Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Review: Love at the End of the World by Stevie Rogers

Love At The End Of The World
The world is ending in fourteen days. And Kieren Felix has sort of resigned himself to that. Sure, he's going to die a virgin, watching nature documentaries, but then, there are worse ways to go.

Until Benjy Hunter literally falls into his life.

They have fourteen days, and suddenly there's not enough time. Fourteen days to fall in love, to live, unashamedly, for the first time.

As the days countdown, they fall deeper and deeper into each other. The world ending is inevitable, but Kieren and Benjy?

Well, their story is rather more unlikely.
Todd's rating:

God, this book was nearly *perfect* from beginning to end.

If you're looking for a story where perfectly imperfect MC's find one another, forge incredible feelings, then make every moment they have together truly meaningful, even the mundane ones, then read this book. Seriously.

No, this was not your typical HEA, there was no 11th hour 'near miss', which saves the planet from impending doom, but Ren and Benjy's story was altogether amazing and I'm happy that I finally made the time to read it.

What most shocked me was not a feeling of, "Oh my God, it's 'X' days until the end," but the joy and gratitude that Ren and Benj felt due to finally meeting their 'one person.' The one who completes them.

In this story, that was truly enough. Everything and more than either Ren or Benj had ever had before, or even hoped to have. Love, deep and enduring.

The story never felt as if it were intentionally trying to pull on your heartstrings and tie them in knots, but Christ, that's precisely what it did to me, with only minimal angst.

So a full 5 heart-felt stars for this spectacular, memorable story.

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