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Bookblast: My Choice, My Chance by Taylor Rylan

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RELEASE DATE: 08.19.17

COVER DESIGN: Jay Aheer/Simply Defined Art



My Choice My Chance Cover
After a disastrous relationship in college, Jasper Welsh swore he’d never let anyone that close to him again. But after watching his twin fall in love with the man of his dreams, Jasper starts to realize that maybe there’s more to life than meaningless hook ups. After all, it’s been almost a decade since he’s taken a chance on someone again.
When a brutal ex almost kills Liam Campbell, he runs away with his best friend to Wyoming for Christmas with Rhett’s family. Little does he know, that even though he’s still broken and bruised, Liam’s life is about to be completely turned upside down when he meets Rhett’s brother, Jasper. But there’s no way Jasper could be interested in someone like him, right?
When Liam’s ex finds him in Wyoming and one of their family members almost pays the ultimate price, will the Welsh family forgive him for bringing danger to their family? Or will they fight for the battered young man and accept him with open arms? 
Choices are made, and chances are taken when Jasper and Liam realize that their attraction for one another can’t be denied and must be explored. But with a wedding in the planning stages and an unforgettable bachelor party in Vegas, does the new couple really want to steal the grooms’ thunder? 
My Choice, My Chance is the second book in the Men of Crooked Bend series. Each book in the series will focus on a different couple but will be better enjoyed as a series as the couples all make appearances in each book. Each book contains sexually explicit material between two men and is intended for adults over 18.

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I finally made it to our new house with everything. I wanted to cry when I pulled into the driveway and saw Jasper’s truck there. How in the hell was I going to set everything up for my romantic picnic surprise if he was already there?

Admitting defeat and coming to the conclusion that tonight was not going to be the night to tell Jasper that I loved him, I got out of Baloo and walked up to the house to search for Jasper.

I was floored when I walked into the house. Jasper made a trail of lit candles. They started at the front door inviting me to continue inward. I followed the small flames, making my way to the living room. The sight before me made me gasp and start to cry. There, in the middle of the living room, surrounded by candles, and with a blanket and several pillows laid out on the floor was Jasper. It seems my man had the exact same idea as me! He obviously came straight here from the Realtor’s office instead of going to his office in Jackson like he’d told me.

I didn’t move at first. I noticed Jasper started to look uncomfortable so I slowly made my way toward him and the little picnic he had put together for us.

“Jasper, what…”

“Liam, just give me a minute here, alright?”

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ARC Review: Kill Game (Seven of Spades, #1) by Cordelia Kingsbridge

Kill Game (Seven of Spades, #1)
Homicide detective Levi Abrams is barely holding his life together. He’s reeling from the fallout of a fatal shooting, and his relationship with his boyfriend is crumbling. The last thing he’s prepared for is a serial killer stalking the streets of Las Vegas. Or how he keeps getting thrown into the path of annoyingly charming bounty hunter Dominic Russo.

Dominic likes his life free of complications. That means no tangling with cops—especially prickly, uptight detectives. But when he stumbles across one of the Seven of Spades’s horrifying crime scenes, he can’t let go, despite Levi’s warnings to stay away.

The Seven of Spades is ruthless and always two moves ahead. Worst of all, they’ve taken a dangerously personal interest in Levi and Dominic. Forced to trust each other, the two men race to discover the killer’s identity, revealing hidden truths along the way and sparking a bond neither man expected. But that may not be enough to protect them.

This killer likes to play games, and the deck is not stacked in Levi and Dominic’s favor.

Jewel's rating:

Ok, I need more of this story, now. Yeah, now. There wasn't much romance in Kill Game, just the bare beginnings of it, but I can tell that Levi and Dominic have the chemistry and I'm looking forward to their romance ramping up! We've got ourselves a slow burn, folks, and I can already tell it will be delicious. Also, there are at least 5 planned books in this series and the plotline of Kill Game is not wrapped up at the end. At the moment, I am expecting that story arc to continue throughout the series, but I don't know the author's plan for that.

I know many of you prefer to wait until a series like this is complete before starting, and I can't blame you. If I were a more patient person, I'd be waiting right along with you. But I'm not, and I love most of what I've read from this author, so here I am!!!!

I love romantic suspense and Cordelia Kingsbridge knows how to work it. Kill Game was engaging, the writing was good and I was completely invested in the characters -- even some of the secondary characters. About halfway through, something occurred to me and I even have a main suspect for the serial killer -- only time will tell if I'm right, of course. We've got at least 4 more books in this series, so we've got a ways to go, yet. I could easily be wrong this early in the game, and honestly, I'll be shocked if it turns out I'm right.

At the start of the book, Levi had been in a relationship for the past three years and things were very serious between him and his boyfriend, Stanton Barclay, who owned one of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Stanton talked a lot about marriage and children and the future, but Levi was less and less sure he wanted to go that direction with Stanton.

