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ARC Review: Incubus Touch (Polar Nights #1) by Siryn Sueng

Incubus Touch (Polar Nights Book 1)Blurb:
Sex under the northern lights has never been so arousing.

Valyn enjoys the snow-covered city of Tromsø, Norway, because of the long nights, and the northern lights that bring more than just color to the skies above. As a siren, the energy that floods the city beneath the strong pulses of the aurora are both needed for magic and sought after for intense pleasure.

During the winter, the urge to be claimed drives many of the mythical populace. It is Valyn’s third winter without a partner, and the overwhelming need for sex is almost too much to bear. Until his search in an underground club leads him to an incubus named Jakai. Finally, after so long, Valyn has found the man to share his life with. Jakai is mysterious, but kind, and the sex is far more erotic than Valyn ever imagined it could be.

But in the deep dark, there are things that crawl through the snow. The fae are far less civilized and out for blood. When Valyn spots a terrifying figure in Jakai’s yard, the peace in Tromsø begins to break apart — and the fae’s presence is just the beginning.

Todd's rating:

The premise for this story seemed interesting enough but you'll definitely need to read more than just this first short in the series for a feeling of plot fulfillment.

In this first installment, Valyn, a siren, who can control the bodies of others with his song, is horny. But not just any kind of horny. More like 3 years of pent up "take me, make me yours and nail me to the goddamn wall right fucking now" horny.

Then after no more than the first chapter in, Valyn's poor, virginal, wilted 'flower' finally gets the banging it's so desperately desired by a veritable sex god, also known as an incubus named Jakai.

For the first part of the story, I feared that the story would be nothing more than a Damsel in Sexual Distress tale.

Then a few members of the Supernatural Bad Girls Club showed up and Valyn, rather surprisingly, didn't cower in the corner like a useless sex doll.

Color me surprised, and gladly so!

But alas, right as our heroes start to decipher the danger presented by the bloodthirsty fae women, this first serialized part of the story abruptl ends.

Frustrated much? That would be a big ole' yes.

The next story continues with Valyn's also-virginal, uber-horny friend, Nolan, getting his own chance to be hammered like cheap (sorry, 'affordable') plywood, plus I'm assuming more attacks by the scary, pasty girls with killing on their minds.

Yes, this was defiitely erotica wrapped in a supernatural blanket, but if you take it at face value up front, then you'll probably enjoy it, much like I did.

If this first installment was anything to go by, I definitely got the feeling that the stories in this series will leave you feeling very cliffhanger'y, so keep that in mind before making your decision to read.

I'd rate this one around 3 stars, just for the sheer heat and fighting action, but I do wish I didn't feel quite so left in a lurch, waiting months for the next part of the story.

My ARC copy of this story was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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