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ARC Review: Sex Ed by Z.B. Heller

Sex Ed
Jaxson Dane is harboring a secret.

Not the fact that he’s a geeky comic book lover, or that he secretly draws his own comic, Bunny Fu Ninja Warrior. It’s not even classified information that he’s out and proud!

His secret is the shame that he’s a twenty-three-year-old virgin.

Jaxson isn’t waiting for marriage or even afraid of taking that step, he just hasn’t found the one guy who will accept all of his adorkable qualities. Due to an unfortunate mishap with a self-pleasuring apparatus and his favorite appendage, Jaxson meets Tyler Mason. The emerald-green-eyed nurse is a witness to the mortifying incident, leaving Jaxon both grateful and disappointed in their one-time meeting.

And then Tyler somehow shows up at Jaxon’s family dinner.

The very dinner at which Jaxson’s hidden virginity is revealed to everyone, including the captivating nurse.

Even though he secretly found the ER situation hilarious, Tyler is also able to look past it to see Jaxson’s genuine nature and is drawn to the charming and hapless comic book artist. He’s tempted to pursue the inexperienced Jaxson, but a recent and life-altering decision puts a damper on his wants and desires. However, the more time they spent together, the more willing he is to take the risk of juggling his new commitments and winning Jaxon’s affections.

A large, insane, and meddlesome family, two prying co-workers, and a sexy nurse are all trying to give Jaxson a crash course in Sex Ed. Will he pass?
Todd's rating:

One thing that I truly appreciated about this story was that it felt pretty unique.

However, the book title, "Sex Ed," did make me think that this would be a story about 25 y.o. nurse Tyler giving inexperienced, 23 y.o. Jaxson 'lessons' to get him up to speed sexually, which wasn't the case really at all.

Instead, this was more the story of a shy virgin meeting a guy that he liked and them getting to know one another, mostly *out* of bed.

The story was pretty hilarious, with Jaxson being one of the most accident prone characters I've read in quite some time.

I mean, really, forgetting to use lube with a Fleshlight? Come on! Who fucking does that? OUCH!


While the story was extremely funny, there were times when the humor really was just too much, feeling like it was trying too hard.

Now and again, the jokes felt like that one friend of yours who puts the gas to the floorboard -- no matter the road ahead. You do have to hit the brakes now and again, so the story occasionally ended up in the proverbial weeds by going way too over the top with the comedy.

Point in case, the banter between Jaxson's twin, Sophie, and his (non-biological) 'cousin', Ethan. Sophie often came across as a completely mean bitch, while Ethan was just desperate and horny. It was way too much as far as I was concerned.

So yeah, keeping the humor in check a bit more, knowing when enough was enough, would've added another star to my rating for this one.

BUT (again)...

I did still really enjoy this story a lot and was totally in love with both Jaxson and Tyler.

In spite of the title, the book wasn't slathered in sex scenes, which I found refreshing. When there was sex, it felt appropriate vs. gratuitous. Plus, pretty hot. Just sayin'...

Pros and cons all weighed in, I'd rate this one at around 3.75 stars, mostly because it kept me smiling start to finish.

** Side Note: This story and the “Tied Together” stories are all related to Heller's M/F "Moxie" series.
Moxie is Jaxson's mother and Ethan is the son of the MC's in 'Tied', who were Moxie's good friends in her books.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.


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