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Blogtour: Inhuman Beings by Richard May

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Title: Inhuman Beings
Author: Richard May
Release Date: June 15th 2017
Genre: Gay Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Erotic

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Fall in love with a shapeshifter in San Francisco, a ghost in Scotland, or a vampire in Russia. Time travel to 1920s Mesopotamia, 1600's Africa, or to ancient Greece before time even existed. Find yourself on a distant planet, in love with a creature whose very being can destroy you, or in a post-apocalyptic world, drawn to a mutation created by the destruction of Earth.

Enjoy these 18 erotic stories about romantic encounters between men and not men--monsters and myths, gods and demons, science fiction and fantasy. Each story is the stuff of nightmares--and of dreams.

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EXCERPT from Hair

“I’m sorry,” Lucas said that night at dinner. We were at an expensive Northeast restaurant, a surprise, especially when Lucas paid.
‘You missed me,” I answered, more upbeat than I felt, still nursing my bruises and bites.
“It won’t happen again,” he promised. My disappointment surprised us both. “Unless you want it to,” he added, the look in his eyes fierce. He didn’t wink or grin to make it easy for me.
I left my yes or no for another day, or night.

The night came a second month later. Lucas was back from another business trip and looked like he needed sleep, not sex, but at his house, behind the closed door, he again became another person. He slammed me against the wall and almost ripped my clothes off he was so ready. I could smell the musk of his arousal.
“Lucas?” I said, as he yanked off his own clothes. He froze, ripped shirt on the floor, pants at his knees.

“I’m sorry,” he said softly, taking me in his consoling arms. We dressed and sat on the couch, holding on to each other. I was afraid to let go and wondered if he was too. I debated what he wanted vs. what I feared. My decision made, I stood and began to remove my clothes.


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About the Author

Richard MayRichard May’s short fiction has been published in his collections Inhuman Beings and Ginger Snaps: Photos & Stories (with photographer David Sweet), his series Gay All Year on Amazon Kindle, in anthologies like Never Too Late, Best Gay Erotica, and the Lambda Literary nominated Outer Voices Inner Lives, and in literary journals, including Bay Laurel, Chelsea Station, and Hyacinth Noir.

Rick also organizes the monthly Perfectly Queer book reading series with his partner Wayne Goodman in Oakland CA at Nomadic Press: Uptown and in San Francisco at Dog Eared Books Castro, individual LGBTQ Pride Readings for visiting authors, the annual literary festival Word Week in Noe Valley CA, and an online book club Reading Queer Authors Lost to AIDS.

Rick is from Sacramento CA and Brooklyn NY and now lives in San Francisco. He has red hair and truly believes in all things ginger. Another genetic stunner: he is 19th cousin to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

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