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Book Review: The Rival Quarterback by Devyn Morgan

The Rival Quarterback
Two rivals become unlikely lovers in the hostile and homophobic world of college football ...

Randy is a star quarterback who lives to play. The only problem is, so is Ted, and the golden boy got there first. After a year on the bench, Randy knows he has to go somewhere else if he wants his chance to shine. Luckily for him, a rival school is eager to steal him away. The fact that Randy’s previous team sees it as a betrayal seems like a small price to pay.

A summer of tension between the young men turns them into star-crossed lovers before the school year can even start, and neither quarterback knows exactly how to deal with that, so they both try to ignore it. Ignoring what is building between them proves to be more difficult than they’d thought, however, and it happens again. The pressure is on for the young, handsome football stars. America is watching.

They can’t keep their hands off of each other.

Randy and Ted know they're compatible in the bedroom, and they're both talented on the field. But are their egos up to the test? Can their relationship make it through competition, adversity, and a summer adventure in New Zealand? Is it worth risking everything for?

The Rival Quarterback is a standalone MM romance novella with no cliffhangers or cheating. It has a HEA ending and explicit scenes.

Todd's rating:

I found this short story to be bordering on "meh".

There was some tantalizing locker room UST at the beginning of the book, but the feelings felt somewhat manufactured to me, especially toward the beginning.

Also, the shifts from hating one another to falling in love felt kind of jerky, instead of being a subtle, gradual progression.

The sexy bits were pretty strong here, though, so kudos for those flip-floppy scenes of HAWT JOCKS DOIN' THE NASTY (all caps, because it's 'a thing' for me).

I really wanted some good side-characters here, too, but other than Randy's BFF gal-pal, it felt like the MC's *rarely* ever talked to ANYONE. No best guy friends on the team, no casual friends either really, which left the MC's lives feeling pretty two-dimensional.

Also, since the MC's were rarely in the same city, we were in their heads, being *told* more than we were actually shown how their feelings were intensifying, through in-depth, on-page conversations.

I did like the trip to New Zealand at the end, when not only their feelings were solidified, but also their plans for the future. And the scene with the little girl, with Ted and Randy envisioning a family of their own, well, that was completely ADORABLE.

ARC Review: The Wilderness (Lavender Shores 8) by Rosalind Abel

Will Epstein had it all—playboy good looks, wealth and prestige, and a gorgeous fiancé to costar with him on a reality television show. But that was years ago, before he was abandoned at the altar on national television. In the aftermath, Will’s world crumbled, leaving him humiliated and lost.

Andre Rivera married his first love and lived a dream life until tragedy stepped in. His wife’s sudden death left him devastated and struggling to build a life for his young daughter. Being a pilot offers Andre a sense of freedom from Lavender Shores, but he feels trapped and unable to move forward.

A shared sense of loss fosters a surprising friendship between Will and Andre, giving them both the salvation they need. But when feelings cross the lines of friendship and secrets are revealed, Will and Andre have to confront their own fears.

Amid the gold of a Lavender Shores autumn, Will and Andre must grasp their chance at love… before it slips away.

Dani's rating:

Definitely read the sixth Lavender Shores book, The Glasshouse (Adrian and Harrison's story) before reading The Wilderness. Will, one of the MCs of The Wilderness, is Harrison's fiancé in book 6. He's ditched at the altar by Harrison after Harrison realizes he's falling in love with Adrian.

In The Glasshouse, I didn't feel sorry for Will, who came across like an arrogant, uptight fame whore. He cared more about his five minutes in the limelight than his future husband. But Will seemed to truly be devastated when Harrison ditched him.

This book opens just a few weeks after the wedding incident. Will is drinking himself into a stupor when he sees Adrian enter the bar. Will lashes out and punches the man he thinks stole his fiancé. Except he punches the wrong guy. Andre is Adrian's twin, and he becomes Will's best friend.

Fast forward three years, and Will and Andre's friendship is strong and steady. Will is in love with Andre, but Andre is oblivious and, uh, "straight" (as if such a thing were even possible in Lavender Shores).

Blogtour: Invisible Ink by Emma Jaye

.•.•.**❣️ Now Live! ❣️**.•.•

Invisible Ink 
(Paint 3) 

by Emma Jaye 

Buy it here

“Oh, my goodness, the ANGST!” ~Sara, Goodreads Reviewer

“Emma Jaye knows how to bring the emotional impact to her writing…” ~Joscelyn, Amazon Reviewer

“Emma creates three dimensional characters that will melt your heart and leave you wanting even more.” ~Renee, Goodreads Reviewer

Alex Fletcher waits for life.

One more year and he can move away, stop wearing hoodies to hide the bruises, self-inflicted scars and his sexuality.

No one knows him, no one sees him, until Chris Bacon shows him how to laugh, dance, live life in the moment, out and proud.

The lesson that life is too short hits harder than one of his dad’s punches. Living the dream, being visible, is a step too far without chemical help.

Doctor, paramedic, drug counsellor, Nate Cooper is haunted by the brother he failed to save.

Bringing Alex back to life on the floor of a gay nightclub is only the first step. Peeling away the layers to find the real Alex means blurring the lines between age, upbringing, social position and the patient/doctor relationship.

Is Alex worth wrecking his career and giving up his addiction of saving lives?

Contains possible triggers for drug use, domestic abuse, self-harm and social anxiety.

Catch up on the series!

Entire series is also on Kindle Unlimited!

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ARC Review: Professor Adorkable (Domesticated Inc. 1) by Edie Danford

What happens when a star-gazing professor falls for his hot young housekeeper? One heck of an earthy explosion…

Professor Marek Janos's genius at analyzing stellar explosions doesn't apply to his own disordered world. Forgetting to eat, sleep, and leave his lab has triggered some epic personal disasters. When his family insists he hire live-in help, he discovers home life has awesome benefits. His new housekeeper's smile sparks more energy than a supernova. And the way he moves? It rocks Marek's galaxy.

Pete Schulz took a tough fall from his high-flying life in Hollywood. But how does a guy whose best skill is getting dirty clean up his act? His new gig with Domesticated Inc seems like a great first step. Keeping house for a nerdy young astrophysics professor is exactly the low-key, no-chance-for-trouble job he needs, right?

