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Book Review: Not Safe For Work by L.A. Witt

Not Safe For WorkBlurb:

Bored senseless in a meeting, Jon McNeill amuses himself with a kinky dating app on his phone. Then the app matches him with another user…who’s six feet away. Suddenly Jon finds himself on the same page as someone who’s way above his pay grade: Millionaire property developer Rick Pierce.

The app isn’t kidding, either. They’re a perfect match. Jon’s a Dom, Rick’s a sub, and they both love bondage. Both guys are well into their forties, know their way around the bedroom, and definitely appreciate a good suit. And the best part? They’re a match outside the bedroom too.

But office relationships aren’t easy to keep a secret. When the truth comes out, Jon is certain he’s about to get fired. Instead, he finds himself tangled up in a much bigger mess.

Contains two men who’ve only dreamed of this kind of sex, literal and figurative sex machines, blindfolds, a sub being punished during a business meeting, enough rope to tangle up a millionaire, and a Golden Girls marathon.

This 104,000 word novel was previously published.

My rating:

I snagged this when the author offered it for free a little while back, and devoured it as soon as I got a chance.

It exceeded my expectations!!

Now, I know LA Witt can write the sexy times, and I know that she will always, always, always make sure that her BDSM novels make it very clear indeed that while the Dom is in charge, the sub holds all the power. She takes the time to weave explanations about the lifestyle seamlessly into her books, and I cannot thank her enough for continuing to educate me and others what BDSM is really all about.

What pushed this book into 5 star territory though was the romance. Never mind the holy hot boysecks, what really impressed me here was the author's ability to convey how her characters felt, through their words and actions. She showed me their emotions, their fears, their joy - she didn't tell me. Told entirely from Jon's POV, we don't hear from Rick directly, but his character was well fleshed out just the same, and I felt a connection to him just as much as I connected with Jon.

Jon and Rick both have struggles to overcome, and Jon often carried a lot of weight on his shoulders (work issues, and paying for his kids' college education), but Rick was always supportive and understanding.

I loved every single minute I spend reading this book, cursing when work interfered, because I needed to keep reading, dammit, and follow Rick and Jon through their first realization that their kinks match up, through growing closer, through realizing that what they have is, while unexpected, exactly what they both need, and through the rough parts where they falter and stumble and nearly crash and burn.

This book is everything I could hope for in a romance novel. The conflict was exterior to the relationship, and I ranted out loud when Jon's employer did that thing they did, and I was enraged when Jon... no, you read this for yourself.

Release Blitz: Barging In by Josephine Myles

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK
Length: 93,000 words

When the boat's a rockin', don't come knockin'!

Out-and-proud travel writer Dan Taylor is a city boy who can’t steer a boat to save his life, but that doesn’t stop him from heading into the English countryside to write up a narrowboat holiday. Compared to London, the canal seems dull as ditchwater. Until he crashes into the boat of a half-naked, tattooed man whose bad-boy, penniless appearance doesn’t fit with his posh accent. Dan is intrigued, and he always gets his man.

Still smarting from a past betrayal, Robin Hamilton is firmly closeted in his narrowboat—his refuge from outrageous, provocative men like Dan. But as circumstances keep throwing them together, he can’t help himself from coming to the hopelessly out-of-place city boy’s rescue. Exposure to Dan’s sunny charm starts to melt Robin’s resolve and he’s tempted by the idea of a brief, harmless fling.

After all, in less than a week, Dan will have left the canal and be back to his diet of casual hook-ups and friends with benefits.

Determined not to fall in love, both men dive into one week of indulgence…only to find themselves swept away by a current of escalating intimacy and emotional intensity. Troubled waters they didn’t anticipate… and haven’t a clue how to navigate.

Warning: Contains one lovable tart, one posh boy gone feral, rough sex, alfresco sex, vile strawberry flavoured condoms, intimate body piercings, red thermal long-johns, erotic woodchopping, an errant cat, a few colourful characters you wouldn't touch with a bargepole, and plenty of messing about on the river.

Author Bio

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ARC Review: Chasing Destiny (Silver Tip Pack 2) by Megan Erickson


Built from the bottom up: one perfect gentleman. 

Almost dying during a pack uprising has a way of shaking things up. I’m no longer Mr. Laid Back now that there’s an itch under my skin I can’t scratch.