Book Review: Burn the Sky by Jaye McKenna

From The Blurb:
Prince Garrik is the Heir Presumptive of Altan, next in line to be crowned Wytch King. There’s only one problem: in order for Garrik to be crowned, he must possess Wytch power of his own, and thus far, whatever power Garrik might possess has shown no sign of awakening. As things stand, it is Garrik’s younger brother, Jaire—a dreamer completely unsuited to wear the crown—who will take the throne after their father. 
Things come to a head when the Wytch King, who has grown increasingly impatient with the situation, demands that Garrik’s power be forcibly awakened. Hoping to protect his brother from the burden of rule, Garrik allows the attempt—with disastrous results. Now, Garrik must learn to control the fiery dragon that rages within him before he destroys everything he loves. 
Wytch Master Ilya has been alone for years. Learning to control the icy beast slumbering deep within him has already cost him his family and his lover, and Ilya will never open himself up to that kind of pain again. Summoned to Altan to avert disaster if he can, Ilya has no intention of allowing anyone to thaw the ice in his heart. When he meets Prince Garrik, sparks fly, and Ilya finds himself fighting feelings he’d thought long buried. 
Can Garrik’s fire melt Ilya’s icy heart? Or will Ilya be forced to use his ice to quench the flames that burn within Garrik once and for all?

Karen's rating:

And this...this is how you do dragons!

Now if it's not already clear let me start by saying..."I LOVE DRAGONS!!! Unashamedly, unapologetically love them." to me they are the most fierce, majestic, powerful and yes scary because...hey, big fire breathing creatures here, in all of mythology.

I've had this series on my wishlist for ages and was fortunate enough to have been gifted with the first three books in this series as part of a gift exchange last Christmas and while it's taken me until now to find the time to start reading this series...all I can say to that is good things come to he, or she as the case may be, who waits.

Gerrick is the heir presumptive to the throne of Altan (next in line for the throne)...except there's one teensy little problem in order to become the Wytch King he needs to come into his wytch power...he's 20 it should have happened by now and Altan has never had a king who didn't possess a wytch power...ask his Uncle. He's only to happy to explain this  to anyone who will listen...bitter much? Oh yeah.

For Gerrick this isn't about being king though it's about keeping a promise. A promise to protect his younger brother, Jaire from the pressures of ruling a kingdom. Something that even Jaire willing admits he has absolutely no desire or ability to do. Regardless of everything else Jaire, Gerrick and their father are all of a like mind on this issue...neither the kingdom nor Jaire would survive should he be made king as the Wytch Council would have happen.

It's in a last ditch effort to have Gerrick declared his rightful heir by the council that the king demands that Gerrick's wytch powers be forced to awaken defying the councils decree that forcing wytch powers or even attempting to do so is a punishable offense. Desperate to protect his brother Gerrick agrees to allow this.

Some wytch powers are not meant to be awakened and when Gerrick's awakened powers end in disaster. Kian, Gerrick's friend, lover and an apprentice healer flees to the Wytch's College in search of the Wytch Master Ilya in a last ditch effort to save not just Gerrick, but his brother Jaire and ultimately the kingdom of Altan.

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ARC Review: Off The Beaten Path by Cari Z.

Off the Beaten PathBlurb:

When Ward Johannsen’s little girl Ava shifted into a werewolf, she was taken into custody by the feds and shipped off to the nearest pack, all ties between father and daughter severed. Ward burned every bridge he had discovering her location, and then almost froze to death in the Colorado mountains tracking her new pack down. And that’s just the beginning of his struggle.

Henry Dormer is an alpha werewolf and an elite black ops soldier who failed his last mission. He returns home, hoping for some time to recuperate and help settle the pack’s newest member, a little pup named Ava who can’t shift back to her human form. Instead he meets Ward, who refuses to leave his daughter without a fight. The two men are as different as night and day, but their respect for each other strikes a spark of mutual interest that quickly grows into a flame. They might find something special together—love, passion, and even a family—if they can survive trigger-happy pack guardians, violent werewolf politics, and meddling government agencies that are just as likely to get their alpha soldiers killed as bring them home safely.

My rating:

Ever since I read my first shifter book, I've been hooked. For some reason, Off The Beaten Path escaped my notice at first, but when it kept popping up in friend reviews on Goodreads, I requested a review copy from the publisher.

I was not disappointed.

This is not some fluffy wolf shifter meets human and they live happily ever after shifter book. No, as the title indicates, this shifter universe is off the beaten path, set in an alternate reality where shifters exists, after a government experiment gone terribly wrong, but are controlled by the human government, living in remote areas away from human cities, within confined compounds, with the pack Alphas required to serve as ultimate soldiers whenever the military requires them to utilize their extra strength and abilities to carry out the military's dirty work.

Additionally, some children are born as shifters to human parents, and when their true nature is revealed, they are removed from their human parents, severing the relationship, and relocated to a shifter compound, where they either can shift back to human or, if they can't, are destroyed.

Thus, we meet Ward Johannsen whose young daughter Ava shifted into a wolf during a stressful situation and was immediately taken by the feds to the nearest shifter camp. Unwilling to give up his daughter, Ward does everything he can to obtain her location, which just happens to be in the Colorado mountains. And it's winter.

Ward is rescued, nearly frozen to death, at the perimeter of the pack compound. Once inside, he's faced with the pack's Alpah, Henry Dormer, who only recently returned from his last mission and hopes to have a bit of time to recuperate before he's sent out again.

Both men are really strong-willed and not inclined to give up. Ward is unwilling to let go of Ava, even if the law says he has to, and he does everything in his power to get back to her, even if that means willingly walking into a werewolf compound and standing his ground. Henry too fights every day to ensure the security and well-being of his pack, even if that means that he himself suffers abuse and faces possible death.

See, the government doesn't really care about the werewolves it created, considering them dangerous and thus in need of being kept separated and hidden, but is perfectly willing to use the wolves' Alphas for its Black Ops missions. Henry's CO especially is a sack of shit, vengeful and vile, but Henry knows he has to follow the rules so his pack can get what it needs to survive.