Living together is surprisingly easy for both men. And fun. And more than a little hot. It's when they're faced with the idea of living apart that the truly messy work begins…

Dani's rating:

Those of you who haven't read Edie Danford's Ellery College series needn't worry. This book, while a crossover from that series, can absolutely be read as a standalone. Pete, one of the MCs of Professor Adorkable, was a secondary character in Unraveling Josh. I loved Josh and Nick's story but honestly didn't remember Pete.

In my review of that book, I wrote: "fucking Pete was the worst friend EVER; I wanted to kick his arse into next week." So obviously Pete did something. What, I can't recall. But I can imagine.

Now a housekeeper for Marek, a brilliant but socially awkward professor originally from the Czech Republic, Pete used to be a personal assistant to a Hollywood producer where he was expected to be gorgeous, snarky, and slutty. His boss used him as a personal sex toy, and Pete learned to manipulate and deceive.

But Pete is trying to do better, BE better. That's why he has rules in place: no getting sexually involved with the boss (that would be Marek) and no falling in love (even if Marek, with his quirky speech patterns and dorky shoes, is hard to resist).

The book begins in the middle. Marek and Pete are already friends, and the attraction between them is like a live wire. I wish we'd gotten the meet-cute and seen the beginning of their relationship. I felt like I was missing a piece of the puzzle.

Even so, I really liked this story, and I absolutely ADORED Marek. Being in his head was a joy. He had a fondness for creative swear words and lists:

There weren't a lot of ways someone could interpret:

New Business: A) Sixty-nining (M & P together); B) Pete fucks Marek; C) Marek > vibrating dildo > Pete.

Blogtour: The Academy by Quinn Anderson

Please say hello to Quinn Anderson with 

The Academy 

Hi, everyone. I’m Quinn Anderson, and I’m here to share some behind-the-scenes facts about my latest release, THE ACADEMY. Stay tuned and comment on stops along the way for a chance to win a $10 Riptide gift card.


True love stabs you in the front.

Nick Steele just wants a normal life, cliché or not. He had one once, back in Chicago. Before his father died and he took a year off from college to grieve. Now, he’s starting fresh at a prestigious—but tiny—Catholic university. Adjusting to small-town life will be a challenge, along with making friends and keeping his scholarship. All he wants to do is blend in, get his diploma, and go back home.

But Sebastian Prinsen—campus heartthrob and a notorious player—has other plans. He notices Nick right away and makes a bet with his two best friends: Who can kiss the new kid first? Nick seems immune to Sebastian’s charms, and yet genuine chemistry sparks between them. Even worse, real feelings do too. Sebastian falls more and more every time Nick blows him off, but if he comes clean about the bet, Nick will hate him forever.

The last thing Nick wants is to fall in love while he’s still grieving, but Sebastian feels like home to him. Nick wants that so badly he may ignore the warning signs and risk his fragile heart once more.

Get the book:

My Cat Kylo
If you follow my Twitter, you know I have a twenty-pound, all-black panther/cat named Kylo. And if you’ve seen the latest Star Wars franchise, you recognize that name! It belongs to the Sith antagonist of the series, Kylo Ren.
You might be wondering why I chose that particular name. I actually had it picked out as part of a list of potential names, before I even went to the shelter to adopt a cat. I knew I wanted a boy after a lifetime of having only female cats, but other than that, I was open. I didn’t care if I ended up with a cat that was white, gray, old, young, big, or small, so long as they were affectionate. I was sort of leaning toward getting a lil ginger boy, whom I intended to name Zuko, after Avatar the Last Airbender, but then I met Kylo! At the time, his name was Tyler, and I knew almost instantly that he was mine.

So, why call him Kylo? Because naming a black cat after a Sith Lord is precisely the sort of chaos I like to invite into my life, ha ha. Also, here’s a fun fact: Kylo wears a pink collar that has little white Storm Trooper helmets on it.

About the author:

Blogtour: No Way Out by Eric Alan Westfall


no way out

No Way Out by 

an MM historical romance 

It’s April of 1816 in Another England.

And Jeremy—a whore from the Dock—is living in a guest bedroom at the London home of the (in)famous Iron Marquess, with over fifteen days missing from his life.

For someone who remembers everything from his third birthday on, it’s unnerving not to know. Fine, fourteen days for the coma and the infection delirium. But those first thirty-six hours. Do they explain how he got hurt, how he got to Ireton House, and why his lordship’s mountain-sized valet is taking care of him? Or why his ironness looks at him with nothing iron at all in his eyes?

Jeremy and the Iron Marquess both have dark secrets. Forced engagements, an inheritance, a scheme to clap Jeremy in Bedlam, the revelation of the missing hours, a problem with plumage, some numbered accounts, and a long sea voyage, all seem to mean there’s no way out of the snares surrounding them. Or is the old saying true: where there’s a waltz, there’s a way?

All royalties will go to a local LGBT organization.

Universal Buy Link | Amazon | QueeRomance Ink | Goodreads


Eric is giving away two backlist eBooks (ePub or mobi) to one luck winner. 


6 April 1816
1:38 p.m.
Ireton House, London

The voice was back.

Inside my head.

Still I swiveled, twisting to look behind, knowing I would see what I always see when the words are said—nothing. The unpainted, scuffed wooden floor was empty. The door to second story elegance had not creaked since we passed through, shutting it behind us, moments ago. The stairs to lesser third-story elegance and fourth story no elegance at all were both bare of bodies who might whisper words only I could hear.

I turned forward again, teetered, and reaching out, slapped my palms flat against the walls of the narrow servants’ stairs. Pressing hard, I tilted back, but my socked foot slipped on the slick wooden edge. When I landed, the floor made known its displeasure with a sharp splinter through the rope-belted loose trousers, ill-fitting smalls, and into my bum. I yelped.

The cold voice of Thomas, the senior footman, rose up the stairwell from the landing below. “His lordship is waiting.”

I shifted my weight to my left hip, and rolled to my knees, giving him a fine view of my bottom if he was watching, which was by now instinctive. I made a point of lifting my left leg with great care, and with equal care placing my foot on the floor, again in case he was watching. A right foot repeat and then some clearly awkward struggling to get myself as upright on the landing as I could—although a boy with a twisted spine and a twisted leg can never be truly upright—followed by a shuffle-step away from the edge. I suppressed the temptation to rub my right arse cheek. Without turning around I called down, “Well, bugger ‘is bleedin’ lordship! Me feet ‘urt ‘n me arse ‘as been ‘urt, too.”