On a volunteer mission that goes beyond the walls of our compound, we enter the territory of a pack long thought dead, and find ourselves on the business end of their spears.

What I’m not prepared for is what I find within their walls—The one shifter I never thought I’d see alive, the one I’d mourned twice, the one I’d always loved. He is alive, and if I have anything to do with it, he’ll stay that way. But he’s got secrets, and exposing them could lead us to an enemy worse than the bloodthirsty undead shifters wanting to kill us all…

Dani's rating:

Chasing Destiny doesn't work well as a standalone. Megan Erickson has created a dystopian fantasy filled with werewolves, Weres, and Noweres (Were zombies); it's terrifying, brutal, and utterly breathtaking.

If you like dirty, intense, riveting sex pulsing with need, well ... Bay and Nash are absolutely mad for each other. They may not be True Mates like Dare and Reese, but they are mates—better together than apart.

If only Nash would stay.

ARC Review: You Never Know by Mary Calmes

From The Blurb:
Hagen Wylie has it all figured out. He’s going to live in his hometown, be everybody’s friend, explore new relationships, and rebuild his life after the horrors of war. No muss, no fuss is the plan. He’s well on his way—until he finds out his first love has come home too. Hagen says it’s no big deal, but a chance encounter with Mitch Thayer’s two cute sons puts him directly in the path of the only guy he’s never gotten out of his head. 
Mitch returned for three reasons: to raise his sons where he grew up, to move his furniture business and encourage it to thrive, and to win Hagen back. Years away made it perfectly clear the young man he loved in high school is the only one for him. The problem? He left town and they have not talked since. 
If Hagen’s going to trust him again, Mitch needs to show him how he’s grown up and isn’t going to let go. They could have a new chance at love… but Hagen is insistent he’s not reviving a relationship with Mitch. Then again, you never know.

Karen's rating:

Well this one was aptly named because it seems "You Never Know"...

I freely admit with me when it comes to Mary Calmes they all start as 5 star reads and often stay that way or they may slide down to 4.5 or 4 stars. It's not very often that things slide below that.

I was pretty conflicted on this one. I liked the overall concept of the story but for me the devil was in some of the details.

Now for the best part of the story...Hagen. I loved did everyone else. But Hagen is that person that you just can't help but love. He's good and kind, gentle, loyal and way, way more forgiving than most people but at the same time he really wasn't a pushover. He stood up for himself when he truly needed to and did it without using threats, intimidation or humiliation.

The first problem I had was Ash. I did not like this man. He was not nice. He was self-centered, self-absorbed and just totally selfish. He wanted Hagen on his terms with no consideration to what Hagen really wanted or for the life that Hagen had made for himself. He got himself caught in more than one lie. He was manipulative and try as I might I could not see him as someone who was nice, so the fact that he was such a strong presence in the story truthfully irritated me. I honestly just wanted Hagen to tell him to go away.

Blogtour: Escaping Indigo by Eli Lang

Please say hello to Eli Lang with 

Escaping Indigo


Micah thought he’d always be in a band. All he ever wanted was to play drums and make great music, but when his best friend and bandmate passes away, Micah is left adrift. The thing that’s always lifted him up is now a reminder of everything he’s lost.

In an attempt to put his life back together, Micah takes a job as roadie for his favorite band, Escaping Indigo. He’s always admired the lead singer, Bellamy. On stage, Bellamy is confident, glittery, and radiant. But as the two grow closer, Micah realizes that in person, Bellamy is quiet, introspective, and a little uncertain. And that’s the person Micah is falling for.

Micah is determined to know all of Bellamy, both the rock star side and the side hidden from the audience, the side that creates music that touches Micah’s heart. Bellamy has secrets of his own, though, things he doesn’t want to share with anyone. And trying to uncover Bellamy’s truths might be the thing that ends up pushing him away.

Get the book:

About the author:

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Author Of The Month - Sue Brown - Week Three

Welcome to our third week of celebrations for the amazing 

In today's post, we'll take a look at Alpha Barman,  and Hissed As A Newt and Bells And Balls (from the With A Kick series), as well as a personal story Sue has chosen to share. All the way at the bottom is also another chance to win!

