Saturday, November 11, 2017

Book Review: Hot Mall Santa by A.J. Truman

Hot Mall Santa
You better watch out. You better not cry. Hot Mall Santa is coming to town!

Instead of round and jolly, this year’s mall Santa is chiseled and smoldering. The second he strolls into Oakville Mall wearing sunglasses, stubble, and his Santa hat cocked to the side, Santa gets all the tongues wagging—especially Tom Webster’s. A lowly retail associate at The Décor Store, Tom spends his time chasing a promotion and boss that are both out of reach. His fantasies about being a ho-ho-ho for Santa soon cross into reality after an unexpected night together. While the rest of the town obsesses over Hot Mall Santa, Tom gets to know the sweet, nerdy history buff under the suit and six-pack abs. But to win Santa’s heart, he must fight off the lusty moms, adoring fans, and his own fear of rejection.

Hot Mall Santa is a fun and sexy novella at 32,000 words filled with nutty Christmas shoppers, a grown man wearing reindeer antlers, and too many holiday puns.

Todd's rating:

This was a fun, little novella, full of holiday cheer and some sexy times.

Granted, Truman definitely didn't hold back on packing those steamy bits with some intentionally-cheesy, cornball, "come down my chimney" type dialogue.

If this weren't a kitschy holiday read, Lord, I'd probably be ranting about that, but I'll only give an eye-roll (or ten) here, instead.

The plot was pretty simple and straight-forward in this one, with the only drama really being a slightly less-than-honest, narcissistic boss and one misunderstanding between the MC's, so the book was mostly light and fluffy, which is what most readers look for in their holiday reads.

Tom was pretty up-beat, actually enjoying his life working retail, and Randall was a good guy, floating through life, working whatever job he found, as long as it allowed him to travel the country.

I would have personally liked more on-page time seeing the MC's get to know truly one another, though this was a novella, so I'm forgiving that shortcoming this time around.

And I loved how the epilogue more firmly cemented their relationship, one year down the road, so I'd rate this one at 3.5 *lap-dances-for-Santa* stars.

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