Friday, September 29, 2017

ARC Review: The Half Wolf by Jay Northcote

The Half Wolf
Mate, family, pack, home… can Quinn and Kellan have it all?

Quinn grew up feeling out of place in the small town he calls home. Yearning for something he can’t name, he’s always felt different but never known why.

Kellan is part of a nomadic shifter pack. When they set up camp in the woods near Quinn’s town, the humans are unwelcoming and suspicious of the newcomers. The moment Kellan catches sight—and scent—of Quinn, he knows Quinn is special. But for the first time in his life, Kellan can’t trust his instincts. Quinn is human, and Kellan is a wolf shifter, so how can they ever be mates?

Their bond is instant and exhilarating. It breaks Quinn’s heart to know their relationship can only be temporary. Love isn’t enough when pack law forbids shifters to mate with humans. Tension explodes between pack and humans, and when Quinn discovers a shocking truth about himself that changes everything, he fears he’ll have to choose between the only life he’s ever known and the man he loves.

Jewel's rating:

The Half Wolf is a fantastic first foray into the shifter genre! Though there was a little too much detail, at first, about mundane things, like the dog jumping up on the bed and putting groceries away and Tash getting ready for her date (and the massive amounts of TMI from her), I soon settled into the story of Quinn's self discovery that he is far more than he ever thought.

In the universe that Jay Northcote has created, shifters and humans are well aware of each other and have a rather tense relationship. The author has mentioned that this story is a not-so-subtle metaphor for his own self-discovery and I am glad he decided to tell this story.

The Half Wolf is a story of self-discovery. About family. And about finding acceptance, both from yourself and from the people around you.

Quinn's parents are both dead. His father died before he was born, and his mother soon after his birth. He was raised by his aunt Ruth, and she has always been accepting of those that are different -- including shifters, so Quinn grew up being taught that shifters are people, too, and they should not be treated as less-than.

Kellan is a shifter with a pack that has recently settled outside Quinn's hometown. Shifters are used to not being accepted and they do what they can to alleviate any fears, but it is an uphill battle. Kellan's pack is not really welcome, anywhere, just because they are shifters. And that's really too bad, because Kellan's pack are really good neighbors and are nothing but respectful of humans, even though humans tend to treat them poorly.

I enjoyed ​The Half Wolf quite a lot. Watching Quinn figure out who he is and that he can have Kellan was nothing short of wonderful. Neither Quinn, nor Kellan think they will be able to be together, so even though they are completely drawn to one another, and they embark on a relationship, there is tension galore, that is intensified by some recent livestock killings that are blamed on Kellan's pack.

Self-discovery stories are among my very favorites and Northcote hits the nail on the head. And add in mates and biting and the scorching sexy-times, and I'm a happy camper. It would have only been better if there had been knotting!

I do hope the author decides to write more shifter novels. I look forward to seeing what else he comes up with!


ARC of The Half Wolf was generously provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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