Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Book Review: Unexpected Turn by Ella Frank

Unexpected Turn
From USA Today Bestselling author Ella Frank comes a short story of friends to lovers.

Tyler and Connor couldn't be more different if they tried.
One man is gay. The other is straight. Yet the moment they met in college they knew they’d be forever linked.

After years of friendship, growing pains, and heartaches, they have grown into two men, each looking for their place in the world. And when they head off on a road trip to a family wedding, they are stunned to discover that sometimes you find what you’re looking for when you take an unexpected turn.

Todd's rating:

When I suspended belief around a couple of key points to this story, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.


It was pretty hard to believe that straight Connor, who's *never* had a single provocative thought about his best friend, Tyler, in all the many years that they've known one another, is SUDDENLY DICK-MO-TIZED after one off-handed joke about the pene .

Also, even the gay best friend, Tyler, has never entertained any of 'those' types of thoughts for his straight best friend. So yeah, totally random, "Where the actual fuck did all that shit come from?" on that front, too.

Then lastly, the reaction from Connor's girlfriend left my jaw hanging around floor level, if not down several flights of stairs from where it had originally been. No one, male or female, gay or straight, is *that* understanding, sorry.

I may have (continuing) issues with some of Frank's plot point choices (in particular cheaters and genuine asshole behavior), but the woman definitely knows how to write heat and steam, which she did really well in this short 99-pager, too.


I took the story for what it was, nothing more than light entertainment, and did successfully suspend my disbelief, at least long enough to finish the story, so overall I did like this one and would rate it at around 3.25 *very-disbelieving-but-whatevs* stars.

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