last half.

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