First up, Alpha Barman


Jake Tyler walked out of Covert Ops two years ago, a devastated, broken man after he discovered his sister brutally murdered by her husband, Riley. Since then he’s found a kind of peace running a rural bar. The last thing Jake Tyler expects is his former team to turn up with grim news. Jake’s ex-brother-in-law has escaped from prison and is heading Jake’s way. The team is here to protect Jake, whether he likes it or not – a decision reluctantly shared by their leader, Jake’s ex-lover Mitch Mitchelson.

Mitch is angry and hurting. The man he trusted – the man he adored more than anything – abandoned both his team and Mitch. Jake never gave Mitch a chance to help or come to terms with his desertion. Regardless of mission protocols, Mitch isn’t about to open his heart again to that kind of pain.

But the strong attraction between them can’t be denied. How are they ever going to work together when Mitch still resents Jake’s disappearance, and to Jake, the team represents everything that destroyed him in the first place? And meantime they wait for Riley to find them... and to settle the threat once and for all.


Jake ushered Mitch in and shut the door. As he turned to face him, only lightning reflexes stopped him getting more than a graze on the jaw as Mitch punched him. “What the fuck?” He stumbled back against the desk, the edge catching him painfully against his lower thighs.
“Are you okay?” Howie yelled.
“Fine! It’s okay!” Jake shouted to stop anyone running in. “What the hell did you do that for?” he spat, rubbing his jaw.
“You deserve that,” Mitch snarled. “And more for what you put me through. You walked out and left me without a word. Not one fucking word! Do you know what I went through? Did you even fucking care?”
Jake bit back the angry words brewing on his lips. He did deserve it. He’d been so lost in his own rage and grief after Sharon’s murder that he’d walked away from everything after his meeting with Lukas. He never even went to the home he and Mitch shared to collect his belongings. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re… sorry?” Mitch stared at him, his expression furious. “You’re sorry? Is that it? Is that all you’ve got to say for yourself?”

Get the book:

Second in today's line-up, Hissed As A Newt


"All guys do emotional just in different ways. I eat ice-cream, you get drunk in the gutter…”

A drunk clown rolling around in the gutter is not what David Wright expects to find as he walks to With A Kick, his favourite ice-cream shop. David has had a lousy day. A literary agent has crushed his dreams and all he wants is the consolation of alcoholic ice-cream. He’s about to walk away when he realises the clown has been dumped by his boyfriend. On a whim, David takes the clown into With A Kick before he gets arrested. Underneath the smeared make-up, he meets Stan, who has just found his boyfriend and best friend getting more than friendly. Over ice-cream, David and Stan discuss their problems and discover maybe they can help each other.


As he turned the corner into Covent Garden he noticed a small crowd had gathered, obstructing his path to alcoholic heaven. He huffed as he negotiated kids, parents and tourists with their cameras snapping incessantly. A large crowd was assembled in one corner and he expected to see a street performer in their midst, juggling or miming—or whatever other crap they called art. David was curious enough to walk over and take a look. It was indeed a street performer, a clown in fact, but the bloke wasn’t juggling or miming, he rolled around in the road, arms flailing as he mumbled to himself. David’s lip curled as he realised the clown was drunk; absolutely paralytic in fact. Lucky bugger!
“It’s a strange show, Vera,” an old man standing next to David commented to his wife.
She sniffed in agreement. “Nothing like our day, Bert. They were true artistes.” 
The couple moved away, the woman still complaining.
The man in the road rolled over onto his side and vomited. A groan of disgust rippled through the crowd and they moved away en masse.
David was about to do the same when he caught the man’s words.
“I loved you, you fucking bastard. I loved you and you cheated on me.”
Bastard, not bitch. Huh. 
Cursing his impulsive nature, David knelt by the man, careful to avoid the puke. “Are you all right?”
The man mumbled incoherently. His makeup was smeared, and David realised he’d been crying. At the moment he looked more like an Allison Schulnik painting than a clown.
“You really need to get out of the road, man.”
“Leave me in the gutter.”
Oh Jesus, a drama queen. “Listen mate, you can stay here if you want but you’re liable to be nicked. Why don’t you get up and come with me? I want to drown my sorrows. We can cry on each other’s shoulders.”
The clown opened one eye. It would have been a pretty, blue eye if it hadn’t been so bloodshot. “A drink?”
“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”
“Probably.” With David’s help the clown sat up then clutched his stomach. “Definitely. I’m going to puke again.” 
“Come on.” David hauled him up when he’d finished retching. He cut a miserable figure. “What’s your name?”
“Stan the Clown. Stanislaw Sojka. Polish dad, Bethnal Green mum.” Stan’s knees buckled and he would have fallen if David hadn’t been holding him.