My feet didn’t hurt much any more. Though bandaged still, and covered with the thick wool stockings sagging around my ankles, they had almost healed. But the pretense might keep me here, with a comfortable bed, and good food, for just a while longer. I grinned a small, wicked grin to myself, and wiped it away as I turned to face the stairs. “Right, then. Shall I drop me britches, turn ‘n bend and you can see what’s stickin’ in me bum, ‘n maybe come up ‘n pull it out?”

Release Blitz: Starting Over by CJ Baty

Buy Links:  Amazon US | Amazon UK 
Cover Design: Kelly Abell @ Select-O-Grafix
Length: 25,000 words approx.

Xavier Knight was starting his life over. A new city. A new club. The past was gone, and he had everything to look forward to… except… love. That ship had sailed, never to return. He was too old to play the games or stack up the one night stands. Until, an old enemy’s son walked into his club and his heart.

Sebastian Brady was through. Through with hiding who he was. Through letting his brother officers dictate his life. And completely through, with his family telling him who he was. He turned his back on his badge and his family’s heritage in the Atlanta police force. But, he never imagined that he’d be serving drinks in a gay bar and working for the hottest silver fox he had ever seen in his life.

Xavier and Seb have a lot to learn from each other. Hopefully, their growing love will survive Xavier’s past, Seb’s family, and a host of characters with secrets of their own, who all work at the Knights Club.

The Knights Club Series

Bk. 1 Starting Over September 18, 2018

Bk. 2 Letting Go October 2018

Bk. 3 Coming Out November 2018 

Bk. 4 Learning Trust December 2018

Bk. 5 Deserving Forgiveness January 2019

Story Background

The Knights Club (formerly the Gentleman’s Club) first appeared in the Warfield Hotel Mysteries Series. It was owned by Stony Whitecastle and is located in Atlanta, GA. At the beginning of the Knights Club/Starting Over, Stony is selling the club to Xavier Knight. He renames the club the Knights Club and instead of a private club opens it the public. Some patrons still hold membership though.

This series involves Xavier and his crew of employees and their involvement with a local police family. We meet Sebastian Brady in Starting Over along with his dysfunctional family. Seb’s struggle with his homophobic oldest brother and the shadow of his dead father, Detective Delmonico Brady, haunts Seb as he tries to make a new life for himself.

Occasionally, a character from the Warfield Hotel series will pop up but they are not central to the story line. Everyone who works at the Knights Club has a past and secret they are running from. They are mixed bag of people who have been suffered many things. The Knights Club is their home and the people who work there are their families. But, even families don’t like each other all the time…

About the author:

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ARC Review: Pisces Hooks Taurus (Signs of Love #4) by Anyta Sunday

Pisces Hooks Taurus (Signs of Love, #4)
It’s a time for searching, and a time for finding, Pisces: keep casting your line and you will hook what you’re looking for.

Zane has it all planned out: land the perfect Meet Cute, fall in love, and live happily ever after.
Should be simple enough if he put his mind to it. A little creativity and some thinking outside of the box, and voila, he’d be married to the woman of his dreams.
It would be perfect.
And it would be before his visa ran out.

But why are his feelings running wild now that the pressure’s on? Why is his picture-perfect plan turning into a muddled mess of morphed metaphors he can’t make sense of anymore?

Just as well he’s met an English professor to help. And even though their first meet is anything but cute, this down-to-earth teacher may just be the realist Zane needs to ground him and give him a shot at love after all.

Don’t cast your line too wide, Pisces. Your perfect catch may already have bitten.

Todd's rating:

Awww, this latest chapter in Anyta Sunday's "Signs of Love" series was everything that I love about M/M romance.

Twenty-three y.o. New Zealand native Zane was determined to find true love, and find it quickly, in order to remain in the United States. Mainly so that he could be there for his favorite brother and his newborn niece, the same way that his brother had been there for him. Well, that and... LOVE, because he's a hopeless romantic.

Then he met 30 y.o. literature professor and divorcee Beckett, who after being cheated on and having his heart pulverized to a fine pulp, no longer believed in love, thinking it a "big, beautiful lie".

I loved the dynamic between extremely-naive Zane and overly-cynical Beckett. Their playful push and pull dynamic completely worked for me.
“Why are you chasing after a green card?”

“I’m not.”

“Let me rephrase. Why the deadline to marry?”

Bookblast: Unwrapping His Heart by Karrie George


Book Title: Unwrapping His Heart (Hearts on the Line, #1)

Author: Karrie George

Publisher: Little Storm Press

Cover Artist: Madelynne Ellis

Release Date: August 23, 2018

Genre/s: MM romance

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 76 000 words 

A standalone book, but the first in a series


Matt is sexy, single, and fabulous. His career at a fancy magazine is going from strength to strength. He has great friends, a nice flat, and a healthy bank account. Life is wonderful.

In truth, Matt is unhappy. Convinced he’s not worthy of love, he flits from club to bar, in search of temporary amnesia from the demon on his shoulder that tells him he’s never going to find “the one”. Which is ironic, because his heart already belongs to the one man he knows he can never have—his straight best friend, Zeke.

Zeke has always dated women. He can’t fathom why he’s so upset about Matt’s latest lover, the wildly successful and attractive Dieter, but refuses to accept that he’s jealous, because to do that, he might have to do some soul-searching of his own.

Meeting Dieter turns Matt’s ordered life on its head, and opens Matt’s mind to the possibility that he can make a meaningful connection. However, to take a gamble on love, Matt has to learn to trust people with his secrets. And, more importantly, to overcome his shame regarding the one part of him he refuses to change. If he can’t – or won’t – learn to love himself, it’s doubtful anyone else will see the real man behind the mask.

The only question is whether he’s brave enough.

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The hairs on the back of his neck lifted; he was coming closer. The thick carpet muffled his steps, but Matt’s internal compass had apparently shifted and now only had one direction.

Sørensen didn’t speak as he approached, and Matt didn’t move from his position, concentrating furiously on a Porsche as it made several attempts to parallel park. Then his breathing hitched as a hand landed on his shoulder.

“I think you should call me Dieter.”

Cover Reveal: The CEO's Christmas Manny by Angela McCallister

We are delighted to reveal the cover for Angela McCallister's upcoming novel

The CEO's Christmas Manny

a Dreamspun Desires title 

About the book:

Anything but business as usual.

