Saturday, October 28, 2017

Gay Rom Lit 2017 Wrap-Ups~ Day 3!

Hi, guys, and welcome to the conclusion of my AMAZING GRL experience.

I woke up sort of late (again... I'm sensing a theme here) and got in a big breakfast before my favorite GRL event, the massive book signing gathering! It is the place to see ALL the featured authors, buy some books (and get them signed!), and nab some swag (my kids are rainbowed out with swag after GRL!), and basically get to know some authors that you didn't know well before.

So many people and books! *my precious*
I worked that room like it was my job, chatting with authors, seeing what they are working on next, and picking up a ton of books.

First up, the always wonderful, Jordan Castillo Price, who is mega talented and mega awesome.
Suuuuuuper excited for the latest Psycop book, Skin After Skin!! CRASH!

I saw new-to-me author, Christina Lee, who had some seriously smoking covers.
Oh, haaaay broody man in the ombre red number near the front. 
And I stopped by and visited with Jay Northcote, who was my coffee buddy on my first day at the con!

You can't tell, but those little circular swags were mini containers of Marmite... I'm not British enough for that...
Oh yeah, and I found T.J. Klune again at a bare table that apparently at one point had swag on it. Now it was just a sad black tablecloth with this smiling face behind it.
That man is so talented!
I also saw Wade Kelly, who had an awesome prize wheel that magically *cough, cough* landed on the prize that I wanted! That made up for all of those times in the past when she forgot my name...

I won the spoons near the wheel! They were adorable!
I couldn't resist taking this picture of Z. Allora. I mean, can you imagine taking those, uh, appendages through security?!

She was giving away the short, fat stuffed penis towards the front... need I say more?
Of course, I had to stop by and spend some time with one of my favorites, Lisa Henry! She told me all about her fun, light release for early next year. The MCs are cops, guys... Lisa Henry does COPS! *grabby hands*

I adore this woman!
And, of course, I had to pose with my favorite Denver-native, Brandon Witt! He always makes GRL more fun!

Isn't he a cutie?
After the book signing, I was wiped! I had plans to veg and drink coffee on a random couch when I heard loud laughter from another area of the hotel. It only took a few minutes for my curiosity to get the better of me, and I followed the noise. Low and behold, there was a last-minute, casual discussion session taking place right near the lobby with T.J. Klune and two of his audiobook narrators, Michael Lesley and Derrick McClain. We got to hear some awesome feedback from them and some new ideas (DRAG QUEEN BODY GUARDS!!) and basically witness them being their charming selves.

There is only coffee in Derrick's cup... nothing more... LOOK AWAY!
After the super fun narrator session, I snuck away for some gym time and anti-social reading in the lobby.

Fireplace, a snack, and a book- can't get better!
Finally, after grabbing dinner with my blog partner, Sandra, I ran up to change into my attempt at Western clothes.

Mirror selfie!

The costume party was SO much fun that I totally broke my vow to go to bed early so I could pack and get ready for my morning flight. Needless to say, I was hung over like WOAH the next day.

Me, with Susan Lee and the rugged Rick R. Reed
Me with Meghan Maslow, who rocked her costume!
Shield your eyes, children, that is DEFINITELY not me with a porn star!
Photo stolen from Jay (the one in the corset!). And, yes, Joel Leslie is basically just wearing paint. And Michael Leslie and Derrick are wearing clothes (in case you were wondering...).
After the party, I went to bed, woke up hellishly early, and moaned and groaned all the way to the airport and through my breakfast with the lovely Gigi from Gay Book Reviews. I slept the whole plane ride home, and returned to my family feeling like I had another awesome time!

My GRL 2017 babies!

Until next time, friends!


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