“Well, Stan the Clown, I’m David Wright. London dad and Surrey mum. Let’s get you away from the puke and cleaned up.” 

Get the book:

Also available from the series by Sue Brown, Bells And Balls


Rob Barker had plans for his weekend and they didn’t involve struggling through the pre-Christmas crowds with the five-year-old niece he barely knows. Left with no choice, he grudgingly takes Pearl to see the sights of London but, instead of following the list his sister-in-law gives him, Rob takes her to With A Kick, an ice-cream shop with a difference.

His plan is foiled when he discovers With A Kick is closed for a private children's party, but the owners kindly let Pearl join in. Rob’s mood improves considerably as he watches Father Christmas hand out presents. Not only is Santa a hot red-head under the beard, he is also one of his rugby team-mates, Mick, a man Rob has always lusted after. After Mick confesses a mutual interest, he agrees to meet Rob at With A Kick’s evening party—where there are definitely no kids - or girls - allowed.


Rob waited his turn until the end then, when everyone else was done, he approached Santa Mick.
“Please, Santa, can I sit on your knee?” Rob was thrilled to see the sudden heat in Mick’s eyes.
“He’ll break you, Santa. Don’t let him!”

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ARC Review: House of Cards by Garrett Leigh

From The Blurb:
Calum Hardy’s life has unravelled. Reeling from the betrayal of a man he once loved, he boards a train heading south, with no real idea where he’s going except a world away from London. 
Brix Lusmoore can hardly believe his eyes when he spots one of his oldest friends outside Truro station. He hasn’t seen Calum since he fled the capital himself four years ago, harbouring a life-changing secret. But despite the years of silence, their old bond remains, warm and true—and layered with simmering heat they’ve never forgotten. 
Calum takes refuge with Brix and a job at his Porthkennack tattoo shop. Bit by bit, he rebuilds his life, but both men carry the ghosts of the past, and it will take more than a rekindled friendship and the magic of the Cornish coast to chase them away.

Karen's rating:

Ok, Garrett Leigh is officially on my 'must have' list...

I wasn't going to tackle this series not for any reason in particular just because I have so many books...specifically series on the go right now that I thought I'd try and behave because seriously the books in this series have gotten some really good reviews but I was trying to behave myself and then I saw "House of Cards' by Leigh Garrett...what can I say, willpower...I has none.

Add to this the fact that Calum's last name is 'Hardy' and seriously how could I ignore a book with such an awesome name in it? Well obviously I couldn't.

'House of Cards' was one of those books that grabbed me from the start, as seems to be the case with me and Garrett Leigh stories.  First off for me this was not a romance was, so much more. This was friendship, love, second chances, starting over all wrapped up in a beautiful gift of words.

When Calum Hardy's life takes a very rapid nose dive he gets on a train and heads out of London neither knowing nor caring where he's going. When Brix Lusmoore spots a familiar form at Truro station it doesn't really enter his mind not to stop. It's been years since he's seen Calum but he'd know him anywhere. Calum's hit rock bottom both in his life and in the bottle he's been consoling himself with on his train ride to who-know's-where so he's pretty sure he's imagining seeing the friend who disappeared from his life years earlier the friend he's missed every day since.

Brix loads Calum into his van and takes him home but for Brix and Calum this is only the beginning. Both men have a lot to sort out and work through before they can find their way home to each other.

Blogtour: House Of Cards by Garrett Leigh

Please say hello to Garrett Leigh with 

House Of Cards

Porthkennack #4


Calum Hardy’s life has unravelled. Reeling from the betrayal of a man he once loved, he boards a train heading south, with no real idea where he’s going except a world away from London.

Brix Lusmoore can hardly believe his eyes when he spots one of his oldest friends outside Truro station. He hasn’t seen Calum since he fled the capital himself four years ago, harbouring a life-changing secret. But despite the years of silence, their old bond remains, warm and true—and layered with simmering heat they’ve never forgotten.

Calum takes refuge with Brix and a job at his Porthkennack tattoo shop. Bit by bit, he rebuilds his life, but both men carry the ghosts of the past, and it will take more than a rekindled friendship and the magic of the Cornish coast to chase them away.