Relationships between wolves and humans are strongly discouraged, though not forbidden.

Obviously, Ward's presence in the camp, and his having found the compound, breaks all kinds of security rules, and Henry has to take the blame. Still, Henry realizes that Ward's presence will likely help Ava shift back to human, so he is willing to give it a try.

ARC Review: Gummy Bears & Grenades by Charlie Cochet

From The Blurb:
THIRDS agent Dexter J. Daley can’t wait to marry his fiancĂ©, Team Leader Sloane Brodie, but first he’s looking forward to celebrating his bachelor party—which he intends to be a shenanigans-free evening of getting his groove on with family and friends. 
Of course events don’t work out as planned, but for Dex that’s nothing new. One thing is for sure, dodging drug dealers and hired thugs amid booze, dancing—and even a bear costume—will guarantee it’s a night Dex will never forget. Now he just needs to survive all the fun. 
Enjoy this bonus story from the THIRDS universe. These events occur between Darkest Hour Before Dawn and Tried & True in the series timeline. While reading this story would enhance your experience of the THIRDS series, it is not necessary to read before Tried & True.

Karen's rating:

'Gummy Bears & Grenades' is a brief interlude from the danger that is the life of the members of THIRDS...or it's suppose to be.

It's time for Dex's bachelor party and what a party it's going to be. I'm totally a THIRDS addict so of course reading this one was a no brainer. I dove into this one without hesitation and I loved if from start to finish. It was fun and funny and just so Dex.

As Dex and Sloane's big day draws closer the inevitable pre-wedding events are happening and this one is all about 'the bachelor party'...specifically Dex's, which explains why Sloane is being left behind or even worse being left to have an evening of bonding with his soon to be father-in-law, Tony and doesn't that end up being it's own adventure. Seriously, when someone tells you 'don't play air hockey with the man' it's probably wise to heed their advice...but after one stop to give his fiancee a very steamy surprise and a few enough for even a Therian to get a good buzz, Sloane decides that a game or 12 of air hockey couldn't possibly be all that bad of an!!! foolish man.

Meanwhile Dex is out with Ash, Cael, Hudson, Seb, Calvin & Hobbs and the rest of the gang dancing, eating booze soaked gummy bears and wearing gummy bear suits, having encounters with Wolf, avoiding hired thugs and just generally having a good time.

ARC Review: The Fireman's Pole by Sue Brown

The Fireman's PoleBlurb:

The flames of passion rise for the lord of the manor.

It’s springtime in Calminster village, but things are already heating up. Sexy firefighter Dale Maloney is new to the local station. When Dale backs the company fire engine into the village maypole, he attracts the ire—and attention—of Benedict Raleigh, the Baron Calminster.

Soon after meeting Dale, Ben breaks off his relationship with his girlfriend, and the sparks between Ben and Dale are quickly fanned into flames.

Unfortunately the passion between the two men isn’t the only blaze in the village. An arsonist’s crimes are escalating, and it’s up to Dale and his crew to stop them. Meanwhile, as they investigate, an unscrupulous business partner attempts to coerce Ben into marrying his daughter. The May Day parade is around the corner, but they have plenty of fires to put out before Ben can finally slide down the fireman’s pole.

My rating:

This book is pure fluff. Which, let's be honest, fits perfectly within the Dreamspun Desires titles. And the cheeky title - hahahaha!

Here we have Dale, a firefighter who recently moved into the little village of Calminster, still smarting from a bad break-up with his closeted, cheating ex, hoping to lick his wounds and put his hopes and dreams for that relationship behind him. Unwilling to be in the closet himself, he's open about his sexuality, but has no aspirations to find himself another boyfriend.

Called out for a fire on his first shift, he manages to rescue the homeowner, a sweet elderly woman, and draw the ire of his Lordship at the same time. Shortly thereafter, he backs the big fire engine into the maypole, which was originally erected by his Lordship's great-great-grandfather. So, having blown his opportunity for making a good first impression, Dale offers to fix the pole in hopes to calm down Ben, Lord Calminster, who is behaving like an ass both during the fire and after Dale's unfortunate mishap with the big fire truck and the maypole.

Don't expect any kind of realistic or believable relationship development - there's none.

Ben, the lord of the manor, has kept his own sexuality hidden to the point where he's got a girlfriend/beard. Of course, he takes one look at our hunky firefighter, feels the stirring in his loins and finds the backbone to break things off with the woman he's been dating.

Dale was a nice guy, and I liked him. Ben, once he removed the stick from his ass, was a nice guy too. I liked him fine as well.

It's just that nothing here between Ben and Dale felt anything close to realistic. Dale states that he's still hurting from the break-up and doesn't want to fall in bed with yet another closeted man, but then shortly thereafter dismisses that notion and jumps right in with Ben.

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Author Of The Month - Dan Skinner - Week Three

Welcome to our third week of celebrations for the amazing 

In today's post, we'll look at Xperiment and The Art Of The Heart, plus a personal story Dan's chosen to share. There's also again a chance to win one of his books!

First up, Xperiment


Monsters aren't born... they're engineered.

For nineteen-year-old, socially awkward Geoff Markham, the promise of a miracle pill to make him into the person he’d always wanted to be was everything he could have hoped for.

At first, the experiment delivered on that promise. Geoff began to change, becoming more confident, stronger, even fearless. People began to admire him and find him attractive.

