Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Book Review: Unraveling Josh (Ellery College #3) by Edie Danford

Unraveling Josh
When the crown prince of bad boys hooks up with his former high school crush, he’s after just one kind of happy ending.

Nick McQueen just scored the perfect hookup—Ellery College ski champion, Joshua Pahlke. What better way for Nick to prove his transformation from high school loser to sexy sinner? He’ll gift golden-boy Josh with the hottest, dirtiest sex of his life and then leave him begging for more.

But his definition of happiness is about to change…

Josh needs to blow off steam. He’s spent years pushing himself in academics and sports, but nagging injuries and career doubts have him craving a new challenge. Nick might be the key—he sure as hell turns Josh’s crank. Josh eagerly rises to the task of winning over moody-broody Nick. But when new love and old secrets change the rules of their game, “winning” takes on a whole new meaning.

Todd's rating:

I absolutely LOVED this one, even though I hadn't read either of the first two books in the series. (If there were references to any previous characters, they were so subtle that I never even noticed them.)

It had 2 very lovable MC's, some snark, lots of character development, just enough back-story on Nick's past crush on Josh and Nick's bullying, plus some pretty steamy love scenes (uhh, hawt!) and what I considered to be the very strong start to an HEA.

As I figured, once "the big reveal" of Nick's ugliest secret happened, they do break up (for a time,) no shocker there, but it was so much fun seeing Nick work through many of his issues and prove to Josh that he's worth being given second chance to be the person they both know that Nick can be for Josh. And for himself.

As another reader mentioned in their review, I too feel that a more apt title for the book would have been "Unraveling Nick," as it was Nick who was more of a puzzle to be unraveled by Josh versus the other way around.

Nick was the "moody-broody, Cocky Kid," who screwed around and didn't answer to anyone as the story began, after all. Josh was much more "what you see is what you get," so not tons of 'unraveling' to do there, really.

I was completely sold on the whole "Josh lives in a stone tower" deal, but the part at the end with the Prince and Knight role playing, ugh, NO, I thought that was flat out silly and made my eyes roll clean up in my skull, repeatedly.

But I'd still give it a solid 4.75 stars and strongly recommend this one.

This was my own copy of the book and was not provided by the publisher.

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