Get the book:

Welcome to Porthkennack, a charming Cornish seaside town with a long and sometimes sinister history. Legend says King Arthur's Black Knight built the fort on the headland here, and it’s a certainty that the town was founded on the proceeds of smuggling, piracy on the high seas, and the deliberate wrecking of cargo ships on the rocky shore. Nowadays it draws in the tourists with sunshine and surfing, but locals know that the ghosts of its Gothic past are never far below the surface.

This collaborative story world is brought to you by five award-winning, best-selling British LGBTQ romance authors: Alex Beecroft, Joanna Chambers, Charlie Cochrane, Garrett Leigh, and JL Merrow. Follow Porthkennack and its inhabitants through the centuries and through the full rainbow spectrum with historical and contemporary stand-alone titles.

Check out Porthkennack!

About the author:

Blogtour: Smitty's Sheriff (Hope Collection) by Cardeno C.


Smitty’s Sheriff, 

a sexy, heart-warming MM romance by 

Cardeno C. 

is available now!

Todd is too flakey. Richard is too stubborn. Together, they're perfect. A May-December couple get a second chance at love.

Retired soldier Richard Davis wants a stable life in a quiet town with a forever man. Becoming the sheriff of Hope, Arizona, accomplishes two of his three goals, but instead of finding a serious partner, he falls for too-young-to-be-committed and too-flakey-to-be-serious Todd Smitty. Richard won’t find the right man if he’s obsessed with the wrong one, so he walks away from Todd.

It’s lust at first sight when Todd meets his sister’s army friend. He sets his sights on the worldly, strong, stable older man, and the more time he spends with Richard, the harder he falls. But after three years together, Richard cuts off all contact with no explanation.

When a mutual obligation requires Todd to move into Richard’s house, he’s thrilled at the opportunity to earn a second chance. Ignoring Todd from across town was hard enough. Can Richard resist temptation under his own roof?


“Todd.” Leanne snapped her gaze toward him. “You’re not too young to know the nickname people used to call guys named Richard, are you?

“Uh.” Todd blinked and darted his gaze between Rich and Leanne. They were finally paying attention to him and all he wanted was to go back to being invisible.

Dick,” she said. “Big D got his nickname before we met, but some of us in my squad figured it wasn’t just about his last name being Davis. So we had a bet going.”

She flicked her gaze to Rich again, as if expecting him to interrupt.

He didn’t.

“Problem is, we couldn’t agree on which side won because we couldn’t get solid evidence.” She focused on Todd. “But now I have an eyewitness.”

“I, uh, I don’t—” Todd stammered, hating being in the middle of what felt like an argument.

“Don’t let Sparky get to you,” Rich said, still completely unbothered.

“Some of the guys saw Big D in the latrines, and they said he’s big all over, but when they tried to collect on the bet, the other side made a good point.” She narrowed her eyes menacingly at Rich. “If the man’s a show-er, that means he isn’t grow-er, so he doesn’t actually have a big D, now does he? That means the other side should win.”

Todd drew his eyebrows together and tried to follow Leanne’s question. “Are you saying you guys have a bet going on the size of Rich’s dick?”

“Yep.” Leanne leaned against the chairback, looking smug. “And you, little brother, are going to settle that bet.”

Normally, Todd had no problem talking about a guy’s package. Hell, in the right situation, dicks were damn near his favorite topic. But he had never spoken to anyone about Rich’s body or, really, anything else related to Rich because he knew that was off limits. Of course, Leanne was asking him the question because she already knew he had the answer.

Flicking his gaze toward Rich, Todd said, “Am I allowed to…”

“It’s a simple question,” Leanne snapped. “Is he a grow-er or a show-er?”

Rich didn’t tell him to stay quiet so Todd figured he had permission to answer. “Both.”

She blinked.

“Seriously.” He bobbed his head. “Length, girth.” He held his hands far apart. “It’s awesome.” As long as he had permission to share, he figured he should be thorough in his explanation. “His balls too.”

Leanne coughed.

“I mean it. They’re huge. Each one’s a mouthful by itself.”

“Ehm.” Leanne cleared her throat. “Thanks.” Looking decidedly uncomfortable, she held her palm up in a stop motion. “I’m good on the details. You don’t need to keep going.”