As with every new drug, there came side effects: the agitation, sleeplessness, the bad temper. When the strange dreams began, the ones that couldn't possibly be his own, he realized something else was happening to him. As he continued to change, he was becoming something much more than what had been promised... something far less human. Something unimaginable, unrecognizable.

Increasingly strange and violent things begin to happen around him. Is he the hunted or the hunter?


As midnight divided one day into the next, an early snow began to fall. Goose feather-sized flakes drifted down, softening the cityscape. Geoff put another blanket on the bed and fell comfortably asleep in his lover’s arms. The last of his sullied mood had evaporated.
When he awoke it was still dark, but he noticed Chris’ absence immediately. As sleep-worn eyes focused, he found him seated at the end of the bed. He didn’t seem to be doing anything but sitting rigidly, hands folded in his lap, head turned toward the window. Geoff realized he was listening to something. He was still dressed in his t-shirt and boxers.
“Chris,” he whispered. There was no response. He said his name again. His head slowly turned toward him. His eyes sparkled in the dimness, but Geoff could tell he was still asleep. He was sleepwalking again; or very close to it. It seemed to be the one consistent side effect of the supplement. “Come back to bed, babe.” He patted the mattress.
The pale face resumed its blank gaze at the window.
Reluctantly slipping from the warmth of the bed, he trotted on tiptoe across the cold floor to the window. A quick check outside confirmed it was still snowing. He coaxed his partner beneath the covers and, at last, Chris closed his eyes.
There was enough winter chill in the room to affect his bladder. Standing quietly at the toilet, he tried to filter out the sensations around him. The smells, the pull. The feeling that something bad was going on out there.
As he finished and flushed, he noticed the room temperature had taken a drastic nosedive. Goosebumps pebbled his arms. He could see his breath.
Upon his return to the bedroom, the reason for the cold was evident. The bed was empty; the window open. The drapes billowed on the breeze, carrying in snow to form wet specks on the floor.
His mind wanted to reject the meaning of what had happened in his absence. He tugged the drape back and looked outside. The snowfall had been consistent; the ground was covered with a velveteen layer of white. Imprints of bare feet could clearly be seen on the fire escape, but no Chris. His eyes swept both directions of the street. He saw nothing. Looking below, he discovered the half-dressed sleepwalker standing on the sidewalk, hair dotted with white; face pointed down the street like a hunting dog signaling where the duck had landed. The chill, along with annoyance, made Geoff bristle.
Trying not to disturb the neighbors, he whispered; “Chris! Get back up here!”
If he’d heard him, there was no acknowledgement. He’d have to go down and fetch him. Geoff found his jeans and threw them on. As he zipped them, he poked his head out the window.
“Chris!” he whispered louder, trying to catch his attention.
Slowly, the pale blue neon eyes of the somnambulist turned upward to him. Then he turned and sprinted barefoot down the street.

Get the book:

Second in today's line-up, The Art Of The Heart


The heartland of America in 1965 feels like the end of the road for seventeen-year-old Zac Weston. After all, there’s nowhere to go when you’re shy, gay, and a virgin. A natural artist, inspiration strikes in the form of neighbor boy Rory, and Zac’s fantasies spill onto the pages of his notebook. When Zac’s secret is discovered, it might take more than wishes to magically make his world right.


He recognized the McHenrys’ truck by the particular chug-chug-clunk sound of its motor. His heart did a song and dance knowing what the sound of that vehicle meant. Either Rory or Dale or both of them had come to cool themselves off in the pond. Even the thought of the teenager brought the now welcome stiffness to his pajama pants.
He listened for a few minutes. The sound of only one truck door opening and slamming. He rose and knelt in front of his window to peer between the silo and the line of oaks that blocked the view of the road and field where the truck was parked. He could see the single darting beam of a flashlight making its way toward the pond. The figure was still too far away to tell who it was, and his heartbeat choked him in anticipation. Fireflies danced like miniature amber lanterns in the deep blue night. The singing insects of summer were alive with a new song, masking the crunch of footfalls on dry grass. Zac picked up the miniature binoculars and held them in front of his eyes, focusing until he found the dark figure moving toward the pond. At last he was beyond the trees moving toward the silo. He was tall. Long, light hair swayed at his shoulders beneath a cowboy hat. Rory. His breath caught.
Once he passed the silo Zac could see him clearly. He had the flashlight in one hand and a bottle of either beer or soda in the other. He paused at the edge of the pond and sat the two things he carried on the ground. He peeled himself out of his pullover T. He kicked off his shoes, removed his socks, rolled them in a ball and stuffed them inside one of the shoes. Zac’s pulse was thick in his throat as he watched him unsnap and unzip his jeans and slip out of them. His naked body glowed like blue marble in the warm moonlight. Even deep in shadow his stature was like a work of art. It was because of the sublime perfection of men like this that songs were written, legends born, dreams fulfilled or hearts broken. Beauty, not blood made princes of this sort.
Zac was breathing so heavily it fogged the lenses of the small binoculars. He looked down the edge of bushes that separated the pond from the Weston backyard. Sheets were still strung on a clothesline waving in the light breeze. Down there was where he needed to be. He pushed his feet into his soft slippers. In a hollow house he had to make as little noise as possible. He knew every floorboard that squeaked and once past his bedroom door, he tiptoed a hopscotch pattern over them to get to the stairs. He walked down these close to the wall where the boards were less worn, stronger and more quiet. At the bottom he listened. He was safe. His parents still slept soundly.