Billionaire CEO Nic Price lives for his job. With sales down and grumbling from the board of directors—including Nic’s permanently dissatisfied father—the last thing Nic needs is distraction from the new manny, whose freewheeling approach to childcare is outlandish... and who makes Nic feel things he’s never allowed himself to feel.
Ex-teacher Sasha Lindsey is all about fun—that’s the reason people love him, so he has to be. After a bad break-up leaves him jobless and homeless, the live-in manny job with Mr. Price seems like a windfall. But his chemistry with Nic is off the charts, and he can’t afford another workplace romance disaster.

Can Nic leave his dominance in the bedroom and open his heart to the best thing that’s ever happened to him? Or will Sasha’s leap of faith backfire and ruin his chances at the family happily ever after he’s always dreamed of?

Series: Beyond the Boardroom
Release Date: December 18, 2018
Category: Contemporary, Dreamspun Desires
Pages: 222
Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza

And now, drumroll, please....

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ARC Review: Savior (415 Ink, #2) by Rhys Ford

Savior (415 Ink, #2)
A savior lies in the heart of every good man, but sometimes only love can awaken the man inside the savior. The world’s had it out for San Francisco firefighter Mace Crawford from the moment he was born. Rescued from a horrific home life and dragged through an uncaring foster system, he’s dedicated his life to saving people, including the men he calls his brothers. As second-in-command of their knitted-together clan, Mace guides his younger siblings, helps out at 415 Ink, the family tattoo shop, and most of all, makes sure the brothers don’t discover his darkest secrets.

It’s a lonely life with one big problem—he’s sworn off love, and Rob Claussen, one of 415 Ink’s tattoo artists, has gotten under his skin in the worst way possible.

Mace’s world is too tight, too controlled to let Rob into his life, much less his heart, but the brash Filipino inker is there every time Mace turns around. He can’t let Rob in without shaking the foundations of the life he’s built, but when an evil from his past resurfaces, Mace is forced to choose between protecting his lies and saving the man he’s too scared to love.

Jewel's rating:

Savior is the second book in Rhys Ford's 415 Ink series. This series is about 5 brothers (in the "found family" sense), all of whom are a bit broken in their own way, who finally find love and happiness. I do think you'd be ok reading this as a stand-alone, but I highly recommend book 1 - Rebel - because it was really fantastic, too!

Where Rebel was all about second chances, Savior is about healing and figuring out you're even worthy of one chance. To say that Mace's childhood was awful would be severe understatement. He was horribly abused by his father, until he was sent into the system, and while the system was undoubtedly better, Mace was pretty screwed up and foster care can be unpredictable, to say the least. But, it was there he met Bear, and Bear saw Mace's worth and became Mace's big brother.

Still, though, Mace was pretty screwed up. He used sex with strangers as comfort, not even wanting a connection. He never even thought himself capable of a relationship. Until Rob, who is off-limits because he works for 415 Ink.

ARC Review: Criminal Intentions: The Man With The Glass Eye by Cole McCade

From The Blurb:


Multiple execution-style murders hint at a mob hit, but when Malcolm and Seong-Jae follow the clues the last thing they expect is a host of very familiar--and very dead--faces. They say dead men tell no tales, but if Malcolm and Seong-Jae can't even trust the words of the living, they'll never catch a hit man dead set on burying every trace of an underworld secret...along with a few more bodies. 

But it's not just the cold bodies on their minds, when a little undercover work sends them to a nightclub once owned by none other than Marion Garvey. Forced to play at being lovers, neither man can ignore the distraction of the very warm body in his arms. To Malcolm, Seong-Jae remains as aloof as ever...but what's really smoldering under that icy mask? 


Baltimore homicide detective Malcolm Khalaji has his own way of doing things: quiet, methodical, logical, effective, not always particularly legal. He’s used to working alone—and the last thing he needs is a new partner ten years his junior.

Especially one like Seong-Jae Yoon. 

Icy. Willful. Detached. Stubborn. Seong-Jae is all that and more, impossible to work with and headstrong enough to get them both killed…if they don’t kill each other first. Foxlike and sullen, Seong-Jae’s disdainful beauty conceals a smoldering and ferocious temper, and as he and Malcolm clash the sparks between them build until neither can tell the difference between loathing and desire. 

But as bodies pile up at their feet a string of strange, seemingly unrelated murders takes a bizarre turn, leading them deeper and deeper into Baltimore’s criminal underworld. Every death carries a dangerous message, another in a trail of breadcrumbs that can only end in blood. 

Malcolm and Seong-Jae must combine their wits against an unseen killer and trace the unsettling murders to their source. Together, they’ll descend the darkest pathways of a twisted mind—and discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes. And if they can’t learn to trust each other? Neither will make it out alive.

Karen's rating:

There use to be this show called...

'Cliffhangers' and trust me it was very aptly named because each week you were left with a 'cliffhanger' figuratively and on at least a couple of occasions as I recall literally as well.

What does this have to do with anything...well, 'Criminal Intentions' is like an updated version of that show and ironically it's something that I'm really liking. Ok, maybe not so much with each story ending  on a cliffhanger but no...I cannot tell a lie for now I'm actually ok with that as well. I know that we'll get an ending at some point and while we're left with a cliffhanger, we're also left with a completed episode for the individual story lines that with each one show us more of the bigger picture that's going to tiny clue at a time as we watch Malcolm and Seong-Jae's relationship progress...yes, it's glacial slow but there are big plans for this series given that the author has 5 seasons of 13 episode per season roughly mapped out...there's time lots of time to let these things play out organically.

So while I'm as anxious as the next person to see this relationship unfold this one's walking a tightrope because if things happen to fast's all down hill from there but on the other hand if things happen to slow...will people loose interest? It's a balancing that I'm looking forward to seeing play out.

As with the previous stories the sexy times between our two very hot MCs is minimal but have no fear it's going to happen and given the glimpses that we got this time...there was this dance in a club and then there was the a scene in a hospital room...anyways, it was enough to assure that things will be hot...smokin' freakin' hot an so worth the wait.