“Are you sure?” After a lifetime of being the butt of the joke with his siblings, Todd enjoyed turning the table. “I can sketch you a picture, but I’ll need one of those extra-long pieces of paper if you want it to scale.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Leanne actually blushed. “I’m all set.”

Rich threw his head back and laughed. “Thanks, Todd. Eighteen years these jackasses have had the silly bet going and I do believe you just put it to rest.”

Thrilled with the praise and relieved to be playing and flirting with Rich again, Todd smiled broadly. “No problem. When it comes to your big D, I’m always willing to lend a hand.”

Review Tour : An Unexpected Truth by S.A. Meade

Buy Links: 
Pride (Early Download)| Amazon US | Amazon UK (Out July 11)

Length: 58,591

Publisher: Pride Publishing


A trust destroyed is a trust that is hard to recover…

Brendan Matthews is happy training racehorses for a living. He thinks he’s hit the jackpot when a wealthy orthopedic surgeon, Adam Ahmadi, sends six yearlings his way. Not only are the horses a cut above the rest, their owner isn’t too shabby either.

But not everything is as it seems. Adam has many secrets, most of them dark and deadly. When Adam’s past returns with a vengeance, he disappears, leaving Brendan confused and hurt.

If Adam survives, will his past destroy their future?

June 13 - The Novel ApproachJune 16 - The Way She Reads, Jim's Reading Room, BookLoveJune 22 - Diverse ReaderJune 27 - BooksLaidBareBoys, Urban Smoothie Read, KeySmash, Inglorious BitchesJuly 4 - Reading Is Our Satisfaction, Sarandipity Book Reviews, Love Bites & Silk, Out Of My HeadJuly 11 - Sinfully MM RomanceJuly 13 - Padme's Library, Book Lovers 4EverJuly 17 - Gay Book ReviewsJuly 19 - Books 2 Blog, Bayou Book Junkie, My Fiction NookJuly 21 - MM Good Book reviews

Karen's review:

‘An Unexpected Truth’ is my first book by this author…definitely not my last. I was pretty much enchanted from the word go when I realized that the story was set in England. I have a definite fondness for England…maybe, my in-laws are from there and maybe my mother’s family is from there and maybe it’s just a beautiful country but whatever, I love it so reading a book with England as the setting was definitely no hardship add in that it’s set in the countryside and there are horses and things are just getting better and better.
Brendan Matthews trains racehorses for a living and he’s happy with his quiet life but he’s also not a foolish man so when opportunity brings 6 yearlings that display more than a little potential to him and they happen to be owned by a man who’s ‘not to shabby either’. Who is Brendan to not open the door when opportunity knocks.
Adam Ahmadi is a wealthy orthopedic surgeon who’s looking for something to do with his time and money after an accident damages his hand forcing him to retire early. He was thinking horses but one look at Brendan and Adam’s interest go beyond having Brendan train his horses.
I really enjoyed this story from start to finish. The first part of the story focused on Brendan and Adam’s relationship and it was wonderful. These two men getting to know each other was sweet and a slow burn. They spent time together taking care of the horses, cooking for one another, taking walks, getting to know one another. There was no insta-love here and while there’s a bit of an age gap it’s not a big deal…so much not a big deal that I really can’t remember exactly how big of an age gap it was…so definitely not an issue for me.
The relationship between Brendan and Adam unfolded beautifully and was definitely one of my favorite parts. Also, there was a bit of drama and suspense unfolding in the background and while this part of the story was more prominent in the latter part of the book and for a while it was the dominant part of the story it was necessary in order for things to play out to a conclusion that brought us back to Brendan and Adam’s relationship and the HEA that these men so deserved.

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ARC Review: Jilted by Sawyer Bennett

Jilted (Love Hurts, #2)From the blurb:

Eden Goodnight went to Los Angeles to make it big, not to be publicly humiliated by her cheating fiancĂ© at a red-carpet premiere. But when Eden returns to her hometown to put the scandal behind her, she can barely find a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. Turns out the locals are worse than the paparazzi, and they all think she’s turned into a spoiled brat. But in a strange twist of fate, the one person who seems to understand what Eden’s going through is Cooper Mayfield . . . the boy she left behind. 
Small-town charm is no match for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. At least that’s what Coop’s been telling himself all these years. As Eden’s old flame—and the landscaper for her family’s historic home—Coop feels some responsibility for getting her out of her funk. But as soon as he sees that million-dollar smile, he’s a goner. Soon they’re making out like teenagers again. But when a life-changing role falls into Eden’s lap, Coop just hopes she doesn’t give up on a love that’s meant to be.

