Tuesday, September 12, 2017

ARC Review: Fear of Flying by J.P. Bowie

Fear of FlyingBlurb:
When Adam meets Jack in an airport bar, suddenly the friendly skies become a whole lot more than just ‘friendly’.

Adam Ritchie is afraid of flying. So much so that as soon as he clears security in San Diego airport he heads straight for the bar. Only, on this day he meets Jack Brenner, a man who is about to change his life, perhaps forever. The two men bond over a drink. Adam explains his fear of flying, telling Jack that the only reason he is getting on a plane is to attend his twin brother’s wedding in Seattle. Jack offers to save him a seat next to him, so he can allay his fears through the takeoff and landing. Adam doesn’t expect Jack to also hold his hand, and really doesn’t expect a kiss from this attractive stranger, but isn’t about to refuse either one.

Jack proposes they meet again when they return to San Diego, but an impatient Jack shows up at Adam’s brother’s wedding and they take their mutual desire to the next level. When Adam returns home he looks forward to another date with Jack at the end of the week, but he must suddenly return to Seattle when a friend in distress calls for help.

Adam at first sees this as another opportunity to connect with Jack again, but sometimes thoughts and actions can be misunderstood and not everything always goes according to plan. Adam finds he must choose between loyalty to an old friend and the attraction he feels for a relative stranger.

Todd's rating:

I started out liking this story well enough, as Adam was freaked out about flying to Seattle for his twin brother's wedding and decided he needed a good stiff drink or eight to ease his panic over the flight.

At the airport bar, he meets fellow traveler Jack, who was on his same flight to Seattle. There was an immediate attraction and Jack held a seat beside himself to help talk Adam through his nerves as they flew.

All of this worked well for me, up until Jack grabbed Adam's crotch under a blanket and started rubbing, which took the story from sweet and adorkable to a bit more into erotica territory.

From that point forward, it seemed like the plot became mostly filler between trysts, as they fell into both bed and a bit of insta-love.

The sexy bits were fine, but I quickly began skimming them after about a paragraph in to see where they were going. I guess I was just hoping for more genuine feels, but this was not that book.

In the end, I felt that the sub-plot of Adam's alcoholic ex, Zack, wasn't overly interesting and was wrapped up a bit too handily to be completely believable.

I'll definitely admit that other readers may find this more to their liking, so please read other reviews, but I'd have to rate this one at only around 2.75 stars for overall enjoyment.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.


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