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ARC Review: Arrows Through Archer by Nash Summers

Arrows Through ArcherFrom the blurb:

After the loss of his parents, Archer Hart is consumed by grief. Each day, he struggles his way through classes, parties, and trying to put on a good front for the sake of his best friend. But at night, he falls asleep to the sound of gunshots ringing in his ears. 
Mallory is a man fighting a war of emotions all his own. When his son invites his best friend back home to Banff over a college break, he’s happy for the company. 
Some time during the late-night talks, subtle smiles, and long, long silences, the two men begin to find solace in one another. 
But love isn’t always easy, especially when it strikes you straight through the heart.

Heather's rating:

My first read by Nash Summers, if you can believe it, and I was BLOWN AWAY! This book was basically like a checklist of everything that I love in romance, and I simply couldn't put it down!

What makes this book so special, you ask? Well, it's the FEELS!!!! SO MANY FEELS! Sure, it's pretty F-ing angsty, but you won't be crying or wishing you never started it (like I've felt with some rip-your-heart-out books). It's just deep stuff, people, and it will make you believe in love again.

So why is this book basically a hit list of my favorite themes? Funny you should ask because I'm about to tell you!

First of all, it's my holy grail: a sexuality discovery story. I would definitely categorize Mallory as a pansexual because he falls in love with people, not genders, but, GAH, I love it when someone realizes they had feelings for a man for a first time.

Secondly, it's a slow burn. A REALLY slow burn. At this point in my reading career, a slow burn is practically a requirement for me, if I'm being honest. Gone are the days where I feel okay with instalove, and now I need that emotional build-up to be satisfied. This was a DELICIOUS slow burn, the kind that starts innocuously and just builds and builds until it all comes to a, ehem, head.

It is also an age-gap story, 17 years to be exact. I have an almost 10 year age gap with my husband, so I'm a sucker for an age gap any day of the week.

We also get a hurt-comfort, which isn't usually enough for me by itself, but it also includes an , which is always a HUGE bonus for me in romance. I love a story with an underdog or when sometimes has to overcome obstacles.

Finally, we get a second-chance-at-love romance, which, for some reason always seems to work for me from an emotional perspective. I think the emotions are just more intense, more heightened when it's a love found after the MC has lost someone. It reminded me of some of my all-time favorite romances (After Ben, Second Chances).

The only thing I had trouble with was the POV change about 2/3 of the way through the story. I'm not a big fan of that, but it was a drop in the bucket compared to the goodness that is Arrows Through Archer.

I could go on and on about all the glorious things about this book, but the only thing you REALLY need to know is that you should buy it. Like now.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

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