Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Heather's 2016 GRL Experience, Day 3

Hellllloooo friends, and welcome to my FINAL day of GRL 2016! The last full day of GRL is always a favorite of mine because it is the Featured Author GIANT Book Signing event! It is the best time to get to know (aka, stalk) your favorite authors, and, in my case, convince them to take picture after picture with you (perhaps against their will... I don't think they anticipated needing a safe word for GRL).

Also, Saturday night was the THEME PARTY (<-- that comes later!). I can't wait to show pictorial evidence of that night to all of you!

I absolutely loved spending time with some of the most talented authors out there. First up, Rhys Ford!

Cole and Jae-Min forever!
Next, I ran into Jayden Brooks, who was SO sweet! She stopped me to tell me that she is a big fan of my reviews. (I think I found my first Heather-fan!).
Gotta pose with my coffee!
I also saw Wade Kelly, who legitimately had no idea who I was every single time that I saw her, even though I've met her no less than 7(!!) times! Yes, I gave her much shit for it!

Smiling at me, aka, a stranger.

I made my way around the room, taking pictures of authors and stopping to ask many about their most popular books.
One fan bought every single Jay Northcote paperback that you see in the back row!
Kendall McKenna was super busy talking to fans, but I snapped her pic anyway!
Me, with my girl, Lane Hayes!
The super popular Riley Hart, posing with her best sellers! She was adorable and looked so young with her braces!
After the book signing it was time for the costume party! This year it was Wizard of Oz themed (you know, because Kansas City!). I had soooooo much fun, you guys! I dressed up, of course. I was aiming for Tin Man, but I got sort of the Tin Man's sex-worker cousin... but I rocked that wig!
Pouty face. Notice my heart-choker? See- TIN MAN!
Me and the lovely lollypop guild. And one lollypop got sort of... excited in the foreground.
Some more authentic tin men. Jay and Rick R. Reed!
I spent a LOT of time with these two hilarious and AWESOME men, Brandon Witt and Edmond Manning!
Exactly as the picture was being taken, Edmond burped RIGHT IN MY EAR.
Side-eye from Brandon. I still managed to smile, even though my ear is now beer-y smelling.
So coy, so innocent.
A few lovely party-goers!
It was the extremely wonderful Meghan Maslow's birthday during that night, so she convinced me to go to the main hotel bar in costume with her. We ended up having a very strange night with an older man who may or may not have thought that we were about to have a threesome with him (spoiler: we didn't). I am now, apparently, a huge New Orleans's Saints fan and a mentor to Meghan in our joint dental practice in D.C. (all lies, but I am actually a dentist). It was a night to remember!

The next day, I woke up at the crack of dawn to catch a 6 am flight (NOT AGAIN).

Thank you, everyone for hanging out on my GRL journey with me! I hope you had a good time reading about my adventures, and I'll be blogging again from my next con for your enjoyment!


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  1. Great post! And yes, I bow my head in shame for forgetting you :( I will remember next time! Your name is Linda, correct? ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing your adventures and all those fun pics!


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