Wednesday, October 4, 2017

ARC Review: Chilling with Max (Love Off Leash 3) by Bonnie Dee


Can college roommates go from friends to lovers? 
High tension meets laid back in a collision of opposites. Grant Edgerton hasn’t had free day in years. From overachieving student to workaholic real estate developer in a high-pressure firm, he’s striven for success to the point of developing a stomach ulcer. When he literally crashes into a dog walker and his charges, it’s time to let loose the hounds of change. After failing to land a very important client, Grant takes an afternoon to play.

Max Thompson rolls through life’s curves with easy grace. Dog walking supplements his gigs as a musician, and he’s content with his easy come, easy go existence. He’s fluid to the point of not standing firm for anything, until an eye-opening encounter with an uptight businessman shakes his cool.

As lust stirs, then love grows, Grant begins to reevaluate what it really means to be successful in life. And as Max teaches Grant to chill, he learns some things are worth making an effort to hold on to.

Dani's rating:

The first book in this series, Caring for Riggs, was delightful; Riggs was a senior dog missing his person, an older gentleman who passed away and whose prodigal grandson returned to settle his grandpa's affairs and ended up falling for the next-door neighbor.

The Max of Chilling with Max, however, is not a dog but a person, one of the MCs to be exact. Max is a part-time dog walker, part-time musician. He doesn’t have grand ambitions. He’s happy to play his guitar and spend time with his cat.

Grant is Max’s opposite. He’s a successful real estate developer and has an ulcer from being stressed out all the time. He works constantly and has no patience for romance; he doesn’t even talk to his neighbors.

This is a fairly typical opposites-attract story, with laidback Max winning over intense Grant. The guys jump into bed the first time they hang out. Almost all the sex is fade to black, which was fine since I never connected with the MCs and was not feeling their chemistry.

What we’re told about Grant and Max is all surface. There was no spark, and it was hard to believe that Grant would have such a big change of heart within days of meeting Max.

The ending was rushed; even the epilogue fell kind of flat.

There’s nothing wrong with this novella; it’s a cute story, just not particularly memorable.

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