Heather's rating:

Sugary sweet second chance at love story.

I'll admit, M/F contemporary romances aren't really my thing, but I've been trying to expand my horizons recently.

My biggest takeaway from this story was that it was nice. Sure, we all crap on "nice," but nice makes you feel good, makes you smile, and while it doesn't blow you away, nice simply satisfies a lot of the time.

Blogtour: An American In Venice by Luca Domani

Please welcome Luca Domani with 

An American In Venice

World Of Love 


Tom has always been steady and predictable—a formula he’s sure will lead him to success in his career. When his method fails him and he loses his job, he throws caution to the wind for the first time in his life and books a European holiday.

Maybe Tom shouldn’t be surprised that Cupid’s arrow finds him in one of the most romantic cities in the world: Venice, Italy. When he encounters Giovanni working in the family pizzeria, it’s lust at first sight. Their time together touring the city is so magical it feels like a dream. But Tom is shy while Giovanni is charming and flirtatious. Tom has a newfound freedom with his unemployment, while family burdens weigh heavily on Giovanni. Add culture differences and miscommunication into the mix, and their brief romance might fade as quickly as the beautiful dream it resembles.

Get the book:

Talking Dirty in Italian

I enjoy some wordplay with my foreplay; and if it’s in another language, that takes it to a whole other level. In An American in Venice, Tom is pretty hot for Giovanni’s Italian love talk. Giovanni indulges him throughout the story, and I’ve provided a helpful glossary below of some of his best lines.

Blogtour: Caden's Comet by Annabelle Jay

Please welcome Annabelle Jay with 

Caden's Comet 

The Sun Dragon #4 


Long ago, in the days before King Roland, the four dragon kingdoms—Ice, Sun, Earth, and Bone—battled for dominion over the bountiful planet Earth. Prince Grian, a young dragon, hid aboard a Sun Dragon ship, traveled to Earth, and met Caden, an Earth Dragon who’d run away from his village. Despite falling in love, destiny’s plans for them turned cruel, and both perished in the war.

The Artists who created the universe could not let this tragic loss of true love go unpunished. They wiped out the race of Sun Dragons, exiled the Bone Dragons to Draman, and banished the Ice Dragons to the North Pole, safely away from the Earth Dragons. Only the rebirth of Grian and Caden could break the curse. One day, the return of their love would usher in an age of peace and prosperity for all dragons.

But when Prince Grian is reborn, he finds reuniting with his soulmate on Earth will be no easy feat. As he searches for his lost love, the Earth Dragon Protection Society, or EDPS, searches for him, ready to kill him when they find him. If Grian can elude the EDPS, he might find that the true love he once had isn’t guaranteed to bloom a second time.

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Passing Time and Changing Places in Caden’s Comet: Book Four in The Sun Dragon Series
By Annabelle Jay
Readers new to The Sun Dragon Series, my all-LGBTQIA young adult fantasy series, will notice something interesting about the series when they read the back covers: although each book features a fantasy plot with at least one LGBTQIA romance, each book is about the next generation of characters. In Caden’s Comet: Book Four in The Sun Dragon Series, for example, the main character, Grian, is the son of characters who appeared in Book Three. However, the main characters of each book aren’t the only things that change; as time passes, the settings established in previous books change as well.
Take the habitation of Earth Dragons. In Book One, Earth Dragons had only just discovered their lineage when King Roland revealed that he changed the dragons into humans in order to allow them to unknowingly breed him an army. By the start of Book Four, however, the structure of the dragons who live on Earth has changed drastically, both with the Earth Dragon Protection Society, or EDPS, and a floating piece of land called Little Earth where they can safely transform into their dragon forms and enjoy their abilities. When Grian first arrives on Earth looking for his Earth Dragon soulmate, a man named Caden, Little Earth is naturally the first place the wizard Merlin takes him to look.
Here is the scene in which Grian sees Little Earth for the first time:
They called the floating land of the Earth Dragons Little Earth because it was round, green, and as sparsely inhabited as Earth in its earlier days. According to Merlin, unlike the Ice Dragons, Earth Dragons were half-human like me; unlike me, they needed a special necklace charmed by the wizards to hold their human form.
Because they had a human side, the dragons only came to Little Earth to play. The floating land was like a theme park, where dragons could soar over fields, get a massage under a peaceful waterfall, and meet others of their kind. Much like a medieval sword-fighting school, there were areas where instructors taught young dragons how to breathe fire with accuracy. As targets went up in flames, the smell of smoke reminded me of home.
“This way,” Merlin said and led me toward the shack labeled Registration. Behind the window, a young woman wearing a silver locket dotted with diamonds blew bubbles with her gum and paged through a magazine. Merlin rapped his knuckles on the glass and was met with a roll of the girl’s heavily shadowed eyes.
“Welcome to Little Earth. Please sign the sheet on one of the clipboards, including first name, last name, home address, and the last time you transformed. Please also sign the waiver on the second page indicating that you do not hold the owners of Little Earth responsible for any injuries to—”
“We’re not Earth Dragons,” I cut in, hoping to stop her droning whine. “We’re actually here to look for—”

