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Blog Tour: Never by Tara Lain

When your dreams come to life, do you fall in love — or send them back to Neverland?


(The Pennymaker Tales, #4)
By Tara Lain

Peter Pan is a Stalker and Other Surprises of Contemporary Fantasy

Hi and welcome. I’m Tara Lain and I’m so excited to introduce you to my new romance novel, Never. Never is part of a series I call The Pennymaker Tales. All the stories are contemporary gay romance retellings of famous fantasies and fairy tales. Each book stands alone and the stories are united by a single character - - the unique and mysterious Mr. Pennymaker. In the series so far, I’ve paid homage to Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and now Never is a retelling of Peter Pan.

Writing these stories is a lot of fun and always surprising. For example, Driven Snow, my retelling of Snow White, had the goriest, grisliest search history of any book I’ve ever written. In one book, I searched poisons that could put someone in a coma and remain undetected, how to get out of a car underwater, how to defend yourself against attack by a knife, and how to kill someone by anaphylactic shock! These fairy tales are gruesome!  In Beauty, Inc., the homage to Beauty and the Beast, I had to figure out why a person who was scarred and ugly today might remain that way rather than avail themselves of plastic surgery.  I was writing Sinders and Ash, the new Cinderella, at the time that gay marriage was legalized in the US and had to change my whole story around that fact.

Then this year I started writing Never. I created the story in which my hero, Wendell “Wen” Darling, is a serious, reliable and steady young man who cares for his sister and brother. He meets this wild crazy artist, Peter Panachek, who paints in subways and is also a singer with a band called the Lost Boys. Peter gets enthralled with Wen and starts following him around including climbing the rickety fire escape to spy on Wen when he’s sleeping. That all makes perfect sense, right? He’s Peter Pan. Peter spies on Wendy and the children through their bedroom window all the time.  And then I got my first round of edits back from the editor who was basically telling me, Yikes! Peter’s a stalker. I stared at the note and thought, yep, that’s right. Peter Pan was a stalker!  So after a lot of thinking, polishing and revising, I think I got it to the point where, while Peter remains a stalker – it’s in the very best way!  

I hope you enjoy Never. Feel free to plunge in. The stories can be read in any order.

Wendell “Wen” Darling lives in a world of shoulds and musts. Left to care for his brother and sister by his dull drudge of a father and wacko irresponsible mother, he suppresses his creativity, slaving in an ad agency seventy hours a week, letting his no-talent supervisor take the credit.

Then his bosses blow the campaign for their biggest client and Wen gets a chance to shine—but only if he can find the artist who painted a wild, glorious wall of graffiti in the subway. Hiding behind a pillar at 2:00 a.m., Wen comes face-to-face with the scarlet-haired, elven-faced embodiment of his divergent opposite—Peter Panachek, the flighty, live-for-today painter, singer, and leader of the rock group the Lost Boys. Everything Wen takes seriously, Peter laughs off, but opposites attract, even if their kisses always lead to battles. Peter’s devil-may-care persona hides a world of secrets, self-protection, and hidden fears, until the day a drug dealer, Vadon Hooker, threatens everything Wen holds dear. Guided by the mysterious Mr. Pennymaker, Peter has to choose between facing responsibility or burrowing even deeper into Neverland.

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He sighed loudly as he pulled a green T-shirt over his head with his back turned to Tink. The T-shirt was just like the others except it proclaimed in brilliant sparkles Underthrow the Overground. He stared in the wavy mirror on the back of the closet door. She’s right. Wen upsets me. Why the fuck can’t I stay away from him? “Let’s just go play music, okay?”

He retraced his steps out the dressing room door and went to drown himself in lyrics.

Two hours later he knew it wasn’t working. All he could see was Wen’s face. John’s face. I don’t want to see them. He snorted. I don’t want to want to see them. That’s different.

When they took their break, Wen walked off the stage straight into Mr. Pennymaker. Somehow he’d changed to a black jacket with floral collar and cuffs. Seriously? And somehow he’d gotten past the guards to hang out backstage. He pressed his hands together. “Splendid, Peter.”

“You kidding?” Peter frowned. “I can barely get my head out of my ass.”

“Yes, but sometimes that’s precisely the view we need.”

Peter spewed a laugh. “What do you want with me, really?”

“Why must I want something?”

“Because people don’t usually bother with people unless they want things.”

He rubbed his chin with two fingers. “All right. I want you to be happy.”

“Why me, for God’s sake? You don’t even know me.”

He smiled softly. “I want everyone to be happy, Peter. I just happen to be speaking with you.”

“Jesus!” Peter wiped a hand over the back of his neck. “You’re too smart for me, old man.”

“Not at all. I simply want you to be smart for you.”

“What does that look like?”

“Getting your head out of your ass and paying attention to what you want instead of what you think you should want.” He yawned behind his hand. “I’m a bit tired, so I’ll say good night. Thank all the Lost Boys for such a splendid show.”

Mr. Pennymaker turned, walked out through the stage door, and was gone.

Peter’s mouth hung open. Hit by a five-foot-one-inch truck.

The Pennymaker Tales Series

Sinders and Ash
(The Pennymaker Tales Series, #1)
by Tara Lain

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Driven Snow
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by Tara Lain

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Beauty, Inc.
(The Pennymaker Tales #3) 

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About the Author

Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 32. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Paranormal Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft.  She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog near the sea in California where she sets a lot of her books.  Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!

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  1. This sounds awesome. I will be starting this tonight. I loved all the other ones and an super excited to read this one.

    1. Thank you Samantha! Hope you love it. : )

    2. I totally loved it. Like all the others. I really liked the names of the characters. That was awesomely done.

  2. Thank you so much for having me on the blog! Delighted! Hugs. : )


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