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Blogtour: Jared's Fulfillment by Riley Hart

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Jared’s Fulfillment
Jared and Kieran Book #2
Riley Hart
M/M Romance
RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2017

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My relationship with Jared has lasted too long. He's mesmerizing, beautiful in his devotion, pure in his need. He reaches parts of me I thought no longer existed, places I'd never known were there. His submission is a gift. His cries of pleasure and pain call to the most primal parts of me. I want to inhale him, own him, mark him as mine. He's my boy and I need to be his Daddy, but my fear holds me back. I'll fail him like I've failed everyone else I've loved. Before that happens, I'll walk away.
I've never known security, love, or true pleasure before Kieran. With every touch, every command, every second of blissful, torturous pain, my heart grows and my soul is at peace. He protects me, spoils me, gives me what I need. Still, in some ways, he's closed off and won't let me in. But Kieran's given me strength. I've evolved, and won't accept less than I deserve...and I won't let Daddy accept less than he deserves, either. 
It's a delicate balance: give and take, pleasure and pain. Together we can break each other down to our purest forms and build each other up again. Kieran always says I'm stronger than I think, but I know that together we're invincible...if only he'd believe me. 
We have two choices: say goodbye or fight for what's always been out of both our reaches...fulfillment. 

Warning: Jared's Fulfillment contains BDSM elements, domestic discipline, spanking, and daddy kink--without age play--between consenting adults. If any of those things offend you, reading this book might not be a good idea.

Jared's Evolution and Jared's Fulfillment must be read in order.

Jared's Fulfillment is part of the Desires Unleashed collection. Some books in this collection will have darker themes. Please be aware Desires Unleashed are erotic and not your typical Riley Hart romance. You can expect the mental and emotional journey to be led by the physical/sexual moments--which will be intense, frequent and kinky.

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I was feeling neglected.

That wasn’t easy for me to admit, or it wouldn’t have been a few months ago, but I knew myself better now. I could see these things. Kieran and I hadn’t had sex in nearly a week. Not since the morning I’d begged him to fuck me…making us both late for work. It had been a busy week for both of us. I recognized that. I’d been in trial and had late nights.

Kieran was teaching a three-day sexuality class at the college, plus he’d been called to the hospital for an emergency.

By Sunday afternoon, I hadn’t truly relaxed despite having been off all weekend. Kieran had been distracted as he worked on another lecture he would be doing soon, which left me to fend for myself. Marco was busy with his Master. I’d gone through my list of chores Kieran had given me, which I would have gone crazy without, and I’d also done some research I’d needed to do.

I missed him. I wanted him. I craved him.

As I nearly always did in Kieran’s condo, I had my clothes off. He was in his office, behind his desk where he’d practically lived since Friday. He’d been much too somber recently. Yes, Kieran was serious to a certain degree but he usually made time for my body much more than he had lately.

I walked to the door, which was cracked open and knocked softly.

“Come in,” he called out. I pushed it open farther, and took him in. His eyes were still plastered to the computer screen as though I wasn’t standing there. His hair was mussed. He wore his glasses and a frown, showing me that something was wrong. His forehead wrinkled and his body looked tense and, in that moment, there was nothing more I wanted than to soothe him. Than to relieve some of his tension. To serve him and maybe, make him smile as well. To show Kieran how much I loved him without using the words.

“I just wanted to see if there was anything I could do for you?” I asked.

“You finished your list?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I’m okay then. Thank you, boy.” His fingers began moving on the keyboard and I waited. Tell me yes, Daddy. Tell me you want me.

It was a minute or two later before Kieran looked up at me, obviously noticing I hadn’t left. His eyes found mine and he said, “You can sit in here with me, if you’d like. You don’t have to stay out there alone, unless you’d like to go back to your unit.”

“No!” I rushed out. I didn’t want to leave him. I wanted to have him. “I’ll stay in here with you.”

About the author:

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Riley Hart is the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s a hopeless romantic, a lover of sexy stories, passionate men, and writing about all the trouble they can get into together.

She loves reading, flawed characters, and hanging out with her husband and children, who she adores. She and her family live in Southern California, soaking up the sunshine while also missing seasons. Not a day goes by that she isn’t thankful she gets to wake up and do what she loves.
Life is good. Riley also writes young adult and new adult under the name Nyrae Dawn.


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  1. I can't name just one Riley Hart book that I love because she's one of my favorite authors. My favorite SERIES would have to be her Blackcreek series :)


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