Friday, October 27, 2017

Gay Rom Lit 2017 Wrap-Ups! Day 2!

Hello, my friends, and welcome to day two of my 2017 GRL experience! I hope I didn't lose you after my recap of day one, because things just get more and more exciting from here on out!

I *meant* to wake up for the Author Q&A with T.J. KluneKendall McKenna, and K-lee Klein, but a 9:00 am panel sooooo wasn't meant to be on my mini GRL vacay. After a quick cup of coffee (aka, mainlined Starbucks), I headed over to the panel consisting of three awesome writers: one of my favorite authors, Kaje Harper, the wonderful Taylor V. Donovan, and GRL organizer, Carol Lynne. I got to hear all about Taylor's newest book (set in Puerto Rico!) and what Kaje and Carol are working on now.

These ladies are giving us the real scoop! 
After an hour of listening to the panel, I hung out in the hallway and socialized (it's what I do best, baby!). I quickly found one of my favorite narrators, the awesome Greg Tremblay. He is the man behind the voice of some of my most beloved books! (You can check out his whole backlist on Audible.) I always hug him and talk his ear off, and this year was no different.

We like to touch sexy men! Who could blame us!?
Aww, we look so normal! (psst- it's all a ruse)

I also spotted one of my faves, the talented T.J. Klune, who was mobbed wherever he went! I had to snatch him away for a little chat and a photo op. I was absolutely kvelling for him over the buzz for The Consumption of Magic- I know you guys can't wait!

I'm absolutely loving the bearded look. It's giving me rugged mountain alpha vibes!
After a lunch break, I got to meet and hang out with the super talented Michael Lesley who just kills it with his audiobooks. (You can sample them on Audible). He convinced me to get ALL of the audios for T.J.'s books (okay, *twist my arm*), and I got to hear more about the audiobook process and his dos and don'ts for narrators.

I hung out a little more and people-watched, mostly killing time until the events later in the day. And I *super-duper pinkie swear* I was totally sober the whole time... maybe... possibly... perhaps... 

At 4:00, I headed over for the panel with Abigail RouxT.A. Chase, and J.C. Owen. It was a great Q&A with lots of awesome comments and some interesting discussions.

There they are!
And, lucky me, I WON Abigail Roux's give-away at the panel! I have a whole week's worth of shirts now!
My spoils. So excited! 
After the panel, I headed out to a DELICIOUS dinner with Lane HayesRick R. Reed, and a few awesome reader friends. Denver rocked it on the food scene!

I mean... YUM!
When we got back post-dinner, I was dragged to the dance party where I made a half-hearted appearance (what? I was saving it for the costume party!!), and then slinked off to get my workout on. Yup, late-night gym-ing it! I'm pretty much the consummate party animal.
I know where the party's at! Can't work out without my Kindle, of course. 
Tune in tomorrow for day 3 of GRL where things get REALLY interesting!

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