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Author Of The Month - Sue Brown - Grand Finale

Welcome to our Grand Finale celebrations for the amazing 

Today we'll take a look at The Isle series, and the Lyon Road Vets series, including a free story Sue has written. We'll also have our Q&A with Sue, and there's one more chance to win one of her books.

First up, The Isle Of... Where?


When Liam Marshall's best friend, Alex, loses his fight with colon cancer, he leaves Liam one final request: buy a ticket to Ryde, on the Isle of Wight, and scatter Alex's ashes off the pier. Liam is tired, worn out, and in desperate need of a vacation, but instead of sun, sea, sand, and hot cabana boys, he gets a rickety old train, revolting kids, and no Ewan MacGregor.

Liam would have done anything for his friend, but fulfilling Alex's final wish means letting go of the only family Liam had left. Lost, he freezes on the pier... until Sam Owens comes to his rescue.

Sam's family has vacationed on the Isle of Wight every year for as long as he can remember, but he's never met anyone like Liam. Determined to make Liam's vacation one to remember, Sam looks after him-in and out of the bedroom. He even introduces Liam to his entire family. But as Sam helps Liam let go, he's forced to admit that he wants Liam to hang on-not to his old life, but to Sam and what they have together.

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Second in the series, The Isle Of Wishes


After a whirlwind vacation on the Isle of Wight, where he found the love of his life, Sam Owens sends Liam Marshall home to Michigan to tie up loose ends so they can be together forever. When all communication with Liam goes silent, Sam worries. Fearing the worst, he enlists the help of his brother, British Metropolitan police officer Paul Owens, to help him find Liam and get him back safely in time for their wedding. Paul has little difficulty digging into this mystery across the pond. Paul is also good-looking and openly bisexual, all of which adds to the dismay of Wisconsin Detective Olaf Skandik.

Olaf is ex-military and still closeted now that he’s part of the police department. He’s frustrated, hemmed in by the walls he’s erected, and when he meets Paul, he wonders if this may be the time and opportunity for change. Looking into his brother’s missing fiancĂ©, Paul also starts looking into Olaf, and business soon mixes with pleasure, a bit of romance that may strengthen his case for them to make a future together.

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And third so far, The Isle Of Waves


Wig Tobias and Nibs Tyler have been together for a long while, but this year their love is about to be tested. Their business, the Blue Lagoon Restaurant on the Isle of Wight, is vandalized, and it may or may not be a coincidence that the neighbors want to buy them out. Making matters stickier, the police don’t seem interested in investigating until a friend of the couple, an out of town copper, prods them to take action.

Their friends, Paul and Olaf, Liam and Sam, and the whole Owens family come to help Wig and Nibs in their time of need. But Paul and Olaf may need a nudge from Wig and Nibs to keep their relationship alive. Meanwhile, a dear friend falls gravely ill. And if that’s not enough, Nibs has been hiding his own medical problems from Wig. When a gale strikes the Isle of Wight, the Blue Lagoon and its owners could be facing the end—unless they and their friends can unravel the knot of misfortune one hitch at a time.

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The Lyon Road Vets series:


The 4th book in the series, Stormin' Norman, is available for free!


Dan had been Jesse’s partner for many years, and always there for Jesse on his return from difficult assignments. However, after breaking his promise not to leave again, Jesse learns to his cost that Dan can be pushed too far. When he returns home, broken in body and spirit, Jesse finds his house empty and Dan in the arms of someone else.

To fill his life, Jesse decides to get a dog. His friends and neighbours take him to choose a puppy. What he doesn’t expect is for Norman to choose him. As Jesse takes on a new job, with Norman’s assistance, he realises that Dan isn’t far away, and he still loves him. Dan has moved on with his life. Can Jesse do the same?


The barman gossiped about the recent gas explosion in the pub down the road Jesse listened with half his attention, keeping an eye on the dark-haired bloke in the corner.  
The man didn’t disappoint. As soon as Jesse had his beer, he came over and sat on the bar stool next to Jesse. To give him credit, he didn’t piss about.
“Hi, I’m Dan.”
Jesse assessed him carefully. He was older than he’d appeared in the shadows—early forties maybe, the start of lines around his eyes and a sprinkle of grey at his temples. Not Jesse’s type. Jesse was in his mid-thirties. He usually went for men younger than him, searching for uncomplicated hook-ups and nothing more.
“Hi.” Jesse didn’t say any more, hoping his off-hand tone would tell the guy he was wasting his time.
Dan ordered another beer and turned back to him. “I haven’t seen you in here before.”
“I’ve been away.”
“Do you want a beer, a chat, and then see what happens?”
His approach caught Jesse’s attention. Normally blokes started off with “Do you wanna fuck me?” Nine times out of ten Jesse said no.
“I’m not the marrying kind,” Jesse said.
Dan blinked. “I asked you for a beer, not a ring.”

Jesse shrugged. “You’re older than me. I thought I’d get that off the table.”

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Our Q&A with Sue:

What inspires you? What gets you writing?

The sound of waves inspires me. Listening to the waves crash against the rocks in Steephill Cove. It’s like my soul takes a walk and relaxes.

What's your writing process? Seat of your pants, lots of sticky notes, complex spreadsheets?

All of the above. Start by pantsing. Then notebooks. Then Magic Whiteboard. Then cry.

Which character from your books is your favorite, and why?

Luke and Simon from Morning Report, because they give me hope for an established relationship.

Which character is your least favorite, and why?

Ruth, Andrew’s mother from Nothing Ever Happens. I will never forgive a mother for manipulating her child’s life for the sake of religion.

If you could go back into one of your books and change one thing, what would that be? And why?

I would take out the boyfriend in Falling for Ramos. He didn’t need to be there.

What's next for you? What amazing book are you working on?

I’m trying to finish Alpha Chef and Hello My Angel. Come back to me when I’m done.

Anything else you'd like to share with your readers? 

One day I will write Colin and Dan’s story in Nothing Ever Happens, I promise.

Find all of Sue's books here.

More about the author:

Cranky middle-aged author with an addiction for coffee, and a passion for romancing two guys.

Connect with Sue on her website, Facebook, and Twitter, or via email.


Thanks for celebrating this fantastic author with us. We hope you found a few more books to put on your TBR and some interesting facts about Sue Brown.

Until next time, happy reading!


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