Blogtour: High Hopes by Sue Lilley


Title: High Hopes
Series: Standalone
Author: Sue Lilley
Publisher: Sue Lilley
Cover Artist: Humble Nations
Release Date: April 19, 2016
Romance Genre(s): Contemporary
Words: 60,000

About the Book


“It was one stolen night. He was my soulmate and I’d never felt more alive. I couldn’t tell him I got pregnant. It would’ve ruined everything. But now his daughter wants to meet him and I need to make things right.” Another tear escaped down her cheek. “Everybody’s going to hate me.”
Three friends are rocked when a 20-year secret blows their world apart. Steamy, passionate, and unpredictable. If you like sizzling love triangles you won’t want to miss it.

Grace has kept her heart-breaking secret for twenty years – a love child she gave up for adoption. She was a penniless student - how could she raise a baby alone? Then she receives a letter out of the blue. Her long-lost daughter is searching for answers.

Her two best friends are married and don’t know one of them is the girl’s father. If Grace confesses now, the marriage will be destroyed and it will surely be the end of their lifelong friendship. But what choice does Grace have?

Set in the wilds of Poldark-country – the stormy cliffs and windswept beaches of picturesque Cornwall – an engrossing saga filled with suspense, simmering jealousy and heartbreak. Can a future be built on the quicksand of secrets and lies? Surely there can be no second chances when three friends discover they don’t know each other at all.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

She opened the back door to find Danny already drenched. “You can’t work in this.”

“Takes more than a bit of rain to put me off my stride.”

He tugged off his gauntlets and wandered over. Too late, she remembered when she’d put on her jeans and white tee, she hadn’t bothered with a bra. A raindrop ran off his eyebrow as he admired her misbehaving nipples. Was he going to make a habit of catching her without her clothes on?

“I’ll make you some tea. How do you like it?”

“No sugar, I’m sweet enough.”

He yanked off his beanie, shrugging out of his waxed jacket to hang it on the back of the door. He hadn’t shaved and should’ve looked untidy. But his faded grey T-shirt skimmed the contours of his chest and she had to drag her eyes away.

He picked up his mug, ignoring the handle as he leaned against the counter, far too close for comfort when he was enjoying such an eyeful. She’d never seen anyone smile with their eyebrows. Couldn’t he drink the damn tea and let her escape to get dressed?

“I wouldn’t say no to a bacon roll. Or sausage, at a push, if I have to slum it. I can take the tea outside, if it’s too much effort to talk to me? Nice and crispy. Brown sauce. No butter.”

She ought to find his cockiness annoying. With everything that was going on, she couldn’t possibly think she fancied him. And why, while the rashers were sizzling in the pan, was she tempted to run upstairs and put make up on, when all she needed was a sweater?

When the bacon was ready, she thrust her arms into the old aran cardigan everyone wore for pottering round the garden. Danny was on the overgrown lawn, empty cup in hand, by a mound of weeds and thistles he’d been tearing from the beds. She blushed as his eye swept over the cardigan, as though he could see right through the chunky wool. What was wrong with her? She didn’t have the time or the inclination to be distracted by a killer smile and a six-pack.

He finished his sandwich in a couple of bites and wiped his mouth with kitchen roll. It was a nice mouth. It did funny things to her knees. Even if he did look all sexy and muddy, when had she become such a pushover? She had more important things to be dealing with…

About Sue Lilley

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