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Review Tour: Summer Heat by Jay Northcote

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Cover: Garrett Leigh @ Black Jazz Design

Length: 47,000 words approx.


A summer fling is an ideal cure for a broken heart. But when it's with your best friend, things get complicated.

When Adam is dumped by his boyfriend, a week away at a beach resort seems like a great opportunity to get over his ex. Sun, sea, and no-strings sex will be just the boost he needs to move on with his life.

Adam's best friend, Finn, agrees to accompany him at short notice. Finn's had a crush on Adam for years, but is determined to put his feelings aside and be the perfect wingman in Adam's time of crisis.

A spontaneous threesome with another guy forces Adam and Finn to confront their attraction to each other. Having a holiday fling together wasn't part of the plan, and as their trip heats up, they soon realise that one night of fun won't be enough for either of them.

The passion might be scorching, but their hearts and friendship are on the line. If their romance is going to survive the flight home, they have to be honest about what they want.

Jewel's review:

No one does sweet and low angst like Jay Northcote. I just adore his writing style and anytime he comes out with a new story, I'm ready to knock my blog-mates over so I can be first in line! It's a good thing we all like each other!

Summer Heat does what it says on the tin. Best friends to lovers while on a holiday to Spain-- does anything sound better than that? And it was a very sexy read.

Adam had been in a ho-hum relationship with an older guy for 5 years, until the cheating bastard dumped him for a new boy-toy. Adam was hurt, of course, but part of him knew things were fizzling out. He did the right thing and walked away and went to the one person who could help him through it -- his best friend Finn.

Finn, of course, has had a crush on Adam for years, but with Adam being in a relationship, he didn't want to risk losing the one person that meant the most to him. When Adam comes over unexpectedly, after breaking up with his lying, cheating boyfriend, he does what any best friend would do -- he breaks out the alcohol. And then goes on holiday with his mate for some sun, fun and hookup sex!

What better way for Adam to get over his break up than with some no-strings sex with someone he barely knows, right? But nothing turns out like they expect, when Niall, the hookup, suggests a threesome with both Adam and Finn.

The UST was off the charts in Summer Heat! And I thought it was high before they had sex, but after? Holy moly, it ratcheted up to unprecedented levels. I thought I was going to combust before they decided to keep their holiday fling going - and then decide if they were ready to face their feelings for one another.

And just like I know to expect from Jay Northcote, there is no manufactured drama here. Our boys may not declare themselves right away, but they don't need to have a bunch of unnecessary drama to figure out they want to be together. And they are so sweet. And hot. And sexy. Their relationship goes from friends to lovers to boyfriends without conflict, but it still felt believable to me.

In fact, my only real niggle with the story, at all, is just how quickly Adam seemed to get over his 5 year relationship abruptly ending. But I'll forgive it, not only because the ex was a jerk of the first water and totally didn't deserve Adam, but I also don't think Adam was actually in love with him as much as he was in love with the idea of him. So, maybe it wasn't much of a niggle, after all. Also, Adam and Finn were clearly both harboring feelings for each other for ages that they were keeping to themselves.

As a side note, I loved Niall, a lot. He was truly awesome and fun and I would love for him to get a story of his own! I truly enjoyed Summer Heat. It's the perfect beach read or a fantastic way to spend any afternoon.

Author Bio

Jay lives just outside Bristol in the West of England. He comes from a family of writers, but always used to believe that the gene for fiction writing had passed him by. He spent years only ever writing emails, articles, or website content.

One day, Jay decided to try and write a short story just to see if he could and found it rather addictive. He hasn t stopped writing since.

Jay writes contemporary romance about men who fall in love with other men. He has five books published by Dreamspinner Press, and also self-publishes under the imprint Jaybird Press. Many of his books are now available as audiobooks.

Jay is transgender and was formerly known as she/her.

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