Saturday, August 20, 2016

Book Review: Nest by Anyta Sunday

Please Note: This is a second edition of the novel "Lenny For Your Thoughts". This version of the story has been restructured into a chronological progression and some scenes have had heavy rewrites. At its heart though, it is the same story of love and romance between Lenny and Julian.

It just happened. I wasn't ready, but it didn't matter. You smiled, and it knocked me from my nest, took my breath away, and left me falling, falling, falling.

Julian: Enemy. Cousin. Best Friend. Something else?

Lenny: Confused. Fascinated. Frustrated. Broken. Together, Julian and Lenny are the boy who smiles and the boy who falls.


Lenny's life in the small village of Waldau hasn't changed in years. While friends grew up and moved on, Lenny and his oma remain in the same place. Now Lenny's going to make things different: a new life, in a new city, and a chance to forget his cousin Julien--the boy he loved, and who left him behind. But just as Lenny's future looks like it’s becoming reality, Julien returns, bringing with him all the sweet, wonderful, and painful memories of their past.

What does his cousin want? And is it something Lenny can give him?

Jewel's rating:

A little while back, I read rock and it went straight to my favorites shelf. Recently, nest made its way onto my TBR and given that I loved rock so much, I looked forward to reading this one.

Like rock , nest is told in the present tense, from the POV of one character. There are other plot parallels, as well, but the stories still felt distinct, to me.

In nest, it is known from the beginning that Lenny and Julian are first cousins. They don't come from a close knit extended family, though. In fact, Julian's mom discourages him from associating with Lenny's side of the family. Julian, from the time Lenny was 7 or 8, though, disobeys, though and he and Lenny become best friends, along with their other friend, Ben.

The story nest tells, spans about 20 years, from the time Lenny is six years old. We watch them fight, then become friends and best friends and then watch them fight "more". There is heart ache and heart break and then, finally, they get their happy.

While rock continues to be my favorite, I did still enjoy nest quite a lot. It was beautiful, in its own way.

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