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ARC Review: Adulting 101 by Lisa Henry

Adulting 101From the blurb:

The struggle is real.

Nick Stahlnecker is eighteen and not ready to grow up yet. He has a summer job, a case of existential panic, and a hopeless crush on the unattainable Jai Hazenbrook. Except how do you know that your coworker’s unattainable unless you ask to blow him in the porta-potty?

That’s probably not what Dad meant when he said Nick should act more like an adult.

Twenty-five-year-old Jai is back in his hometown of Franklin, Ohio, just long enough to earn the money to get the hell out again. His long-term goal of seeing more of the world is worth the short-term pain of living in his mother’s basement, but only barely.

Meeting Nick doesn’t fit in with Jai’s plans at all, but, as Jai soon learns, you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to have the adventure of a lifetime.

This is not a summer romance. This is a summer friendship-with-benefits. It’s got pizza with disgusting toppings, Netflix and chill, and accidental exhibitionism. That’s all. There are no feelings here. None. Shut up.

Heather's rating:


Is the intensity of the world getting you down, and you don't want to read another book about a formally abused homeless shelter volunteer finding love with a recovering alcoholic who is supporting his disabled sister in a ramshackle apartment? In the mood for something lighter? Or, dare I say it, just fun? Then you are in the right place, because this book was light, sexy, and 100% enjoyable.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Lisa Henry?? Writing fluff?! Yes, friends, Lisa Henry can write fluff and she can write it damn well, as evidenced by a lot of her new adult offerings. If you haven't tried Lisa Henry-lite, I think you are in for a very pleasant surprise.

To start off my review, I will write a short ass-focused haiku because, like Nick, I do love a nice tush:

That ass is so round.
I want to bite it right there,
That plump bit on top.

*takes a bow*

How could you not love an MC who devotes an entire journal to ass-focused poetry? You have to love him! I adored Nick from his first moment on page. Some readers may find him to be a little grating, but I found him to be really endearing, and lovable in that goofy, accidentally sexy way. I liked how upfront Nick was about, well, everything. He literally just blurted out everything he thought the moment he thought it, with just no considering of consequences. I sort of loved him for that.

And how could you not fall in love with the relationship between Nick and his best friend, Devon.

It is the bromance to top all bromances, and Nick and Devon know how to snuggle like bosses. They were adorable together, and though Devon was the BFF and not the other MC, I really consider him like mini-main character.

The romance was slow-burn, though we get hook-ups right off the bat. The romance was cute but not epic, if you know what I mean, and we are left with a HFN ending, which worked for me due to the age of the MCs. The sex was HOT but also really true-to-life, meaning awkward at times and refreshingly honest.

The only think that I wish we got more of was descriptions. For some reason, Lisa Henry really skimped out on the descriptions of the characters' appearances. I had to make up how they all looked in my head, including the supporting characters. I'm talking big things like hair color and skin color and body type. I had a really hard time picturing everyone as a result.

However, despite any little issues, this book delivered on expectations perfectly. It was a funny (the writing is witty and on point!), sexy, silly, smart, and really captured the feeling of first love. High recommended!

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

Thanks for reading my review! Enjoy!

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