Get the book:

Mentoring the Musenerd by Dan Skinner

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ARC Review: Whiskey Kisses by Anna Martin


Can college roommates go from friends to lovers? 
In a small town about an hour's drive outside Dublin, there’s a whiskey distillery.

Jim has worked in the distillery as its business manager since he returned to his home town after getting his degree. Whiskey is a slow business and rural life is quiet, but Jim takes it in his stride. That is, until the handsome and mysterious Mr Aiden Rooney moves into a room above the local pub and sets off a flurry of gossip.

Aiden’s an artist, and his devil-may-care attitude is a revelation to Jim. But he still lives in a small town in rural Ireland, and he’s not even sure if he wants to be out and proud. The choices they make could change everything, if only Jim dares to follow his heart.

Dani's rating:

If you're in the mood for a quiet, low-key story, with no theatrics or drama, Whiskey Kisses will hit the spot.

This is a novella (under 100 pages) told from Jim's first-person POV. Jim lives in a small Irish town and isn't out to anyone. Homophobia is still very much alive and well, so he prefers to hide. Jim manages a whiskey distillery, and his office window faces the pub where his sister works.

His sister has a crush on the new artist in town, a man named Aiden who lives above the pub. But Aiden only has eyes for Jim.

Jim and Aiden begin an easy relationship that they keep under wraps, although Jim does come out to his mother.

Review Tour: Deacon's Law (Heroes #3) by RJ Scott

Buy Links: 

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Length: 50,000 words approx.

Heroes Series
A Reason To Stay (Book #1) - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Last Marine Standing (Book #2) - Amazon US | Amazon UK

How can you trust the man who tried to kill you?

Undercover cop Deacon Shepherd lost everything trying to maintain his cover - the man he loved and the future he craved. He walked away and never looked back because it was the only way to keep Rafael alive.

The last thing he needs is to be dragged back in that world, but an attempt on Rafael's life is enough to make him risk his heart again.

Rafael 'Rafe' Ramirez wakes up in the hospital, the victim of a hit and run. He’s horrified when the first face he sees is that of the man who betrayed him and left him for dead three years before. Witness protection had stripped Rafe of his family and friends, and now it seems his sacrifice to bring his Uncle to justice was for nothing.

Someone wants Rafe dead, and the only way he can stay alive is to go with the murdering drug dealer who broke his heart. But how can he ever trust Deacon, and how can Deacon protect Rafe without falling in love all over again?


Rafe opened his eyes, attempting to focus on the ceiling above him. He tried to lift his hand, but it felt as if there was lead in his veins, everything heavy and he couldn’t move. They’d told him he was getting better, so what the hell had happened? Had he relapsed? Why was he convinced that they’d taken him somewhere in an ambulance? That he’d leaned against a leather jacket that smelled of sunshine and soap? He blinked until the ceiling finally coalesced into the tiles he was familiar with.

Only there were no tiles.

Instead, the ceiling was a smooth white, and there were no strip lights, just a lampshade in a curious shade of blue. He blinked again. This didn’t make sense.

But when he opened his eyes, nothing had changed. The ceiling was still white, the lampshade blue, and the drapes at the window matched the shade. The drapes. There were drapes at the window. Confusion morphed into panic and he turned his head to the right to get a better feel for where he was and he saw…him.

Sprawled awkwardly in the chair, his head back, long limbs this way and that, clearly too big for the chair, was a specter from a past that wouldn’t leave him alone.


Intense fear sliced into Rafe.

They’d found him, had him strapped to a bed…was it Deacon who’d tracked him down and driven a car at him? He was paralyzed with a fear that made it hard to breathe, and he yanked at his hand, hoping to escape his restraints, only he wasn’t tied down, there was no rope. Instead his hand came up fast and he rolled sideways. Catching himself and coming off the bed, forgetting the fact that his leg was in a cast and toppling sideways, falling with a crash into a cabinet. He flailed but couldn’t stop himself falling, and he knew this was it – this time he was really going to die.

Deacon was up and at his side in an instant, and Rafe wanted to shut his eyes, wanted to block out seeing Deacon’s face again as he died, but he had to watch. He wanted Deacon to see his fear, and maybe that would stop him; maybe he could make Deacon stop and think.

“Shit, Rafe— Craig,” Deacon said, and reached for him, grasping his arms.

Terror became ice inside him, and Rafe stopped fighting; like a deer caught in headlights, he froze.

“What happened?” A second man stood in the doorway, someone Rafe didn’t know – tall, dark and dangerous-looking. Maybe this new arrival could stop Deacon?

Bookblast: Saving Alexander by Susan Mac Nicol

Punishing himself for a horrific past that is not his fault, bestselling author Alexander Montgomery seeks redemption and love—and perhaps he will find it.

Release Date: October 28th 2013
Published By: Boroughs Publishing Group
Genre: MM Contemporary Romance, BDSM

  • Punishing himself for a horrific past that is not his fault, bestselling author Alexander Montgomery seeks redemption and love—and perhaps he will find it.

  • Famous author though he may be, Alexander Montgomery is not someone you take home to meet Mother. Seriously flawed, damaged by a horrific past, he’s trying hard to claw his way back to normality. But how can anyone respect what he truly is? His therapy involves regular sessions at Study in Scarlet, an exclusive S&M club.

  • Then comes Sage. Tall, with black hair and blue eyes, an up-and-coming actor with impossible charm and boy-next-door good looks, he’s the perfect choice to play the leading man in a TV adaptation of Alex’s last best-seller. Even more, he is a man you introduce to your family. Which Alex would do—if he weren’t taken by another man who offers the punishments Alex prays will wipe away the past and make him the person he wants to be. Yet, perhaps there is another path to redemption. If only the solution would reach out and touch him.

