Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Heather's 2016 GRL Experience, Day 2

Thank you for joining me on day two of my GRL experience! Adventures and penis-themed art awaits! Wait, what? More on that to come...

I started off my day hitting the gym and working out HARD, only to epically sneeze in the hallway and pull a muscle in my back, like the spaz that I am. All pictures from this point on will include me under the influence of alcohol or heavy Advil doses. The show must go on!

My first GRL-related event of the day was "Books You Can Devour" storyteller series with Rick R. Reed, Bru Baker, and Brandon Witt. They talked about their favorite food memories, and what kinds of research they do or don't do for their food-loving stories. It was scrumptious! (Get it?? I'm cool like that.)

Sharing a secret white-trash mac-and-cheese recipe with us! Psst- it includes tuna!
I then hung around the author lounges for the next couple of hours to meet and chat with some amazing authors. I started off with a little, ehem, eye-candy. T. M. Smith's cover model for Live for Love was there to pose with the book for me! I didn't ask him to take off his shirt to confirm that it was really him, you know, for science, because I'm classy like that.

Daaaamn, those arms!
I dried off my drool and made my way around the room, catching authors before they could escape me! I started with Z.A. Maxfield, who met me over and over again but had no idea who I was each time (we blamed my changing hairstyles).

"Who is this stranger who keep coming up to me?" <-- ZAM's thoughts
I then posed with Brandon Witt and Johnny Williams in front of a poster of a man, a man whom we absolutely did NOT oogle for an uncomfortably long time. Brandon and I had an interesting conversation with Johnny about blue hair. No, not head-hair... 

Picture time!

I also talked to Jay Northcote and J.K. Hogan!

Jay Northcote! Tatoos, anyone?
Do you think I could pull off J.K. Hogan's hair?

I also had a LONG talk with K.A. Mitchell (who I absolutely did NOT bump and grind with later that night...) about her new pen name, Cin Forrester! Her upcoming book with this pen name is a SPANKING story! Music to my dirty, dirty ears.

So pumped for the new Cin Forrester books! I also, of course, love her as K.A. Mitchell!
Of course, I can't leave a GRL without stalking one of my all-time favorite authors, Kaje Harper, who is an auto-buy for me!

I found you, Kaje!
Next up was my FAVORITE event of GRL, the Cock Walk! All proceeds went to the Pulse Victims Fund, and we raised over $1,000 in ticket sales! The cock walk had some very handsome helpers, which only made it THAT much more enjoyable.
Me, with Brandon Witt's leggings. I WANT THOSE. #partofyourworld
A table of very innocent looking prizes.

Edmond Manning, rocking that condom hat like a BOSS.
Just some bros hanging out after wrestling practice... (I see you, Jacob Z. Flores!)
I won a prize! Edmond and I are matching!
Close up of my prize. And, yes, I had to walk through the entire hotel lobby with that thing!
Bros giving bros a lift.
I told a story! I have an expressive face....

I also won some fancy jewelry! Perfect for special occasions!
After the Cock Walk (my face hurt from laughing so much!), I went out to an amazing dinner with a few awesome readers and Lane Hayes and Rick R Reed.

It was sooooo goooood!
I then did a quick wardrobe change and stopped by the GRL dance party to boogie and visit the photo booth!
Hamming it up with readers Susan, Anya, and Alissa!
I can't wait to tell you guys about day 3!!! Catch you tomorrow!!

And, if you missed it, here are my wraps ups of Day 1 and Deals!


  1. Yay! It was so great to see you! (God, why am I so bad at looking at the camera? LOL)
    It looked like you were having a great time. Hope to see you in Denver!

  2. I'm not even sure *I'm* pulling off my hair. LOL
    You're so beautiful, you could pull off anything, but I might have to tie you up to keep you from cutting your long hair. ;-)

    1. You SO pulled off that hair!!! It looked awesome!

    2. Ha! I'll keep my hair long and just wear wigs!

  3. What a great post and how great it was to meet you!


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