Tuesday, October 10, 2017

ARC Review: Sightlines (The Community 3) by Santino Hassell


Can college roommates go from friends to lovers? 
Chase Payne is a walking contradiction. He's the most powerful psychic in the Community, but the least respected. He's the son of the Community's founder, but with his tattoo sleeves and abrasive attitude, he's nothing like his charismatic family. No one knows what to make of him, which is how he wound up locked in a cell on the Farm yet again. But this time, the only man he's ever loved is there too.

Elijah Estrella was used to being the sassy sidekick who fooled around with Chase for fun. But that was before he realized the Community wasn't the haven he'd believed in and Chase was the only person who'd ever truly tried to protect him. Now they're surrounded by people who want to turn them against their friends, and the only way out is to pretend the brainwashing works.

With Chase playing the role of a tyrant's second-in-command, and Elijah acting like Chase's mindless sex toy, they risk everything by plotting a daring escape. In the end, it’s only their psychic abilities, fueled by their growing love for each other, that will allow them to take the Community down once and for all.

Dani's rating:

Santino Hassell’s The Community series is a brilliant commentary on the political ramifications of greed and power; sometimes those who save you become the ones you fear the most.

I almost gave up on this story in chapter 1, which features an intensely cruel torture scene that had my stomach heaving.

This book begins where book 2 left off; told entirely from Chase’s third-person perspective, Sightlines is relentless and suspenseful—a paranormal thriller set in a world of blurred boundaries and allegiances.

As a romance, this book was pretty much a fail for me. I wanted so much more for Chase and Elijah. But their relationship plays second fiddle to the fast-paced plot: a daring escape, visions of murder and destruction, a dangerous rescue. Chase and Elijah are thrown into a whirlwind of despair and distrust, having to rely on each other without past resentments getting in the way.

Chase is a smartass through and through, but he would do anything for Elijah. He would kill for him, die for him. And Elijah returns Chase’s devotion. Chase just doesn’t see it; incredibly, he doesn’t FEEL it. After all, he’s not an empath like Nate. Chase is jealous of what he perceives is Elijah’s obsessive crush on Holden.

Chase and Elijah's relationship is fraught with insecurities, and the men spend more time arguing than loving. I was particularly disappointed that the only included steamy scenes happen under duress, where Chase is pretending to be Elijah’s master. I didn’t find this sexy at all; I found it almost repulsive.

Sightlines is the last book in the series, and we get a glimpse of a fragile world where our heroes are free. Maddeningly, even the HEA is just a possibility, a mirage of hope.

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