Alex stood as Christopher Sage entered the room and kissed Jenny in greeting. The older woman smiled delightedly, giving him a warm hug.

Alex studied the man who had invaded his dreams more than once and been instrumental in bringing his sexual fantasies to a literal climax.

He was even more delicious in person. And the man was gay. That was a real bonus.

Six-foot-and-some tall, longish curly black hair, deep blue eyes that crinkled when he smiled and a rangy body that looked as if it were made to wear fine suits or nothing at all. In tight blue jeans and a checked long sleeve shirt with a white tee shirt underneath, Sage looked very relaxed.

Alex had a sudden image of peeling off the shirt to find a nice set of pectoral muscles beneath, then running his hands over them. The other man’s mouth was extremely kissable, with generous lips that Alex wanted to nibble. His cock shifted in his chinos at the images his mind was conjuring up and he cursed the sudden rush of heat to his groin.

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ARC Review: Out by Cara Dee

“I guess I always figured coming out was something you did for friends and family, and maybe it is, but it’s personal too, you know? The person I was last night is new. I wanna get to know him.”

I had two things on my list when I arrived in Los Angeles. One, track down Henry Bennington, the uncle and guardian of my little brother’s best friend, and tell him to get his ass back to Washington. He needed to do something about his nephew, who was turning into a douchebag. And two, figure out just how non-straight I was. For the past two years, I’d had all these fantasies, and now was the time to explore them, far away from my sleepy little town.

Nowhere on this list did it say, “Get Ty’s uncle into bed and fall for him.” I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with another city either. But between brunch, making new friends, and discovering the man I was meant to be, I lost sight of the future that had once seemed pretty damn vivid. How the hell was I supposed to merge my old life and who I used to be with the new dreams Los Angeles and Henry had awakened in me?

Jewel's rating:

​​I love the Camassia Cove series and pretty much everything else I've read by Cara Dee. No lie. I can't tell you just how excited I was to see a new book by this fabulous author and when I heard about the cameos -- I was so there! Ms Dee's writing is just amazing and I can't think of a time I haven't enjoyed spending time in the worlds she's created.

Out has so many things that just ring my bell:
Age gap ✔️
Self discovery ✔️
Sexual exploration ✔️
Smexy smexy times ✔️
Touch o' kink ✔️
Tons of feels ✔️

Special mentions for cameos:
Noah & Julian (Noah)
Cam (and a sighting of his husband and daughter) (Aftermath)
Dominic, Adrian, and Thea (Home)

Book Review: Noah by Cara Dee

Have you ever woken up and expected to see destruction everywhere?

In 48 hours, I lost everything. I came home to find my girlfriend of four years with another man. The next day a plane crash ripped my family away from me, shattering me in the process. In many ways, I died that day, too. The fun-loving man who'd lived in the fast lane and loved his career in the film industry was gone. Left was a forty-year-old shell that dwelled at the bottom of a bottle.

Only one person knew what I was going through. My sister's stepson, who hadn't been on the plane. Julian knew what it was like to lose everyone he loved, too. He'd stopped showing up at reunions when he was a teenager, so I didn’t know him very well. But I told him at the memorial service he could come out and visit me in LA whenever. One day he did, and I guessed it was as good a day as any to start picking up the pieces and see what was left of us.

Jewel's rating:

"Does love conquer all?"..."No," ... "but I believe it gives us what we need in order to fight."

And so it does. Noah is a gorgeous story by an author who has managed to become a favorite of mine, very quickly. I, easily, got lost in the imagery and the feelings of loss and of love. Noah has a tragic beginning of betrayal of a lover and then the greatest loss of a family, in an instant. The story is told from Noah's POV so we spend a lot of time inside his head, feeling his pain, his doubts, his struggles with attraction and, finally his love for Julian. I loved every moment of this story, from the angsty beginning, to the gorgeous ending.

Noah Collins is a successful, 40 year old Hollywood director. He's not an A-lister, which is just fine with him, but he's done well. He's worked very hard to get where he is and he's happy. Or so he thought. But walking into his house while his girlfriend was cheating on him, and then losing his whole family the next day in a plane crash, sent Noah to a pretty dark place. Noah does not cope well, at all, and turns to self medicating with alcohol. His friends are awesome and understanding, but there is really only one person that truly understands what he is going through. And that would be his nephew (by marriage, not by blood), Julian. He and Julian have never been close and haven't seen each other in years, until the memorial service.

Cover Reveal: Holidays Ever After by Various Authors


Title: Holidays Ever After 
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Publisher: Carter & Bradley Publishing 
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Romance Genre(s): Contemporary 
Pages: 1581

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No matter the time of the year, it’s always the season for seduction!

From Spicy to Sweet and everything in between, this sizzling boxed set of TWENTY contemporary romances from today’s New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors will give you tons of holiday hunks to fall in love with. Inside these pages you’ll find everything from sexy strangers and brooding billionaires to marines, firefighters, and the guy next door.

Whether you’re in the mood for a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, or a New Year’s celebration, this limited edition Holiday Ever After anthology is packed with exclusive, full-length titles to lift your spirits. From Halloween to Kwanzaa, Valentines Day, Norooz, and the Fourth of July, these stories will give your holiday season extra spark and will be the best romantic holiday bundle to hit your ereader this year!

