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ARC Review: Manny Get Your Guy (The Mannies 2) by Amy Lane


Built from the bottom up: one perfect gentleman. 

Tino Robbins’s sister, Nica, and her husband, Jacob, are expecting their fifth child. Fortunately, Nica’s best friend, Taylor Cochran, is back in town, released from PT and in need of a job.

After years in the service and recovering from grave injury, Taylor has grown a lot from the callow troublemaker he’d been in high school. Now he’s hoping for a fresh start with Nica and her family.

Jacob’s cousin Brandon lives above the garage and thinks “Taylor the manny” is a bad idea. Taylor might be great at protecting civilians from a zombie apocalypse, but is he any good with kids?

Turns out, Taylor’s a natural. As he tries to fit in, using common sense and dry wit, Brandon realizes that Taylor doesn’t just love their family—he’s desperate to be part of it. And just like that, Brandon wants Taylor to be part of his future.

Dani's rating:

If you haven't read the first Mannies book, you'll be lost from page 1.

Manny Get Your Guy is set approximately 10 years after the first book ends, and the characters from that story are ever present here: Tino and his husband Channing, as well as their son (Channing's nephew) Sammy, now all grown up; Nica (Tino's sister) and her husband Jake (Tino's best friend), plus their four children and a fifth (!) on the way; and Tino and Nica's amazing parents.

There's a huge focus on family in this book, which isn't shocking at all, considering Amy Lane writes about families: families you're born into and families you make, messy families, supportive families, and families with kids (lots and lots of kids).

In The Virgin Manny, Taylor was Nica's best friend, and he still is. But Taylor is no longer the guy stringing his best friend along while secretly screwing every willing boy in a 100-mile radius. Nope. Now Taylor is broken and wounded, with a bum leg and sporting a "dead sexy" eye patch.

Brandon doesn't much trust Taylor when Nica decides to hire Taylor as her manny. I wasn't really sure why. Maybe because when Brandon looks at Taylor, his dick goes PING? In any case, the animosity lasts like 10.5 seconds, and then Brandon is ALL OVER that.

But Taylor doesn't think he has anything to offer Brandon. What does Brandon even see in him? Taylor, truly a changed man, doesn't feel worthy.

This is a very, VERY sweet story—cute and fun and enjoyable. I adored the easy banter between Brandon and Taylor, and I absolutely loved that while Brandon, at Taylor's urging, attempts to make amends with his homophobic family, he refuses to play the doormat.

Truth be told, I felt the emotions between the MCs more than I felt the sexual ZING. The men are attracted to each other; they tell us they are. But I wanted to SEE it. They go from Maybe Not to YES and We're Moving in Together! in the blink of an eye.

I didn't mind the insta love, truth be told, but I still wanted more relationship development.

The next story in the series belongs to Sammy. I'm thinking Sammy was crushing hard on Brandon but will find the perfect man all on his own. Maybe the new manny (there's gotta be a new manny!) will be the one for him.

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