Saturday, June 10, 2017

Book Review: McShayne's Dragon by Nicole Dennis

From The Blurb:
Betrayed, Morric McShayne, a bloodline elemental witch, wakes during a lightning storm, bound to a post”the latest sacrifice to appease a dragon. He swears to survive as the last McShayne and there is no dragon until a powerful claw plucks him away from the precipice. 
With every equinox, the dragon's keeper, Xavier, pushes back the loneliness. The keeper holds a secret until magic flares. This sacrifice is different. 
They battle desire and duty. When a single kiss changes everything, can the Fae help them answer more secrets and a legend's promise? Do they fight against Fate's choice?

Karen's rating:

More can never have too many dragons!

I have to admit I was little nervous going into this one. I've only read one other story by this author and it didn't go so well for me and truthfully if I'm going to write a review I want to write the fun stuff. I want to write the 'ohmygod! This book is so good you need to read it' or at the very least I want to write 'I really enjoyed this book it was well written. I liked the characters the world building was good'...ok, so I'm sure you get my point by now.

Anways, 'Ohmygod!!!! This was so good and not just because of the dragons but yeah, DRAGONS!!! I love dragons...just in case you've missed that little piece of news. I really, REALLY! enjoyed this one. It was a nice fantasy with just the right amounts of romance and conflict to keep me happy.

I liked both of the MCs. Morric is an elemental wizard and for generations his family has kept the balance between man and nature for both the crops that the local villagers grow and the forest outside their village. Morric is also the last of his line. He lives a quiet life and keeps to himself so needless to say he's a little surprised when he regains consciousness during a storm to find himself tied to a post overlooking the ocean...a post normally used by the villagers eve of the equinox to sacrifice virgins to the dragon...the dragon that Morric doesn't really believe in or at least he didn't until recently.

Xavier is the guardian of the dragon's keep or so he says. But when tempers flare and things heat up between Morric and Xavier things begin to unravel and Morric and Xavier realize that working together is the only way that they're going to resolve their issues and enable everyone to get what they want.

While there was only approximately 60ish pages in this story the author made use of every word to create a story that was bold, emotional, colorful and fast paced. There was a lot going on in this story but it was neither excessive nor angst ridden. The action kept the story moving and kept me reading. I really enjoyed 'McShayne's Dragon' and look forward to finding out what's next for Morric and Xavier.


A copy of 'McShayne's Dragon' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.,13864201

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