Saturday, April 15, 2017

ARC Review: Last Dance of The Sugar Plum by Claire Davis and Al Stewart


Jonathan is a spy.

Anton is Jonathan’s ‘keeper’.

Jonathan is a spy with a code implanted deep in his subconscious, so deeply he can’t remember—anything at all.

Anton is an interrogator intent on retrieving the code, whatever the cost.

But sometimes they dream of dark tunnels and locked-up rooms, and then they both scream.


Along comes Harry, who seems to have all the answers…but who is he, and which side is he on?



For many months, Jonathan and Anton live apart from the world in a hazy, dreamlike state, only interrupted by interrogations and a healthy fear of HQ. One day, they watch a dance performance, and memories begin to unwind… A ticking clock… Betrayal… Missions… Always the scent of oranges. But with clarity, comes a return of powerful emotions…

Last Dance of The Sugar Plum is an exciting spy thriller with as many twists and turns as a maze.

Dani's review:

This is an impossible book to review, because to say anything is to give too much away.

Last Dance of the Sugar Plum is a dark, suspenseful story about identity, the fallibility of memory, and the lingering essence of truth. It is not a romance.

We know this much: Jonathan doesn't remember anything.

And Anton is always watching.

He watches Jonathan wank. He watches him fall apart.

Jonathan used to be a number, a spy. But no one told him about the kids.

This story is made up of layers, and the more that's revealed, the less we know.

Last Dance of the Sugar Plum is an extraordinary mind fuck—a dream, an acid trip, a surreal masquerade.

I was confused, uncomfortable, and uneasy the entire time I was reading (it takes talent to provoke such an emotional reaction in a reader!). Sheer stubbornness and the stark beauty of the language kept me going.

I am in love with this writing duo and in awe of their versatility. This isn't my kind of romance, but I can say with conviction that this book is BRILLIANT. If you like grittier novels with a mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end, you'll love Last Dance of the Sugar Plum.

No overall rating, but: writing and mystery/suspense plot = 5 stars; romance/frolic-in-the-woods factor = LOL, NOT; Dani's enjoyment factor = *sucks thumb & whimpers*.

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