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Book Review: First Time by Stella Starling

First Time (Second Chance, #0.5)
Cody McPherson is a high school senior everyone says is destined for the NFL. Simon Andrews is the transfer student who doesn’t want any attention. It’s 2007 and no one is out at Hamilton High School, but there’s a first time for everything, and when biology tutoring sparks the kind of chemistry not found in textbooks, 2007 starts to look like the year that there will be a lot of firsts at Hamilton…
First Time is a coming-of-age gay romance novella of approximately 34,000 words. Every Stella Starling romance takes place in the same interconnected, contemporary world, and First Time is a prequel to Cody and Simon’s present-day love story, which will be told in the novel Second Chance, scheduled for release in 2019.
A Free Read through InstaFreebee.

Todd's rating:

Totally fucking YA-dorable!

This story was pretty much everything that I hoped it would be. Two sweet 18 y.o.'s finding one another, falling in love, and dealing with coming out as a couple at school.

I adored Cody's friends, Jessica and Brian, when they both had Cody's big ole' gay number right from the start, and were fully behind him and his feelings for Simon.

The scene where Brian forces the issue at lunch, in front of half the football time, God, so priceless. Gasp, smile, snort. Yep, all of the emotions on that once.

The feelings between Cody and Simon felt very believable, especially for high school seniors.

However, the fact that the entire story happened without ever being introduced to or dealing with Cody's ultra-conservative, strict parents, well, that felt a bit forced and unrealistic -- especially after they'd dated for six whole months.

Release Blitz: Butterfly Hunter by Julie Bozza


Check out the brand new covers for Julie Bozza's Butterfly Hunter Trilogy

Book Title: Butterfly Hunter

Author: Julie Bozza

Publisher: LIBRAtiger

Cover Artist: Gayna Murphy

Genre/s: MM romance 

Length: 57,000 words/165 pages

It is the first in a trilogy but is a standalone story.


The most beautiful things happen when you least expect them.

It started as a simple assignment for Aussie bush guide Dave Taylor – escort a lone Englishman in quest of an unknown species of butterfly. However Nicholas Goring is no ordinary tourist, his search is far from straightforward, and it’s starting to look as if the butterflies don’t want to be found.
As Dave teaches Nicholas everything he needs to survive in the Outback he discovers that he too has quite a bit to learn – and that very often the best way to locate something really important is just not to want to find it…

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Excerpt from Butterfly Hunter

They were silent while Dave led his client out to the car park, paid off his ticket, found the car and put the bags in the boot, insisting in a mutter that he didn’t need Goring’s assistance.

It wasn’t until they were heading into the city on Kingsford Smith Drive that Dave finally spoke. “I’ll take you to the hotel. I booked it with an early check–in. I’m sure you’ll be glad of a shower and change of clothes.” When he risked a glance at the man, Dave was disconcerted to find that Goring’s smile once again had a wicked kick to it. “Um,” said Dave, “sir…”

“I always had a thing for chauffeurs,” the man confided.

“Huh.” Dave frowned, and stared very hard at the road ahead, though he wasn’t entirely sure how much he was actually seeing. “Well. What do you do when they don’t have a thing for you?”

Goring chuckled, sounding genuinely amused. “Ah, come on. Seize the day!”

“Mate, life’s not thatshort.”

The chuckle turned into a laugh – and Dave liked that. Still, he was relieved when Goring said, “All right, I’ll stop. Don’t mind me. I hardly got a wink of sleep on that damned plane.”

“You weren’t exactly travelling cattle class. Were you?”

Spotlight: Greyson Fox by TL Travis

Today we shine the spotlight on TL Travis and 

Greyson Fox 


Greyson Fox, the man, the myth, the legend.
The highly sought after, self-proclaimed permanent bachelor. Or so the rumor mill goes. Sure, I’ve heard it all – but the one that stung the most was being called a heartless bastard. Love ‘em and leave ‘em, that one in particular I found to be the most humorous since only one man had ever shared my bed more than once, and he’d long since passed away.

I wasn’t the heartless bastard they all proclaimed me to be, but life had a way of kicking me in the teeth…Repeatedly, so I shut my heart off.

For years I thrived, building my empire and living by my own rules. Until one day, the walls came crashing down around me.

Potential trigger warning:This book contains brief descriptions of human sex trafficking, as well as two mentions of sexual abuse, including a brief description of oral abuse and an attempted sexual assault. There is some physical abuse by the syndicates hands and a drug overdose so if those are trigger points this may not be the book for you.

About the author:

Friday, September 14, 2018

Book Review: The Pursuit of... by Courtney Milan

The Pursuit Of... (The Worth Saga)From the blurb:

What do a Black American soldier, invalided out at Yorktown, and a white British officer who deserted his post have in common? Quite a bit, actually. 
• They attempted to kill each other the first time they met. 
• They're liable to try again at some point in the five-hundred mile journey that they're inexplicably sharing. 
• They are not falling in love with each other. 
• They are not falling in love with each other. 
• They are… Oh, no.

Heather's rating:

Holy crap, THIS is the Courtney Milan book I've been waiting for.

A few years ago, Courtney Milan was my favorite historical romance author. I bought up everything she has ever written, and I absolutely devoured her backlist. But since then, I've had issues.

I hated her contemporary romance series, and her more recent works have felt uninspired and forced. I didn't get that sense of ease and humor that I had from her earlier books, and that made me feel disinclined to keep reading her.

The last few CM books I've read have all been ARCs (advanced review copies), and so I vowed to stop requesting her ARCs because I don't exactly enjoy giving negative reviews. However, once I spotted the cover for The Pursuit Of... and read a few positive reviews from my friends, I knew I had to get it. I one-clicked it that day and started it a couple days later. And, holy F, I was blown away.

Audio Book Review: His Leading Man by Ashlyn Kane

From The Blurb:
Length: 5 hrs and 22 mins 
He wrote a comedy. Fate directed a romance. 
Drew Beaumont is bored of the same old roles: action hero, super villain, romantic lead. He’s not going to let a fresh gay buddy comedy languish just because they can’t find him the right costar. No, Drew bats his eyelashes and convinces everyone that the movie’s writer should play Drew’s not-so-straight man. 
Aspiring writer Steve Sopol has never had a screenplay optioned. Now one of Hollywood’s hottest properties wants to be in a movie Steve hasn’t finished writing—and he wants Steve as his costar. Turns out the chemistry between them is undeniable—on and off screen. 
Drew swore off dating in the biz, but Steve is the whole package: sharp, funny, humble, and cute. For Steve, though, giving in to the movie magic means the end of the privacy he cherishes. Will the credits roll before their ride into the sunset? 
House Line Dreamspun Desires | #59

Karen's rating:

Maybe a little drama llama would be ok...sometimes...