Get ready to heat up your holidays when you treat yourself to
Holidays Ever After!

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About the Authors

Monday, October 16, 2017

ARC Review: Familiar Angel by Amy Lane

Familiar Angel
One hundred and forty years ago, Harry, Edward, and Francis met an angel, a demon, and a sorceress while escaping imprisonment and worse! They emerged with a new family—and shapeshifting powers beyond their wildest dreams.

Now Harry and his brothers use their sorcery to rescue those enslaved in human trafficking—but Harry’s not doing so well. Pining for Suriel the angel has driven Harry to take more and more risks until his family desperately asks Suriel for an intervention.

In order for Suriel to escape the bindings of heaven, he needs to be sure enough of his love to fight to be with Harry. Back when they first met, Harry was feral and angry, and didn’t know enough about love for Suriel to justify that risk. Can Suriel trust in Harry enough now to break his bonds of service for the boy who has loved his Familiar Angel for nearly a century and a half?

Jewel's rating:

Familiar Angel was such a cute story of magic and angels and demons and cats. Yes, cats. There was a ton of world-building and not as much romance as I would have liked, but I've got to say, I do love Amy Lane's vast imagination. It had a "once upon a time..." feel to it, and I rather enjoyed the storytelling.

Familiar Angel is not only the story of Harry and Suriel, but also is used to introduce a cast of secondary characters and build out the world. The MC's aren't together for all that much of the story, but I could still feel their connection and their longing. It takes 140 years before they are able to be together for more than a few hours at a time, and Harry spends those decades learning how to live and love and overcome his past and help others to do the same.

Blogtour: Count the Shells by Charlie Cochrane

Please say hello to Charlie Cochrane with 

Count The Shells 

Porthkennack #6


Michael Gray returned from World War One injured, but at least he returned. Others were not so fortunate, including his first and greatest love, Thomas Carter-Clemence, with whom Michael had parted bitterly before the conflict began.

Broch, the Carter-Clemence home in Porthkennack, was an integral part of pre-war holidays for the Grays, the two families drawn together in the wake of their sons’ friendship. Returning to the once-beloved Cornish coast for a break with his sister and her family, Michael has to find the courage to face old memories . . . and dare new relationships.

When Thomas’s brother Harry makes an unexpected appearance, Michael is surprised to find himself deeply attracted to Harry for his own sake. But as their relationship heats up, it unearths startling revelations and bitter truths. Michael must decide whether Harry is the answer to his prayers or the last straw to break an old soldier’s back.

Get the book:

Welcome to Porthkennack, a charming Cornish seaside town with a long and sometimes sinister history. Legend says King Arthur's Black Knight built the fort on the headland here, and it’s a certainty that the town was founded on the proceeds of smuggling, piracy on the high seas, and the deliberate wrecking of cargo ships on the rocky shore. Nowadays it draws in the tourists with sunshine and surfing, but locals know that the ghosts of its Gothic past are never far below the surface.

This collaborative story world is brought to you by five award-winning, best-selling British LGBTQ romance authors: Alex Beecroft, Joanna Chambers, Charlie Cochrane, Garrett Leigh, and JL Merrow. Follow Porthkennack and its inhabitants through the centuries and through the full rainbow spectrum with historical and contemporary stand-alone titles.

Check out Porthkennack!

About the author:

Blogtour: Familiar Angel by Amy Lane

We're delighted to welcome Amy Lane with 

Familiar Angel 


One hundred and forty years ago, Harry, Edward, and Francis met an angel, a demon, and a sorceress while escaping imprisonment and worse! They emerged with a new family—and shapeshifting powers beyond their wildest dreams.

Now Harry and his brothers use their sorcery to rescue those enslaved in human trafficking—but Harry’s not doing so well. Pining for Suriel the angel has driven him to take more and more risks until his family desperately asks Suriel for an intervention.

In order for Suriel to escape the bindings of heaven, he needs to be sure enough of his love to fight to be with Harry. Back when they first met, Harry was feral and angry, and he didn’t know enough about love for Suriel to justify that risk. Can Suriel trust in Harry enough now to break his bonds of service for the boy who has loved his Familiar Angel for nearly a century and a half?


