Friday, November 3, 2017

ARC Review: Kidnapped by the Pirate by Keira Andrews

Kidnapped by the PirateFrom the blurb:

Nathaniel Bainbridge is used to hiding, whether it’s concealing his struggles with reading or his forbidden desire for men. Under the thumb of his controlling father, the governor of Primrose Isle, he’s sailing to the fledging colony, where he’ll surrender to a respectable marriage for his family’s financial gain. Then pirates strike and he’s kidnapped for ransom by the Sea Hawk, a legendary villain of the New World. 
Bitter and jaded, Hawk harbors futile dreams of leaving the sea for a quiet life, but men like him don’t deserve peace. He has a score to settle with Nathaniel’s father—the very man whose treachery forced him into piracy—and he’s sure Nathaniel is just as contemptible. 
Yet as days pass in close quarters, Nathaniel’s feisty spirit and alluring innocence beguile and bewitch. Although Hawk knows he must keep his distance, the desire to teach Nathaniel the pleasure men can share grows uncontrollable. It’s not as though Hawk would ever feel anything for him besides lust… 
Nathaniel realizes the fearsome Sea Hawk’s reputation is largely invented, and he sees the lonely man beneath the myth, willingly surrendering to his captor body and soul. As a pirate’s prisoner, he is finally free to be his true self. The crew has been promised the ransom Nathaniel will bring, yet as danger mounts and the time nears to give him up, Hawk’s biggest battle could be with his own heart.

Heather's rating:

Holy crap, Keira Andrews reached into my brain and wrote the pirate story I didn't even know I needed.

I'm a huge Keira Andrews fan, and she didn't disappoint with this one. It has EVERYTHING! It just tick, tick, ticked all my boxes. Enemies-to-lovers, a VIRGIN, an age gap, a learning disability, a historical setting- it was just totally my taste. Gah, I could NOT put it down!

Honestly, I wanted to read this book for the buzz, but I was nervous about the pirate aspect. I haven't read a pirate book before that worked for me, and I was worried Kidnapped by the Pirate would be cheesy or overdone. I shouldn't have fretted though, because Keira Andrews totally killed it.

This book is a little slow-burny, certainly enough for my tastes, and there was sexual tension for days. I adore an enemies-to-lovers, and the tension and hate/attraction really worked for me. Their feelings and intimacy grew and grew over time, and the relationship went from animosity to love very naturally and without feeling rushed. I loved, loved, loved what an eager partner Nathaniel was in the story. His sexual energy was out of control, and I adored the chemistry between him and Hawk.

I also couldn't get enough of the age-gap. If you are like me and are a fan of an age gap, you NEED to try this one. The age gap is about 20 years, and it felt just sexy as hell. In fact, this book is very steamy, so while it is very well written and has an engaging plot, it will also make fans of smutty, smutty reads VERY happy.

Kidnapped by the Pirate was just pure, awesome romance. It checked all my boxes and I'm sure it will check yours too. Don't pass this one up!

*Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*
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