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Book Review: Tiger Tricks by Edith Scott

Tiger Tricks
Rhett: I’ve fought a lot of fires but this is one blaze I can’t put out.

I rose from my past and became a damn good fireman. They made me the cover model for the calendar, but I’m still not a fit for polite society.

I don’t do commitment. Or responsibility. But then a crazy fan sent me a puppy — a terrified untrained Dalmatian. I was supposed to throw him away?

The gorgeous guy at the shelter wasn’t impressed either. Oscar took my breath away, all dark eyes, glasses and skinny jeans.

He’s way out of my league. No strings? No problem.

But is our burning chemistry is too hot to handle?

Oscar: You know what they say about playing with fire.

I was a social media star until an ugly public breakup drove me to idyllic Amberly. I needed to get away from it all. Live the analog life. Work in the dog shelter. Stay out of relationships.
Then the fireman hunk on my calendar walked into the shelter cradling a Dalmatian puppy in his arms.

Rhett is sexy. Tattooed. Covered in muscles. He’s the player bad boy I definitely should stay away from. So when he answered my ad to rent my guest house, and my history of bad judgment, of course I said yes.

Can I handle a fling without getting burned?

Todd's rating:

Both of the MC's in this book were great guys, but they each came with their own set of substantial baggage.

Rhett grew up in foster care, then was later adopted by an amazing couple at age 14, but he still can't recognize his own self-worth, regardless of what others say, so how could he ever be good enough to deserve love. Instead, he settles for one-off Grindr 'dates,' but never anything more. Ever. EVER. E-V-E-R.

As a popular Internet personality, Oscar may have a million YouTube followers, but he's hiding from past mistakes and most of the world at large after being taken advantage of in his last relationship. How can he allow himself to trust again so quickly?

So neither guy feels that they're either worthy or ready for anything serious, but a friends with benefits situation with the only person who's ever blown your socks clean off? Sure, that they can handle. Or so they tell themselves.

This was an extremely cute story that worked well for me, for the most part. There were places in the story that felt a bit too cutesy, a bit hokey, almost bordering on Hallmark, but overall I got pretty lost in the adorability of it all.

Then we have Tiger, the Dalmatian puppy who gets dropped into Rhett's lap by an adoring group who are fans of his Sexy Firemen calendar.

The story is fairly well paced, with little dragging, but an occasional lurch ahead in the timeline; however, my interest in what would happen next never waned.

As per usual in these "our relationship has an expiration date" stories, we get the requisite separation, but fortunately it didn't last long, with which I was both pleased and relieved.

There are also a few tugs at the old heart strings, especially the big climactic scene toward the end. Their reconnection was both impactful and touching, which left me with a bit of a lump in my throat.

For the sex, the story wasn't what I'd call heavily-populated with those scenes, but there were definitely enough of them, where they were actually needed. And they were pretty steamy. (The wedding scene. Jesus. 'Nuff said.)

The boys do get their HEA, which was convincing, although we don't get an actual epilogue to help cement the deal.

Overall, I'd rate this one at around 3.75 stars, which would've been slightly higher if the writing had been a wee bit less 'made for TV' movie of the week.

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