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ARC Review: Making Waves (Wrench Wars, #4) by Marie Sexton

A Wrench Wars Story

Best friends since they were teenagers, Ward Kent and Dean Zimmerman work together at Reggie’s garage, where the reality show Wrench Wars is filmed. Outside of work, Dean is a notorious player, and as far as he’s concerned, Ward’s the best wingman ever. Little does he know, Ward is much more interested in the gentlemen than the ladies.

Then Dean’s younger brother, Ash, comes to work at the garage. Ash may be seven years younger, but he’s had a crush on Ward for years, and he’s not shy about going after what he wants.

Admitting his best friend and his brother are gay is one thing. Seeing them together? That’s a bit more than Dean can take, and he’s about to force Ward to make a decision: lose his best friend and his job, or give up Ash forever.

Jewel's rating:

Making Waves is the 4th book in the Wrench Wars series. All of the books work fine as stand alone, though, so if you haven't read the others, you should still be fine. There is come character crossover, but no plot crossover, so have at it!

Wrench Wars is a TV "reality" show about mechanics being divas. Dean Zimmerman, apparently is the head diva, but unfortunately for everyone, Dean does not keep all his drama on the set. There was exactly one thing I didn't like about Making Waves, and that would be Dean. He was a childish, selfish prick who never listened to anyone. Nope, he assumed if he thought something was cool or fun then everybody else would feel the same. And even when presented with evidence, time and again, that it isn't the case, Dean just goes on his merry way being a childish, selfish prick steamrolling over everyone.

Ward Kent and Dean have been friends for fifteen years. Dean is the closest thing Ward has to family and when they were growing up, Dean was the one who kept him sane and made him feel like he had any family at all. So, Ward feels a fair amount of loyalty toward Dean and has pretty much always let Dean get his way. The always letting Dean get his way is something he comes to regret just a bit when Dean throws the temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums at the thought of Dean and Ash being in a relationship. Keep in mind that Dean and Ward are around 28. Yep, 28 and Dean is still throwing fits. Someone needs a timeout.

Ward, when he sees Ash for the first time in eight years, is completely caught off guard by the fact that Ash is all grown up now. The attraction is instant, even as Ward tries to fight it. And as much as he wants to see Ash as a younger brother, he doesn't, instead seeing Ash as all man. Delicious delicious man.

Ash Zimmerman is Dean's younger brother. Being eight years younger than Dean and Ward meant that when Ash was a kid he completely idolized Dean and Ward, even as he was seriously crushing on Ward. Ash sees a chance to see if that crush could be more and also if feelings might be reciprocated. I thought Ash was pretty mature, overall. Especially when comparing him to his "older" brother. From the looks of things, he got all the 'levelheaded' genes in the family. Ash knows what he wants and he goes for it. He's 22 now, and even though Dean refuses to see that he isn't a child anymore, well Ward doesn't seem to suffer the same affliction and so Ash chooses to pursue Ward, not that it takes a whole lot of effort on Ash's part.

All of the angst and drama came from Dean. Take him out of the story and we'd have a fun, low angst novella with some sexy bits. I kind of wish that would have been what we got. But maybe Dean will take this opportunity to grow up a bit and get a life. Thankfully, I still managed to enjoy Making Waves because I liked Ash and Ward, as well as the other mechanics we encounter from the previous books. Love will find a way, Dean, even if you're holding your breath and stomping your feet.


ARC of Making Waves was generously provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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