Drew Beaumont is a successful actor who's bored with the usual Hollywood fare when it comes to movie roles. So when he gets the chance at something that's different and pushes all of his acting buttons...there's not much that Drew won't do to not only have a role in it but to make sure the movies gets mad.

Steve Sopol is so close to having his dream come true of seeing his first screenplay become a movie...but is he desperate enough to step out from behind the camera when the leading man wants Steve to take on the role of co-star. Is Steve brave enough to speak the words he's written in front of the camera?

I wasn't looking for big, convoluted problems or overly dramatic resolutions and for the most part what I found was that any problems or conflicts seemed too be resolved just a little too easily to the point of bordering on tedious at times.

The steam and sex were fairly low key in this one and that's not an issue, but something somewhere has to happen to make me feel the connection between a couple and while I'm not a fan of over the top excessive amounts of sex. I am a fan of steam and heat and attraction...something that makes me say 'yes, these two are going to melt my e-reader' ...there has to be something that still gives me a sense of their connection, makes me feel a little melty inside but I just never quit felt it with this pair.  I could see where it was possible. On paper they're a good match. But I wanted to feel that connection not see it as a logical forgone conclusion...sorry, I'm a romantic sap about this stuff.

Blog Tour: That Feeling When by S. M. James


Book Title: That Feeling When

Author: S. M. James

Publisher: May Books

Cover Artist: Story Styling

Genre/s: YA, LGBT, contemporary romance

Length: 77,000 Words/343 pages

Release Date: September 16, 2018 (Available now in paperback)

Dance Academy reject, Archie Corrigan, resents the stereotype guy ballet dancers are gay. Because he isn’t. At all. Forced to reassess his life goal at Camp Crystal Cove, it’s by sheer dumb luck he meets Landon Summers, who turns everything Archie was sure of into chaos.

Poor boy turned teen heartthrob, Landon Summers, is the name on everyone’s lips. With his unexpected leap to fame, his agent advises him to keep his bi status on the down low. Not a problem! Until Landon meets Archie.

Their unexpected friendship leads to an inevitable kiss, but their moment is caught in high definition and used as fuel for blackmail. If the truth gets out, Landon’s career could be over, and Archie will be forced to acknowledge the one thing he’s fought to deny.

But how do you go back to your average life once you’ve experienced That Feeling When ... you’re finally happy?

Buy Links - Available in Kindle Unlimited 


Landon Summers is into guys. I think he likes you.

And while Meredith didn’t say anything about me, there was something way too

knowing in her look. Everyone else seems too into their own lives to be paying us any

attention, and even when we’re announced winners of the trivia, my celebration doesn’t

crack the surface chill that’s taken over me.

Meredith’s wrapped her arm through mine, and she’s cheering with the others, one hand

in the air.

I’m a week in the past. Watching Landon pull on that stupid costume in the dark. The

spark in his eyes as he thanked me. The brush of his skin on mine.

How was that only a week ago?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Author Of The Month - Taylor V. Donovan - Week Two

Welcome to our 2nd week of celebrations for the amazing 

In this week's post, we're featuring Disasterology 101 and Heatstroke, plus 20 factoids about Taylor. There's also a chance to win one of her books.

First up, Disasterology 101


Kevin Morrison had it all. A house he worked hard for, a loving wife, and three beautiful children. But it wasn't until his marriage ended that he realized what the void he'd felt almost all his life meant. Coming out as a gay man at thirty-six is not an easy feat, but he is determined to be true to his heart. Meeting a man who shares his values, and is good with his children would be a bonus, but when the guy arrives in a uniquely wrapped package, and has very specific handling instructions, Kevin needs to decide if he's up for that kind of love.

Obsessed with order and symmetry, and a paralyzing fear of germs, Cedric Haughton-Disley has lived with isolation and loneliness as long as he can remember. Desperate to be normal, he makes some much-needed changes in his life. If he can commit to his treatment, he might very well be able to procure some quality of life... even if that's all he can get, as finding love and having a relationship are only possible in Cedric's wildest dreams. But when a chance encounter leaves Cedric wishing for more, he decides to take a leap of faith, and pursue the guy he wants.

Together the two men make an unlikely match. Cedric needs organization, and Kevin represents chaos. In order to stay together they both need to compromise, but will they be able to deal with Cedric's issues and the potential disaster, or let it break them apart?