“Hide!” Harry had just enough presence of mind to grab Francis’s other side to help Edward pull him through the thicket of brambles that lined the river. Bleeding, dirty, breathless, they slid to a halt in a hollow between the blackberry bushes and the hill, lying on their stomachs, Francis sandwiched between them. Francis, who had received a terrible scratch from the corner of his mouth to the corner of his eye, moaned in pain. Harry shushed him, and Edward placed a gentle hand over his mouth.
A woman, clothed in blinding, glowing white, burst into the clearing with a man—man?—draped over her shoulder. His clothes were red velvet, and thick curly hair grew all over his face and large skull, like a goat’s.
His back feet were cloven.
“Leonard,” she begged. “Leonard… darling. Wake up. Wake up. I need your help.”
Leonard—the thing… man—rolled his head, much like Francis had done, and moaned. “Emma, leave me. If they find me with you… if they find Mullins here….”
“Mullins!” the woman whispered. “Mullins—I’m losing him. Oh please—Mullins, he’s losing himself again.”
“I’m losing myself again!” came a terrible growl, and another Leonard-like thing stepped into the clearing—this one very obviously glowing red. “Emma, we need to do the ritual. I can’t….” The monster thing, Mullins, let out a horrifying series of snuffling grunts and growls. “I’ll turn,” he said, sounding tearful—if a beast could be in tears. “I’ll turn and gut you both.”
“I understand,” she whispered. “You’ve been very brave. Here.” She set Leonard on the ground then and started to pull items from a leather satchel across her shoulder. “We’ll do it right now.”
“This isn’t the ceremonial place!” Mullins said, sounding despondent. “It’s not cleansed, it’s not prepared—”
To Harry’s surprise, Emma put a tender hand on the beast’s cheek. “My sweet boy, you’ve been too long in hell. We don’t need the trappings of the spell—although the things in those hex bags should help us focus. We just need ourselves, and our good intentions, and our desire.”
Mullins’s grunt was self-deprecating. “The road to hell is the one paved with good intentions,” he said gruffly.
“That’s only because the demons trying to get to earth walked that path first,” she said, sounding cheeky. In their quiet interaction, Harry got a better look at her. Not young—over twenty—but not old either, she was beautiful in every sense of the word. Straight nose, even teeth, perfectly oval face, and blonde hair that streamed, thick and healthy, to her waist, she was what every boy should dream about when he went to sleep hoping for a wife.
Harry didn’t dream about girls, but he could look at this one and know the appeal.
But it was more than the physical beauty—and she had it all, soft hips, small waist, large breasts—there was the kindness to the beasties. The gentleness and calm she radiated when Mullins had threatened her.
Suddenly Harry had a powerful yearning for his mum, when she’d been dead for nearly five years.
“Here,” Emma said, breaking the sweetness of the moment. “Take the hex bags—there’s ten. Make a pentagram with me and Leonard in the center. I’m summoning an angel, love. You may want to leave when you’re done. I’ve no guarantees he’ll be friendly to you.”
“That’s not news,” Mullins said dryly and began his task. “Do you…. Emma, I know you’re powerful. You summoned my master for knowledge on power alone. But all else you have done, you have done out of love.”
“Including persuade you to our side,” she said. While he set the hex bags, she was stretching Leonard out before her, stripping his shirt with deft, practiced movements. The skin underneath the clothes was smooth and human, and Harry felt nauseated at the abomination of beast and man.
But Emma seemed to care for him.
“It would be worth any torture,” Mullins said softly, pausing in his duties, “to know Leonard will live.”
“Come with us!” Emma begged. “I may not love you like I love Leonard, but you’ve been a good friend to us. Please—”
Mullins shook his head. “It’s not enough to break me free,” he said, and his bestial smile would haunt Harry and Edward for years. “Someone would have to love me enough to sacrifice for me, and make no mistake, Emma. This will come down to your sacrifice. You will be stripped of your power, your youth—are you sure you want to do this?”
Emma let out a sigh. “I would live a mortal lifetime without worry,” she said softly. “But I do not want him all alone without me. ’Twould be cruel.” She closed her eyes for a moment, and then—
Harry gasped and heard Edward do the same.
She was looking right at them.
“I’m about to do something very wrong,” she said, great conviction carrying in her serenity. “But I think something very right too. Carry on, Mullins, but run as soon as you are done.” Her voice dropped. “Please, my friend—I’ll have enough weighing on my soul for tonight’s doings as it is.”
Mullins continued to bustle, and as he set the last hex bag down, Emma began to chant. Mullins traced a circle in the dirt around the outside bags, and then, when the circle ends touched, he pulled out a knife.
Emma nodded unhappily at him and then bit her lip as he cut a line on his palm and let the blood drip on the sealed ends of the dirt line. He and Emma looked at each other again, a strong friendship locking their gaze, before he turned and lurched away, his gait awkward and crippled on his cloven hooves. Harry felt some compassion for him then, poor beast, good friend—but his gaze didn’t linger.
He was too busy watching the white light around Emma grow larger, filling the space inside the pentagram like a bowl.
The light exploded outward, filling the clearing itself, and then one more time, just a few feet more.
Harry and Edward stared at each other, terrified.

Get the book:

Cats Come in a Clowder


Amy Lane

So, Familiar Angel is the first of a three book series about three boys, escaping from a brutal life in a whorehouse, who stumble upon matters far beyond their understanding. They emerge with a new family—and new shape-shifting powers—as the familiars of a very strong, very compassionate witch.

I have to admit, the best part of this whole deal for me would be the ability to turn into a cat.

You may laugh, but seriously—everybody knows those Marvel quizzes? Which superpower would you want? Long life is a good one, and so is the ability to heal wounds, and I certainly wouldn’t spit on super-strength of any kind.

But I’ve always yearned to be a cat.

What’s not to love? I mean, my cats have the life.

Wake up and look for food.

Take a nap on the back of the couch.

Wake up and look for the bathroom. When done, kick sand all over the place because that’s fun, right?

Take a nap next to the owner, because the stench coming from the sandbox is easily slept through and not a nuisance at all.

Wake up and look for food.

Disdain the dogs.

The food bowl is half-empty—whine.

It is still half-empty—whine some more.

Join the other cat, whining.  

Get fed by sleepy owner who calls you glorious names like, “asshole” and “whiny stupid baby”.

Go into the living room with your ally, the other cat.

Pretend there is no other cat.

Take a nap in the middle of the sunspot on the floor.

Make a momentous decision… inside or outside. Inside or outside. Inside… or out…side…inside you bitch don’t shut that door!

Scratch on the door to be let out.

Frolic with the wildlife.

Eat whatever you kill.

If you don’t eat it, just stare at it, being judgy.

You have judged a lizard to death—you deserve a reward.

How about a nice nap, right?
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