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Blogtour: Far From Home by Lorelie Brown

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Far From Home 


My name is Rachel. I’m straight . . . I think. I also have a mountain of student loans and a smart mouth. I wasn’t serious when I told Pari Sadashiv I’d marry her. It was only party banter! Except Pari needs a green card, and she’s willing to give me a breather from drowning in debt.

My off-the-cuff idea might not be so terrible. We get along as friends. She’s really romantically cautious, which I find heartbreaking. She deserves someone to laugh with. She’s kind. And calm. And gorgeous. A couple of years with her actually sounds pretty good. If some of Pari’s kindness and calm rubs off on me, that’d be a bonus, because I’m a mess—anorexia is not a pretty word—and my little ways of keeping control of myself, of the world, aren’t working anymore.

And if I slip up, Pari will see my cracks. Then I’ll crack. Which means I gotta get out, quick, before I fall in love with my wife.

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To be fair, “cast your book” is almost an unfair blog topic for me. I’m already one of those authors who write based off actors as inspiration. I have Pinterest boards and Tumblr blogs filled with whomever I’m writing at the moment. Sometimes I create a character and then go looking for the perfect face for it. Sometimes I see an actor and the story comes to life from there.

Kate Mara was one who I saw first, and the character came later. I watched her in season one of House of Cards. She was furiously driven in a way that ended up making her vulnerable. She was confident in her beauty and yet…fragile. Damaged somehow. I wanted to explore that. Of course, by the end of it all, Rachel from Far From Home ended up resembling Zoe Barnes not in the itty bitty least beyond her looks, but I guess that’s how creativity works, right? For me at least.

I knew I wanted to write a marriage of convenience trope. That’s where I started with this book. Next I made the leap to a green card romance, because that would be fun. At first I was going to write Rachel with Eva Green because she’s so damn hot. I wanted a balance for Rachel who embodied sexiness. But then I realized I was jumping through hoops trying to think of a reason a French woman would have to go to such lengths for a green card and I had to unpack my accidentally racist bullshit.

Do you know who’s beautiful and sensual and incredibly curvy in the bestest way? Aishwarya Rai. God, she’s gorgeous. She’s also an insanely talented actress, so that’s super handy when Gina Prince-Bythewood signs on as director of Far From Home. (What? I get to hand pick my director too, right?)

Rachel’s best friend makes a couple appearances in Far From Home too, but the problem is she’s not based on an actress. I happen to love surfing and I’ve followed the World Tour off and on for years. (Which is now the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour. Because selling out keeps sports going.)

But maybe Malia Manuel would want to play Nikki in her time off from the tour. After all, Nikki is a professional surfer too. It wouldn’t be toooo big of a stretch. Wait, since this is make believe anyway, of course she’ll take the role. And she’ll be damn good at it too.

Buy Far From Home. Read it. Tweet me and tell me if you think I’m crazy with these castings. Hell, tweet me about your favorite movie candy. I’m chatty like that. ;)

Meet the author:

After a seminomadic childhood throughout California, Lorelie Brown spent high school in Orange County before joining the US Army. After traveling the world from South Korea to Italy, she now lives north of Chicago. She writes her Pacific Blue series of hot surfers in order to channel some warmth.

Lorelie has three active sons, two yappy dogs, and a cat who cusses her out on a regular basis for not petting him enough.

In her immense free time (hah!) Lorelie cowrites award-winning contemporary erotic romance under the name Katie Porter. You can find out more about the Vegas Top Guns and Command Force Alpha series at or at @MsKatiePorter.



To celebrate the release of Far From Home, Lorelie is giving away a ring! That’s right, a size 7 ring, similar to the one Pari buys for Rachel in the book. Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on August 6, 2016. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!

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