Cedric cracked his eyes open and blinked until there was no fuzziness. He stretched his arms and legs simultaneously for thirty seconds, then turned his head and glanced at the clock on his bedside table.
Alarm skittered through him. His heart pounded into his throat, and his stomach cramped. He’d slept for over seven hours, and he had no idea if Kevin had stayed or if he was gone.
He turned on the lamp, glanced around the bedroom to make sure everything was in order, then threw his legs over the side of the bed and staggered into the connecting bathroom.
He took off his shorts and sleeping shirt, put his hair up in a bun, grabbed his toothbrush and stepped into the shower. He hit the tile wall and cursed viciously after he dropped the soap for the fourth time.
“Get it together, you bloody twat.”
If only it were that simple.
Anxiety attacks were never easy, but the one he suffered while at the museum with his therapy group had been particularly violent.  Cedric couldn’t pinpoint what provoked it, but out of nowhere his body had gone numb, he’d gotten dizzy, and started having hot and cold flashes. Almost eight hours later he was still jittery, his chest hurt, and he had a headache. Sleep should have helped, but he felt like death warmed over.
He needed to relax, drink lots of water, and rest his body. But he knew he wouldn’t be able to do any of that until he’d found out what had happened with Kevin. He had to make sure his disappearing act wouldn’t affect their involvement.
Cedric took several deep breaths and got out of the shower. The possibility of having Kevin walk out on him made him queasy. Realizing he’d be devastated if he lost Kevin almost gave Cedric another anxiety attack.
He was getting attached.
Forgetting a man with his condition was better off alone.
“Bloody hell.”
He threw the towel in the hamper and walked back into his bedroom.
He’d let his deepest desires come to the surface and met Kevin, and now Cedric wanted to keep him forever. As if forever had ever been in his vocabulary. As if he wasn’t the poster boy for high maintenance. As if he was in a position to satisfy Kevin’s needs… or to stand by his side and be a good stepfather to his kids.
Cedric sneered at his reflection while he put on running pants and a t-shirt. He’d gone barmy. It was the only explanation for his irresponsible behavior.
Once he was dressed, he went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. He put the apple he found on the counter back in the refrigerator, and after making sure the rest of the house was in order and the front door locked, he went upstairs to check on what he thought of as Kevin’s bedroom. It was empty, but his boots were next to the bed, and his sweater thrown over a chair. Too weak—and happy—to get mad about his laziness, Cedric put the items in their rightful place, and headed toward the media room.
An episode of Doctor Who was playing on the telly, which meant Kevin had only fallen asleep at some point in the past forty minutes.
Cedric let his eyes slide over him.
Navy blue and white plaid pajama bottoms, but no t-shirt. He was pretty sure Kevin wasn’t wearing underwear either. One of his legs was stretched out, the other bent at the knee and resting against the back of the couch. One arm was draped across his stomach, and the other folded behind his head, showing off thick, silky tufts of armpit hair. His mouth was slightly open, and he was snoring softly.
He looked strong and inviting; every detail of him blunt and masculine, and mouth-watering.
Cedric backed out of the media room and rushed to his bedroom.
He’d been convinced his condition would always make it impossible for him to sleep with anyone, and cuddling was unfathomable. But that was before Kevin showed him how different things could be if he’d only trust him to know what Cedric needed.
The man sleeping in the media room had ripped a veil from the world as Cedric knew it. Thanks to him, everything was better and brighter, and Cedric had never felt so intensely alive.
So normal.
But tonight he felt unglued. After spending several nights with Kevin without having any major incidents, he perceived the anxiety attack as a setback. It scared him to death, and he craved Kevin’s protection.
He put on a thick pair of socks, a long sleeve t-shirt and a hoodie. The hair he secured under a beanie, and finally added a scarf for good measure. Once he made absolutely sure his skin was completely covered, he put on his gloves and grabbed a comforter from the linen closet.
Kevin hadn’t moved an inch by the time Cedric got back to the media room, but his eyes snapped open the second Cedric stood next to him.
“Hey.” Kevin rubbed his mouth with the back of his hand and squinted. “You okay?”
He didn’t look upset. He didn’t demand an explanation for being left alone. There were no traces of recrimination on his handsome face.
Not babe, or oddball, but honey.
Cedric shivered, and pressed the comforter to his chest.
After a big yawn and a swift scratch of his bollocks, Kevin hoisted himself up on his elbows and smiled in his direction. “What time is it?”
Don’t know, don’t care.
Time and place were irrelevant.
Kevin was there. Oh, God, was he ever.
Giving and affectionate. Mature and reliable. A sensual delight. Attractive in every way possible.
Kevin Morrison was larger than life, and the mere sight of him made Cedric’s lungs constrict, and his heart skip a beat.
“Come here.” Kevin held out his hand to him, and Cedric seized it immediately. “Lie down with me.” He turned on his side, and Cedric aligned his body in front of Kevin’s. Thankfully the couch was big enough for both of them. “Okay if I put my arms around you?” When he nodded, Kevin hugged and pulled him closer. Then he covered them both with the comforter. “You feel any better?”
“Still a little shaky,” Cedric croaked. “Have a headache.” But he was in heaven. “I like this.”
“You mean spooning?”
“Uh-huh.” He covered Kevin’s hand with his own, then sighed deeply when Kevin lifted his other hand and started massaging his scalp through the beanie.
“No cornrows tonight?”
“Took them out when I got home,” he mumbled. “They’re too tight, and make my headache worse.”
Kevin kissed the back of Cedric’s head, and increased the pressure of his fingers.
“What happened?”
“Anxiety attack.” His words prompted Kevin to hug him tighter and throw a leg over his hips. Was he trying to shield him? To make Cedric feel protected? Tears stung his eyes, but he smiled happily. “Thanks for waiting, pet.”
“It wasn’t a favor.” Kevin kissed him again, and intertwined their fingers. “I told you I’d wait, didn’t I? I’ll be here, no matter what.”   
Cedric knew this now. If actions really spoke louder than words, then Kevin was screaming to the world he cared about him. But Cedric wasn’t up to getting into it. “Let’s sleep now,” he said, Doctor Who and the TARDIS becoming blurrier by the second.
“Sleep? Like—I mean…” Cedric heard Kevin’s gulp loud and clear. “Together?”
Kevin cleared his throat. “Wow… That’s…”
“Unexpected?” he asked, amusement making his tone lighter.
Kevin’s chuckle sounded heartfelt as he nuzzled Cedric’s neck. “Wanna go to bed?” Kevin asked him tenderly.
“No.” Cedric kissed the back of Kevin’s callused hand, and snuggled closer to him. “Here’s perfect.”

Get the book:

Secondly today, Heatstroke 


At twenty-one years old, Richard Lewis Bancroft was on the fast track to fame and fortune. An award-winning start on the Broadway stage led him to the silver screens of Hollywood, where his star began to rise, and his heart fell hard for professional baseball sensation, Manuel Guzman. But there was no script for living out loud with the man of his dreams in the world of 1964.

Then Richard disappeared without a trace.

Forty years later, Michael Spencer discovered a journal in his grandmother's attic that would change his life forever, and quite possibly, solve the mysterious disappearance of Richard Lewis Bancroft.


The first time Michael suspected there could be some skeletons in his grandma’s closet, he was only fifteen years old and away at a very exclusive boarding school in New Jersey. Academic elitists that they were, his parents decided they’d jumpstart his extremely well planned Ivy League education the moment he turned twelve by sending him to a school literally down the road from Princeton University. It was also about three thousand miles away from their home in Silicon Valley, California. Michael knew he’d been sent to that particular school because it had a rigorous academic reputation and the best science program in the country. Luckily for him it also had supportive teachers, an inclusive policy, and a rich arts program. He had loved it.
It was during his third year at Worthington Academy that he got involved in the drama club. He loved the stage, the lights, and the costumes, but more than the acting, it was all the aspects of the production that really fascinated him. Helping things move along backstage made him happy, and he wished for nothing else.
He got it anyway.
During his fourth year at Worthington, he landed one of the male lead roles in the school’s revival of Café Au Lait, a very popular Broadway musical. The director of their drama club swore Michael was a dead ringer for Richard Bancroft, the young actor that had made the character of Bernard Collins famous in the early 1960s. He demanded that Michael take on the role; no buts, no excuses.
Truth was Michael hadn’t made a big deal out of looking like some famous dude from years ago, but his flippant attitude changed a few months later when he traveled home during the school’s holiday break.
For reasons he couldn’t remember, Grandma Elizabeth happened to be staying with his parents at the time, and she lost her shit when Michael mentioned his theater director thought he looked just like this Richard guy. She had screamed that Michael didn’t look anything like that perverted actor and demanded from his father that he put a stop to that theater nonsense. She also said his father shouldn’t allow him to have anything to do with acting, because that world was one of pure evil and sin. She had then looked at Michael and forbidden him from ever speaking that man’s name again, just like she’d forbidden him from going into the attic all those years ago.
Michael’s curiosity had been so piqued by his grandma’s extreme reaction that he had started looking online for information on Richard Bancroft the moment he got back to school. There had to be a reason why his grandma had looked like she’d seen a ghost the moment he mentioned the actor’s name.
He wiped his nose and looked around again. “There’s shit all over the place!” he complained to Charlie. “There’s no way I’ll be able to look through everything.”
“Dude, you gotta stop whining and concentrate, okay? This is a very important thing we’re doing here.”
“What do you mean, we?” Michael kicked one of the boxes and winced when the old carton didn’t give in. “I don’t see you eating dust and sweating your balls off.”
“But you know I’m there in spirit.”
Michael crouched next to the box that didn’t give in, opened it and gasped when he discovered a small trunk under a musty blanket that was filled with pictures and old documents.
“This is what I’m talking about.” He peeked inside, and there was no containing his excitement at the sight of a face that could have been his own looking at him from almost every picture. “Finally!”
“What is it?” Charlie demanded. “What did you find?”
Michael couldn’t answer. He was speechless. Torn between feeling happy over what could only be classified as the most successful treasure hunt adventure of his life, or outraged over what his grandma had done.
Michael kept taking things out of the box. He found old notebooks, a few leather-bound journals, two Oscar statues, a Tony Award, and a bunch of old letters.
“Hey, Mike!”
He heard his best friend calling, but he didn’t answer. Some of the letters were from a Helen Bancroft. Some others were from Richard Bancroft and the vast majority from a Helen Wallace, all of them addressed to Grandma Elizabeth.
“Dude, are you there?”
“Yeah… Yeah, I’m here…”
There were several letters from a Manuel Guzman addressed to Richard Bancroft. He also found an old baseball signed by the Guzman guy and some tickets to the 1966 World Series. There was nothing from Grandpa George Spencer. Not a damn thing.
“What’s going on? Why are you so quiet? Did you find anything?”
“Hold on a second, Charlie.”
“Hold on!”
Michael put the house phone down on the attic’s floor and inspected the letters. Many were addressed to Mary Elizabeth Bancroft and sent to some place in Malibu, California. The ones addressed to Richard Bancroft had been sent to the same place. Next he found a black and white picture of two guys making out on the beach. The leaner one was lying on the sand, his arms resting on his sides; his head on the bigger guy’s lap. That guy was leaning over the smaller one, upside-down. Their eyes were closed, but Michael could have sworn he could see the passion between them. Their lips weren’t quite touching, but the intention was obvious. They were about to kiss when the picture was taken.
“Son of a bitch…”
“What the hell’s going on?” Charlie asked so loud that Michael had no problem hearing him. “I’m dying here, asshole!”
Michael ignored the screaming coming from the phone and turned the picture around. “Florida Keys, Summer of ’64,” he whispered. “Jesus…”
“Mike! Get on the phone right now!”
This time Michael grabbed the phone.
“Yeah… I’m here…”
He could not stop staring at the picture.
“What the hell’s wrong with you? For a moment there I thought you’d gotten caught! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” Charlie yelled. “Why did you leave me hanging like that? Did you find anything?”
Michael wasn’t surprised at his friend’s spiel. Charlie always talked a mile a minute when he was nervous or excited.
“Are you still in the attic? Get out, dude. Now,” he ordered. “You’ve been there for like an hour. They’re bound to be back any minute now.”
“I need you to look up a few addresses for me on the Internet. Service here sucks, and I can’t use my laptop.” Michael knew Charlie wouldn’t hesitate to do as asked. They had been best friends for years and had each others’ back. Not to mention, Charlie was the only person in the world with whom Michael had shared his suspicions, and he knew the guy would do whatever he could to help Michael discover the truth. “Find out who’s living in those houses as soon as you can, okay?”
“You found something. What is it?”
“Letters to a Mary Elizabeth Bancroft from Helen and Richard Bancroft,” Michael said, smiling at Charlie’s excitement. “I’m pretty sure Mary Elizabeth is my grandma. I have something from a Helen Wallace, too. Maybe Helen Bancroft got married. There are also some letters from a Manuel Guzman to Richard. A signed baseball by Guzman and a picture… like a porn picture… Well, not really porn but they’re naked… I think it’s them. One of the guys is definitely Richard, and I’m pretty sure the other guy is Guzman. He looks Latino.”
“You found a signed baseball by Manuel Guzman?” Charlie shrieked. “Gold Glove Award winner, three-time MVP, hall of famer, got his number retired because he’s so fucking good Manuel Guzman? That Manuel Guzman?”
Michael chuckled. “I guess?” Sports were so not his forte.
“Do you have any idea how much that ball would sell for?”
Leave it to Charlie to not bat an eye at the news that some ball player from the past who seemed to be famous had also been gay. Lord, he loved his friend so much.
“Millions, Mike. Millions! I can’t believe your gran—”
“Can we discuss this later?” Michael interrupted him. “Grab a pen and paper and write down this information.”
Michael disconnected the call the second he was done giving Charlie some instructions. A quick look through some of the documents told him he had all the proof he would ever need, so he didn’t waste time searching for anything else. Instead he put mostly everything back where he had found it, then grabbed a bag and filled it with tangible evidence of what he now knew were years of deceit on Grandma Elizabeth’s part.
By the time his family returned home, the bag was safely hidden in Michael’s room and he was lounging on the relatively private rooftop, making his way through page after page of what looked like the not so happy story of a man whose disappearance was one of Hollywood’s biggest mysteries of all time.

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